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Stefani Zaner – 13 Years Of Perfect Attendance May 27, 2009

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Stefanie Zaner - 13 Years Of Perfect Attendance

Now let me get this straight… What you’re seeing now is not just a photo of a pretty face who’s on her way to college. Behind those smiles are actually 13 years of having to say “Present!” at school whatever the circumstances are. That 13 years of perfect attendance at school.

Yes you heard it right… Pretty girl Stefani Zaner is on her way to 2,340th straight day of public school without absences due to sickness, fake or real family emergencies, drunken nights, lazy days, or just about any excuse there is to be absent. Can you do that?

“There were days in high school when I thought she was too tired to get up,” said Debbie Zaner, Stefanie’s mother. “But by high school, it was up to her. It wasn’t up to me.”

And here’s one story: Before boarding the plane on a freshman trip to Shanghai with their schools marching band (she’s a part of it), Stef made sure she had a written assurance from the principal so that the trip would not count as an absence on her part. Now once again… Can you do that?

3 Critical:

  1. I Can’t – go to school for every day it requires, and this even goes true on work.. even if we get paid for every day. Just liek you huh!
  2. Too Late – but even if I did want to beat her record… I know it’s too late for me… 13 years too late.
  3. How Bout College? – now we all know college is a different thing right? Can you do it Stefani? I want to know.

Farewell To Francis Magalona March 6, 2009

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master rapper francis magalona died at 44

It was just August of last year that a lot of fans and friends of the “King of Pinoy Rap” Francis Magalona was saddened by the news that the Master rapper himself, an icon in the Filipino music scene, was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 43 at the Medical City Hospital, Mandaluyong. But gradually, after slowly undergoing what doctors refer to as “treatment” and not cure, he was discharged and was able to return to his noontime show in GMA 7 “Eat Bulaga” to thank a lot of fans for their support.

Moments ago (12:00 pm , March 6,2009), in the same noontime show, fellow show host Vic Sotto made a formal announcement, that the music icon known to many as Francis M., suddenly past away due to his illness at 44. A minute of silence was requested to pay respects to their fellow host.

master rapper francis magalona died at 44

Francis Magalona is more than just a music icon and a influential rapper in the Phillipine music scene. He has helped a lot of Filipino talents enter and stablish themselves in the music scene, and he has inspired so many Filipino people. He is a brother, a good father, and a friend to many. I’d like to say that he is a symbol of what a true Filipino should be. Proud of the nation despite the troubles, and staying on his ground in humbleness despite his success.

Let this be my farewell to a true loud and Proud Filipino. Farewell Francis M. As long as there are still 3 Stars and A Sun…. You will be remembered .

3 Critical:

  1. Lived A Life – at his age, it may be considered a young age to die. But I honestly think he had fulfilment living each day proud of helping and being an inspiration to a lot of Filipinos.
  2. More Than Rap – he made songs out of peace and unity among Filipino people, I he meant it while he sings every line of it. I hope a lot of people will see and do something about his message.
  3. A Great Filipino – inside out he was a proud Filipino, and is proud of what we can do. To us he is more than just a rapper. He is a free mind He is a hero.

The Best Lung Cancer Ad December 18, 2008

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Rot Castle Lung Cancer Ad

Advertising Agency: CHI&Partners London

Fact: Second hand smoke in the home hospitalises 17,000 UK children a year.

This has been the sole reason why British Medical Research Charity has been trying to branch out awareness of the dangers of smoking to the rest of the world. This time they did it with style.

Here are some of the ironically conceptualized AD’s they came up with, and I guess the messages is pretty clear.

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Ad Roy Castle Lung Cancer Ad

This really “clever” advertising campaign was made for the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, a group dedicated to the prevention and cure of lung cancer.

I hope this brings the message to as many people as possible.

3 Critical:

  1. Ironic – we all know it’s not good for the health, but still we do it.
  2. Nice Concept – the concept is a bit alarming, but It’s better that way.
  3. Smoke Moderately – since we can’t stop it easily, moderation might just be the best thing for now.

What’s Wrong With the World December 11, 2008

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khloe_kardashian_peta ad

Khloe Kardashian on PeTA Ad

One has got to wonder  “What’s Wrong With The World Today?“.

Well first we have the sexy Khloe Kardashian posing naked for a PeTA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) ad. I know wearing Fur might be a little cruel to hairy animals, but there are a lot  of clothes made of some other materials besides fur right? Maybe they were thinking more on the term “wild life”.

And now we go to a girl named Tila…. Tila Tequila. Everybody knows her. (she made sure of that.)

tila_tequila_book - Hooking up with Tila Tequila
But here’s the thing. Not everybody knows that she (of all) has a book, an instructional book entitled “Hooking up with Tila Tequila”.

