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The Beauty Of Broken Things May 25, 2009

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Cap - Shattered Art

Some artworks have been shattered…. but surprisingly some shattered things have been made into art as well.

Or atleast his is what Brock Davis, (a talented American artist) had in mind when he conceptualized these odd kind of creativity in the name of “Shattered Art”.

The concept basically revolves around what some ordinary objects, that aren’t usually shattered, would look like if they were shattered on the floor.

Broken Banana - Shattered Art

Who would ever think a banana could shatter right? But if it did, it would look like this photo (above), and I don’t know about you, but I just see the art in it.

To see more of Brock’s work click here.

3 Critical:

  1. Loved To See – you know what I loved to see shattered? A Wii.
  2. How Did You? – come up with this concept I mean.
  3. The Art – I guess know it’s safe to say that we all have the potential to make our own kind of art.


Great Idea? – Go Girl! April 13, 2009

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Go Girl

Doesn’t this logo capture your curiosities? Does it make you ask why the girl seems to be on the verge of barely holding on to natures call? Or why does the tag line of the product say “Don’t Take Life Sitting Down”?

Well, if you’ve heard a lot of girls say something like: “Anything guys can do, we can do too”, then this is just one of the evidences that they mean it well.

The GoGirl is a product that allows any female to urinate while standing up like every men do. Now men have nothing left to brag to girls I guess, cause they can do it all now.


This is actually (or is it?) a good idea specially for girls who love to travel a lot and go campings, or anywhere where a decent comfort room is inaccessible.

But just for sanitary reasons, please don;t forget that this is something to be considered a disposable. Using it for as long as it performs is not entirely advisable.

Now if nature calls, it wont be a problem. You can just GoGIrls.

3 Critical:

  1. Weird But Useful – this is actually a weird idea cause it’s redefining feminine nature, but hey, it’s useful right?
  2. Still Weird – imagine seeing a girl peeing beside you while standing up.
  3. Surgery? – I bet this will be the first thing you will want to ask when you see a girl peeing beside you standing up.

Pocket Fisheye Camera April 6, 2009

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Ever since I got into liking photography that much, I’ve always wanted to try taking shots with a Fish Eye camera. But I don’t have a D-SLR camera, and if I did, I still don’t have the budget to buy one.

I guess I share this with many that’s why Demekin invented this Pocket Fisheye Camera. And guess what, it costs $38 only. Something I might be able to buy.


By the way, with 2″w, 2″d, approx 2″h, it is indeed the smallest functional camera around, and the first 110 camera with a fisheye lens.

Don’ worry, this also ges with a hole at the bottom for your tripod and has a  1/100 shutter speed; f/8.9 wide angle aperture; and 1:13.5 lens. And just to remind yo guys, “110” means it’s a film camera and not digital.

3 Critical:

  1. Better Photos – it’s almost always that  photos look better when taken with fisheye lenses.  This is a fact.
  2. How Small? – let’s just say it’s just a bot bigger than  the film it carries. That small.
  3. Digital Please – one day, someones gonna make a digital fisheye camera as small as this. But since it’s not yet here, we all just have to say please I guess.

The NoPar King April 3, 2009

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NoPar King

You’ve heard of the Burger King, you’ve heard of the Lion King, and most probably you’ve heard around a lot of Kings throughout your years of living.

But have you heard of the “No-Par King“? Just what I thought.

Well, I instantly took my camera and take a shot of the No-Par King sign that I saw written on the junk metal gate of another junk metal shop here in the city.

Maybe it’s the highest position any No-Par could get, I don’t really know, but one’s thing for sure…. this made me laugh. Hahaha.

3 Critical:

  1. Street Humor – I’m sure there’s still a lot out there, and I intend to look for them, but hey… here’s one here.
  2. And The Queen? – I wonder if there’s a no-par queen out there. Show yourself your highness.
  3. Not B ad – for a sign thats instructional and a bit demanding, this is actually funny. hahah.

