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Christina Applegate – Issue on Breast Cancer August 5, 2008

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Emmy Award winner Christina Applegate (Samantha Who) undergoing treatment for breast cancer had worried a lot of fans and concerned women everywhere. Luckily, the disease was caught early (which is a good thing) and the actress is expected to fully recover soon.

“The said cancer was detected through an MRI ordered by a doctor and is not life-threatening” Ame Van Iden (publicist) said in a statement Saturday.

Applegate will be appearing on “Stand Up To Cancer“, a one-hour television special (aired on ABC, CBS and NBC on Sept. 5), as she talks to inspire and give hope among women, and aims to raise funds for further cancer research.

I hope the show will help a lot of women to be brave enough, to understand, and to accept the fact that no one is excused of having cancer, and it is only essential that they seek help in order to be assisted.

Christina Applegate may be a celebrity, an award winning actress, an accomplished individual, a powerful women, and a role model, but she never rejected the fact that she became a victim…. and now she’s at the brink of winning the fight against cancer.

Awareness is an advantage, and everyone is capable.

3 Critical:

  1. Be Inspired – a lot of women are either scared, or reject the fact of having such a disease… and because of this, sometimes strength comes in a little too late. I really hope this inspires people to fight and never give up.
  2. She’s Smiling – just like the healthy looking girl she was on that magazine cover (above), Christina shows the world that she wants to smile a whole lot more … without breast cancer.
  3. Lets Help – there are a lot of ways, and there are still a lot of days… but as much as we can, let’s try to help. Who knows, we might be helping more than we think we did.


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