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Los NBA Noche Latina Jerseys March 5, 2009

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Noche Latina NBA jerseys

Before you ask, I’ll tell you already. This is not a mistake and they certainly didn’t forget to put “Angeles” in this Lakers Jersey. Let me just say the NBA‘s got “Los” all over it this week as it celebrates it’s third annual Noche Latina to recognize it’s fans and players from across Latin America and U.S. Hispanic communities.

This year, 8 of the top 10 American Hispanic markets participated on the event by making Jerseys with the “Los”, “El” , and “Nueva”‘word added instead of translating the whole name of the team in Spanish.

Noche Latina NBA jerseys

The teams that joined the event were: Los Angeles (Los Lakers), Miami (El Heat), San Antonio (Los Spurs), Dallas (Los Mavs)Phoenix (Los Suns), Houston (Los Rockets) and New York (Nueva York).

You can buy the jerseys and go La Vida Loca over them at the NBAStore.com.

3 Critical:

  1. Cool! – I mean loca! …. Is this even the right translation?
  2. How Much? – all the jerseys are priced at $79.99. That’s with a $.01 discount I guess. 🙂
  3. Los NBA! – this truly is a nice event. It’s making me loco already.

Celebrities And Tablecloths December 31, 2008

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Scarlett Johansson wearing tablecloth

Here’s an interesting fact just for you all: No matter how big the celebrities are, there will still be a time when they will dig into their old tablecloths to make some sort of gown to wear.

Unbelievable? Check these photos.

Yes that’s FHM’s hottest girl of 2008 Scarlett Johansson and “describe all you ant, she’s still famous” Paris Hilton, and they’re both wearing… yes you’ve guessed it… TABLECLOTH’s.


Now is this good or is this bad?

Whatever it is, they’ve already done it… and somehow, someone will be doing what they did. Poor tables.

3 Critical:

  1. Looks Bad – specially for someone we used to see wearing sexy “almost none” clothes.
  2. Why? – is it for fashion, criticism, or attention? Or just a paair of extra tablecloths.
  3. A Lot Actually – come to think of it, there actually are a lot of celebrities wearing tablecloth’s nowadays. Even guys. So sad.

Less is More with Celebrities October 7, 2008

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I want to show you something that I’ve noticed in my many years of watching movies and celebrities…. and that is the reverse effects of more and less when it comes to fashion.

Below is a picture of Heidi Montag and Audrina Patridge. They certainly have two of the prettiest faces in the showbiz industry (and they are hot… sometimes), but with a lot of clothes that don’t even seem to coincide with another, they look just as weird as those normal weird people next to you, which makes you ask yourself… “what happened to being sexy?” Yes, they are celebrities, but I guess they are smart enough to know that everyday just isn’t a costume party. Where are those secrets???

Audrina Patridge & Heidi Montag wearing MORE than usual.

And then we have Kendra Wilkinson (and her not-yet-known) girl-friend. Both are sexy and both got head turning looks, and with less clothing, they still look that way. I guess my point is obvious here, and it doesn’t take a genius to understand why having LESS is better for celebrities. Both pictures actually can create attention, but this ones does it naturally…. and natural is always better right?

So both photos have 2 hot babes, but I guess we all know which one looks better fashion-wise.  but then again, it’s just me.

3 Critical:

  1. Made A point – I think I made a pint here. (see recent photos of Jessica Simpson for reference)
  2. More is Less – enough is enough, but more is defintely gonna be less appealing when it comes to fashion. I believe.
  3. Less is More – c’mon it’s obvious.

Dare to Bare w/ Strapless Sandals September 19, 2008

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We heard of backless dresses, colorless nail polishers, less calorie foods and drinks, and basically almost everything that has the word “less” attached to it. But still they have something “less” in mind… something we surely didn’t anticipate.

Something like a strapless sandals or slippers called STiCK2FEET. And this literally means there are no straps attached.

This one of a kind “footwear” sticks to your feet (with or without socks), and yes it you can walk or even run without it leaving your feet. It’s special skin adhesive is 100% reusable, but you regularly have to clean it with soap and water.

I’m sure this idea is entirely unique, and it probably would be the next fashion statement there is to hit (specially during summer days). STiCK2FEET can be worn casually or with your swim wear apparels. And it looks good with your foot tattoo (like photo below).

It’s sold for $9.95 per pair in some sites that I’ve checked, but I guess the price ranges from $9-$12 atleast.

Are you ready to bare it all???  (the feet I mean)

3 Critical:

  1. No Tan Lines – one of the good thing about this is that it wont leave you those strap-line tans that you always get with your usual slippers.
  2. Just Weird  – it’s creative, it’s new, and it’s something we never heard of…. in short it’s just weird.
  3. How To Take Off?  – this is one thing I failed to understand…. how do you take it off? Now I’m confused.

MacBook “AirMail” Bag – Manila Envelope Inspired September 13, 2008

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Not many Filipinos may have known this, but the famous envelope-designed bag (or “Mac Bag” or “AirMail”) was actually inspired by the “now” internationally famous Manila Envelope.

And I say International because I’ve already seen a lot of movies where they refer to such as a “Manila Envelope”. (no lies here)

Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans actually came up with the AirMail idea minutes after they saw Steve Jobs’ pull out a Mac Book Air out of a Manila Envelope at MacWorld, which gave them an Idea of the next Mac Bag design they’re going to make. “The first few weeks were thrilling! We never in our wildest dreams could have anticipated the response we’d get to this product. For a while there, it seemed like every damned website on the Internet was plugging the AirMail, and we were getting emails faster than we could even read them. It was unprecedentedly difficult, stressful, and, above all, thrilling.” – said Jona

By the way, the Mac Book sleeves are made of vinyl and not the usual Manila hemps or abaca with which the real manila envelopes are made of, which means that your laptops not gonna fall when you carry it like a bag. And it costs $29.95US only. (should I say only?)

