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Riddle Me This… Riddle Me That… September 5, 2008

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So how hot is the record breaking “The Dark Knight” movie? Let’s just say it has been months after it has been viewed in theaters all over the world (but still no DVD rip yet) already, but the people still can’t get enough of the “why so serious?” line by the Joker, and probably the whole movie itself.

So what’s in store for the said “Gotham Knight” sequel? Everyone wants to know.

A lot of people are talking about another laugher called “The Riddler” as one of the villains for the up coming sequel “Gotham Knight“, and fans have been reacting positively to all this possibilities. A fan even created his own promotional poster for the sequel and posted it in a forum somewhere. (see photo above)

It Rocks!!!!

Rumors have been pointing out Johnny Depp to play as the next riddler, and I hope Mr. Nolan counts him in, coz he sure is gonna rock the night (or knight) out of the next installment… Like the late Heath Ledger did playing the role of The Joker.

Other villains said to be lined up for next installment are Catwoman (said to be played by Cher… yes, the singer) and The Penguin ( played by John Leguizzamo I guess… and hope).

Nothing is final yet, so now I ask…. .“Why so serious?”

3 Critical:

  1. Gotta Be Depp – if Nolan plans on bringing The Riddler back to life, then it really has to be Johnny Depp. Nobody else. Period.
  2. Because He’s Dark? – The Dark Knight signals the start of villains gaining more attention in a Batman movie. Why? … Maybe he’ just so dark. (not making sense here)
  3. Nice Poster !!! – I bet there’s gonna be a Gotham Knight poster making contest soon… and this one (very top) started it all.


1. Michael - February 19, 2009

Johnny Depp has to play as the Riddler he would be so perfect Like the Late Heath Ledger did the wonderful Joker. You would have to see a Million times because it is so perfect!!!!!!!!

Raymond - May 9, 2009

David Tennant.

2. bere - September 28, 2009

Cher as Catwoman?! I hope she’s not worse than Halle Berry…

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