Most people go from sexy to movies or music, but she had other things in mind, and it is mind boggling. Best Seller material? Lets See.

3 Critical:

  1. Book To Movie – just like Harry Potter, this may be a movie some day. Volumes?
  2. Sexy Incorporation – I guess  being sexy is the X factor in every aspect of advertising nowadays. Be it charity or others.
  3. Whats Wrong? – nothing really. That’s just life.

Who’s On The Covers December 1, 2008

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Roxanne McKee on Maxim

When your agent gets you to cover in some really hot magazines, then you’re either on your way to “more” fame, or bringing the old stuff for a great comeback. And this is the story of the two celebrities in the covers of two of the hottest magazines: Rolling Stone & Maxim.

Let’s start with Maxim. On the covers of the latest issue of of the big M, is the Hollyoaks star Roxanne McKee. This girl Roxanne is on her way to more fame I’m sure, and she has the looks, the body, the talent, and let’s not forget; her BA degree in Politics (this is true) to bring along to make it on the big big world of Celebrities. By the way, in FHM‘s the Sexiest Women in The World, she places #91 on 2006, #42 on 2007, and #97 in 2008.

Will Maxim make her a bigger star? We’ll see.

Now we go to the Rolling Stone and their latest cover girl (a returnee), Britney Spears. This girl really needs no introduction, and we all know what she’s been through the past few years, but now (thanks to the “womanizer”), she’s slowly combing back and get her name a great Image.  She never really needs more fame cause she’s been to the peak of her career once in her life, but I guess she’s slowly picking up the pieces of the puzzles of her good life and make it whole once again.

Britney Spears rolling Stones

There’s no doubt about the Rolling Stone, but will Britney really be back to where she once was?

The Covers  tell just one part of the story…. the others are left for us to see.

3 Critical:

  1. Good Choices – one big factor in our decision to buy magazines definitely are the covers. I gues they’ve done a pretty good job here.
  2. Nice Job – someday I would like to have that job. I mean choosing who’s going to be on the covers.
  3. Both Will Rise – this is just a prediction, but I really think both of the girls in the covers of these magazines will make it big on 2009. I know.

Life of A Lantern Boy November 17, 2008

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The Lantern Boy

Where will I go?

I have to warn you. I’m going a bit serious on this one so here it is….

We have all been a child once, and it is probably one of the best moments in our lives. It’s the time filled with fun and laughter, and the time when we think of nothing else but joys and happiness. I saw these things in the park last Sunday, and I can clearly see the happiness in each kids eyes as they play with their family in the playground.

But somewhere in the same world, in the same time, and in the same park, lies a child whose life seems to skip the part of good childhood memories. A kid selling lanterns on the street. I haven’t had a chance to talk and ask his name, so I’ll just call him the “Lantern Boy”.

Lantern Boy

when can I play…

He’s just around 8-10 years old, and he goes around the park looking for anyone who would be willing to buy one of his small lanterns. He may be young, but he walks and talks like that of people twice his age. Though not his choice, he is forced to act and work like older people in order to have something to eat or help the family get it through the day.

At one point, I caught him looking at the play ground seeing all the kids, and it’s just heart breaking. Maybe in those eyes lies a longing for the happiness he should have had if times would have been better.

Lantern Boy

I wish life were better…

But even if life is hard for this Lantern Boy, I know that deep inside there, still lies a child. I saw the look of hope, and a boy’s limitless dreams and imagination when I saw him with his head up to the sky as the water splashes from the fountain, and it was there that I came to realize…. He is still just a kid.

3 Critical:

  1. Sad But True – times are hard, and so are the lives of many. If only kids were exempted of hardships.
  2. Is There Hope? – sometimes we ask this question and force our self to say there still is…
  3. Just A Kid – the sad part is…. he’s just a kid.

Which Side Is Thinking? October 31, 2008

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Now here’s a little something I wanted to share to you guys, and I’m sure you’ll find it interesting too. This is just a simple test to determine which side of your brain is mainly thinking, and in order to find out, you’ll just have to answer this simple question.

Is the dancer turning clockwise or anti-clockwise?

If you see the dancer turning clockwise, then it is safe to assume that you are using the right side of your brain more and vice versa.

Most people usually see the dancer turning in a counter-clockwise  direction, but here’s something interesting… if you try to focus, you can actually change the direction of the dancers turn.

Can you do it? Try Now!!!.