Cake Under Construction April 2, 2009

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cake under construction - little people art

Now here they again…. the little people of the street art project. I guess I’ve seen far to many impressive “little people” art like these that it made me think about making a blog out it. And a video to promote it.

This time I guess they’re tasked to take down one piece of lovely cake which they seriously do as you can see.

Aren’t they cute?

3 Critical:

  1. Little Big Stars – they are so small that they became big stars in my blog now. How impressive.
  2. How Small? – I’m a bit curious myself, and I’ll devote one weekend to find out how small they really are. But if you can help, then that would be good.
  3. Sweet Work – who wouldn’t love working on a cake right?

Freida Pinto, Frienda Pinto, & More. March 20, 2009

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The multi-awarded movie “Slumdog Millionaire” may have almost everything this year, but if you ask me who the real winner is, I’d have to say it’s “Latika!” (slumdog boy voice).

No matter what everybody says, I’d still go for Freida Pinto as the HOTTEST girl in town today (sorry Megan Fox). Her beauty might be a little Emmanuelle Chriqui-ish but let’s just say she had a better timing in entering the world of celebrity.

Just to give you a clue on how HOT she is right now, I will show you 6 Magazines that made her the cover girl, and it all happened just days or weeks or month’s after the movie was first showed to the public. (note: these are not the only magazines with her on the cover… but it’s the best ones that I found.)

freida-pinto-maxim freida-pinto-cosmopolitan freida-pinto-vogue

freida-pinto-anokhi freida-pinto-vanities freida-pinto-audrey

See what I mean? Now let me just tell you this…. the thing that’s happening to her, the awards, the Bond-girl rumors, the magazine covers, and the Woody Allen film casting (not to mention the millions she’s earning)… this doesn’t happen to every 24 year old girl who’s a part of an award winning film.

This just simply means that she’s got what everybody thinks they’re looking for in a celebrity…. and I still don’t know what that is.


To tell you the truth, I don’t know half of what I’m saying here, and I just thought Freida Pinto‘s gotta be blogged about to day. It doesn’t matter what it’s about, as long as it’s about her. So if you’re a blogger, and you happen to read this one…. please blog about her too and see what the world thinks.

3 Critical:

  1. The Name – it’s gotta mean something right?..
  2. A Campaign – for those who happen to read this.. this is a campaign to bring more Freida Pinto into our movies.
  3. Left Smile – did yo notice anything about most of her photos? She seems to love that left side smile right huh! Well I love it too. 🙂

Manny Pacquiao’s KO – A Warning To Ricky Hatton March 18, 2009

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Manny Pacquiao in Serious mode

serious mode for pacman

If there’s anyone more focused and drop dead serious about the May 2 Manny Pacquiao vs. Ricky Hatton fight at the MGM in Las Vegas, it definitely is Manny “Pacman’ Pacquiao. I’ll show you why.

The following photos were taken during yesterday’s sparring session at the Wildcard Gym in Los Angeles. – Photo by Miguel Salazar / MP Promotions.

In this scene , you can see Manny Pacquiao‘s sparring partner Art Hovhannesyan (a pretty respectable boxer from Glendale, California), diving to the canvas after being hit by Pacquiao’s left cross. And let me just remind you, this happened with Art Hovhannesyan in full sparring gear. And did I mention it’s only the first day of Manny‘s training? Well I just did.

Pacquiao downs sparring partner

Pacquiao downs sparring partner

The next photo (below) shows you another left cross by Pacquiao, and by this time I’m pretty sure someone’s seeing stars already. If things continue to run this way, I bet Coach Freddy Roach will have a hard time looking for Sparring Partners.

I guess this clearly send a message to Ricky Hatton and his crew. And the message probably says: “Quit talking and start training, cause Pacquiao is coming… coming to give you one beating”

Pacquiao hits sparring partner with left blow

left hook hits sparring partners face

Now in the next photo, you will see Hovhannesyan’s trainer working on the cut on the upper eye-lid sustained during yesterday’s sparring session.

Let me just remind you that this happened even with full sparring gear, so mr. Hatton better make his face harder than those protective gears or practice not being hit which is highly doubtful if you ask me.