3 Critical:

  1. Weird – try it and it’s weird…. is it even true?
  2. I Use Left – which side is mainly thinking for you?
  3. Accurate – a lot of people say this is accurate….. coz maybe it is. What do you think?

Pregnant & Sexy – Maternity Fashion October 15, 2008

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wearing “Baby under construction” shirt

“Preggy woman…. walking down the street, Preggy woman… I kinda like to meet, Preggy woman…

If you’ve been walking the streets lately I’m sure you’ve somehow noticed that the world is now abundant of pregnant women, and to top it all up, there are also those that make you stop and get a second and wonder how that preggy woman got to be so pretty (and yes, sexy) even with that baby inside her. I guess those Trendy Maternity Clothes are more than just for comfort for pregnant women after all.

Looking good while being pregnant seems to be the trend nowadays, with all those Juicy Maternity Jeans and trendy sling bags, and I myself find this very helpful specially in the case of single moms because looking good can give them the confidence and self contentment that they need to be happy while they’re pregnant. And we all know that when mom’s happy, baby’s gonna be happy too right?

And to show you just how much being pregnant and beautiful is much appreciated nowadays, here’s one beautiful pregnant woman featured by the sexy magazine Maxim, and yes that’s one pregnant woman in her Paige Maternity Jeans looking happy, proud, and beautiful.

3 Critical:

  1. They Should – this is about being beautiful while pregnant. I guess being pregnant doesn’t mean they can’t look could so I really they should be doing this.
  2. Getting Attractive – have you noticed? Pregnant women seem to be more attractive these days.
  3. Mothers Know Best – not just in taking care of things at home.. but also in fashion this time.

D.B. Cooper – A Thief.. A Legend… September 18, 2008

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While most people idolize celebrities, music legends, war heroes, or probably anyone who has positively inspired somebody’s life and made it better, there are also a bunch of people (me included) who looked up to unlikely characters who presumably belongs to the wrong side of the world. People like thieves, dictators, or simply criminals who lived a mysterious life in general.

One of them is D.B. Cooper (may not be the real name), and I am a fan of his work.

D.B. Cooper (or Dan Cooper) is the man who hijacked a Boeing 727, got the demanded US$200,000 ransom money (in unmarked $20 bills), and parachuted from the plane and vanished without a trace. And this happened way back November 24, 1971, but the mystery still lives today.

Some say he’s dead, while some say he vanished with the US$200,000 unmarked bills (but the FBI decided to give marked bills printed mostly in 1969 had serial numbers beginning with the letter L). This was until an 8-year-old Brian Ingram found three bundles of deteriorating $20 bills (with the L series) on the shore of the Columbia River (Portland, Ore.,) in 1980.

(click to enlarge)

The said bills had then been the closest thing they’ve come to proving the stipulations that Cooper never got to enjoy the money he died (or didn’t?) for.

Some say the crime or the mystery will never ever be solved, and a lot had said the story is still out there waiting to be solved…. but if you ask me, I’ll say the story is best to be left a mystery.  Why? Coz Cooper is not just a thief in our history, he also is a Legend.

3 Critical:

  1. Inspiration – a lot of people are actually inspired with his story, and some even went a step higher by copying his work. (Copycats here)
  2. In Movies – his character has been in many movies, including the hit tv series Prison Break, where a fellow cellmate named Charles Westmoreland, was actually the mysterious D.B. cooper.
  3. Are They Just Claims??? – aside from the usual copycats, some people actually claim that they are D.B. Cooper… until their last days. There was even an incident where a husband confessed to his wife, that he was the mysterious D.B. Cooper before resting in peace.

Changes… Life’s Irony. July 4, 2008

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The Irony of Life - Changes

In life, there surely are a lot of changes that will happen. Some will be logical, some won’t be, and some might even seem ironically funny.

Just like this one.

As you can see, the year of he 90’s, where people are less lazy than today, people usually are more skinnier than their television sets. Different reason involved, but the bottom line is that televisions are bigger. Then came the years 2000 and up… a time where smaller things come to life (but not necessarily cheaper), making us even more lazier than the usual. And credit that to a lot of impressive gadgets that we have today, not to mention the movies and the tv series that make us wanna have a movie marathon all day, and this things will seem to go on forever.

The lower part of the photo pretty much shows life’s funny ironic changes.

Simple, ironic, funny. That’s life.

3 Critical:

  1. Life is Funny – come to think of it, the world and life actually has a lot of humor to it. It’s just gonna be a matter of laughing.
  2. It’s So True – I guess everyone would agree (and laugh) at this. It’s reality baby.
  3. Technolazy? – does this mean were getting lazier as technology works harder to do what we use to do? Maybe.. just maybe.