Left Eye Torn - Pacquiao's Sparring Partner

left eye-lid cut… bad sign for Hatton

Here’s what Manny has to say….

“I always like new challenges and this is why I am excited to fight Ricky Hatton,”“My trainer Freddie Roach will put together a new game plan which will be much different than the one we used against Oscar (de la Hoya). Hatton is a very strong puncher so I must deal with that in the ring. I promise I will be completely prepared and will do my best for all of my fans in the Philippines and around the world.”

Now I don’t know what you guys are thinking, but the way I see it… it’s going to be another win for THE BEST pound for pound boxer in the world today…. Manny”pacman” Pacquiao.

3 Critical:

  1. Certainty – everytime Manny puts on his serious face, specially on the first day f training, a win is always certain.
  2. Who’s Next? – will the question be “who’s next?” after this fight, or will it be a “what’s next?” this time. Please no politics.
  3. Better Train – unless Hatton plans on loosing this one, he better spend the last few days training and training some more. If he beat’s Pacquiao’s training, there just might be a chance he’ll beat him. MIGHT.

Im Darth Man Mom…. March 11, 2009

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I'm Darth Man!

“Darth Man”

Some people say creativity, at the very least, can be seen in the first few years of a persons life. The stage called “childhood”. The time where playing seems to be the only thing worth thinking of and not bills, appointments, or any other things opposite to the word fun.

Maybe something like this photo above would help you guys understand what I mean.

I’m not sure though if this is a glimpse of someone’s creativity, or just a plain confusion caused by watching two movies consecutively….. overnight.

I bet he’s wondering what voice to his character should have… the robotic “I am your father Luke” or the broad voiced “I am Batman”.

3 Critical:

  1. Dad – is the person I bet is somewhat responsible for the mixed-up costume.
  2. Looks Good – I mean, it’s not that bad right?
  3. Darth Man! – so will Bruce Wayne ever be a Jedi?…

“The Lion King” Movie – Not Original? February 20, 2009

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If you guys have been born somewhere between 1980-1994, then you’ve probably heard of “Kimba The White Lion” and Simba from “The Lion King“.

Wait!!!… don’t they sound similar?

kimba the white lion simba - the lion king

Kimba and Simba

Well there’s been a lot of “originality” issues between the two movies for quite some time now, but the big question still remains.

Is  “The Lion King” really copied from “Kimba The Wihte Lion”?

Let’s look at the facts.

Exhibit I

Lion, with it’s head up hight, faces the clouds on the cliff….

kimba the white lion simba - the lion king

Exhibit II

Father and Son lion scene…

kimba the white lion simba the lion king

Exhibit III

Father lion appearing on the clouds…

kimba the white lion simba the lion king

“I said to my wife, ‘Don’t tell me that the father lion is going to appear in the clouds.’ And he did! I couldn’t believe it!” Fred Ladd,
(executive producer of Kimba The White Lion, on seeing The Lion King for the first time)

What do you think??? Let me know. 🙂

3 Critical:

  1. Unbelievable! – even the drawings really look the same right?
  2. Uhm… Coincidence? – I don’t think so…. but anythings possible.
  3. Inspired – they could have just said it was inspired from the movie… but they didn’t.

read the whole story here.

Big Brother Skating (literally) February 7, 2009

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How To Skate Your Big Brother

Now this is how you make a skate board out of your big brother… or anyone else actually.

There are 3things that impressed me with this photo. One is their weird creativity having to think of such a thing to do during their free time on the road. Two would be how he (skater boy) convinced  skate boy that he was gonna be the skate in this scene, and Third would be that unbelievable flip they performed (just look closely and see what I mean).

Oh wait, this is only GIF and not a video…… that’s impressive right?

3 Critical:

  1. Wow!!! – world of weird indeed…
  2. Well Done – I guess you’ll agree with me on this one. This is one great gif worth your views.
  3. More? – i wonder if these boys have other creations besides this. That would be cool.