If you happen to have questions, concerns, ideas (or you just want to say hello to those who made this), you may email them at: info@manilamac.com.

3 Critical:

  1. Durability – it’s made of vinyl, and I guess it’s not really that much good if your laptop weight heavier than it should. But all in all, it’s fashionable, clever, and pretty much does what it’s supposed to do.
  2. Office Material – having this bag for your laptop makes you more of the office material person I guess.
  3. Go Pinoy!!! – everytime something Filipino contributes to the betterment of things (concepts included), I’m always proud. And every Filipino should. go Pinoy!!!!!

Blake Lively – Weird But Sexy August 31, 2008

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I’m not sure about this theory, but I guess I’ve pretty much proven it with this post. You see, when you live a life like a celebrity… it never really is enough to look just good… sometimes you also need to be creative, to be unique, sometimes weird, and most of all lively.

Oh did I say Lively?

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the lovely Blake Lively (as if you don’t know her already), and yes of course her one of a kind outfit. I really cant figure it out, but it’s something that looks like a long-sleeved formal wear that wasn’t tucked in, or a semi-whole dress that has been strategically made for legs exposure purposes.

(click to enlarge)

Miss Lively surely is one pretty girl for this kind of outfit, and she just looks like she is one with the dress.

For the benefit of others, Blake Lively plays Serena van der Woodsen in “Gossip Girl” (where she won Choice TV Actress: Drama & Choice TV Breakout Star Female in the 2008 Teens Choice Award) and Annabelle in “Elvis and Anabelle” (where she also had a Breakout Performance award in the Newport Beach Film Festival).

3 Critical:

  1. She Wears – what I love about women celebrities are their unpredictability when it comes to fashion. These girls just don’t stop looking really really good.
  2. Gossip Girl – outfits like these really creates gossips. But it doesn’t really matter as long as you look good on it. Just take this case as an example.
  3. What’s It Called ? – I honestly still can’t figure out what this thing is called. Any ideas?

White is Sexy… White is Pure.. August 23, 2008

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When Gossip Girl/Vitamin actress Blake Lively showed up in the water function last week everyone was awed, but the guys, they were more than just stunned and if I’m not mistaken, they all probably had one question in mind…. “what’s that extra cloth doing there?”. This is obviously referring to that (I even can’t describe) piece of cloth that covers her chest from the neck up to the stomach. Or barely the stomach.

You see, when you decide to wear a see-through shirt (specially if it’s white), it’s really more than enough to tease guys/girls, even if it covers most of the skin. White is the color of purity and at the same time is purely sexy… and Miss Lively pretty much showed everyone that leaving other things to our imagination is the sexiest thing you could ever do when wearing something like this.

But just a warning to all the celebrities…. unless you have the B & B (beauty and body) like Blake Lively does, wearing this set of white pairs won’t be that sexy. Trust me.

3 Critical:

  1. Less is More – once again, this line proves to be right. They always try it when the subject is about sexiness.
  2. Not For Everyone – let this be my second warning. Wearing these pairs of white’s really won’t work for everyone. Please be guided.
  3. That Cloth – the same cloth that cover the neck to stomach area, is the same cloth the men find annoying, but at the same time is not that revealing… which in other words means SEXY.

Nike Philippines Air Force Ones – Shoes July 21, 2008

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I guess there really is a Filipino in everything everywhere….

Check these shoes everyone, it’s called the Philippines Air Force Ones, and yes they are made by none less than Nike as a tribute to our national hero Jose Rizal. The Philippines Air Force Ones are now out on the market, but they are sold in limited quantities (500 pairs to be exact) available at Kix-Files.com

This shoe is a beautifully made with a clear sole, inside-out midsole, it’s colors and design are well based on the official Philippine flag with the symbolic “three stars and a sun” placed on the rear part of the shoe. From this view (above photo), the image of the Philippine flag will be clearly be seen.

The shoes are sold for $399, but unfortunately it’s already been sold out. By Filipino’s I’m sure.

I’m guessing there are atleast 500 Filipino’s working in Nike after all.

3 Critical:

  1. Patriotically Cool – patriotic is one thing, cool is another. But this shoes… very well is both.
  2. Make More!!! – for the sake of the many Filipino’s working all around the world, I really hope they make more of these shoe’s. At least 500 or more wouldn’t be bad.
  3. The Size? – the shoes were a tribute to our great hero Jose Rizal, which actually just stands 4’11”. Now I’m just curious… did they make it’s sizes so small for people of those height? But even if they did, I would still buy some for symbolic and decorative display purposes. Go Pinoy!!!!

Body Painting – Sexiest Form of Art June 29, 2008

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Qi-Pao - Chinese body paint

I may be one of the few who would attest to this, but if you ask me what the sexiest kind of art is, I won’t tell you it’s the art of “Kamasutra“, but instead I’d say it’s “Body Painting“.

Body Painting combines creativity with the proper identification of ones natural body figures to envision, and apply a design that would perfectly compliment the whole art and the body itself.

The photo (above) of an Asian girl body painted in a “qípáo or a mandarin gown, (which by the way is one of the best “body paint” art I’ve seen so far) shows an example of a perfect body paint, matching the whole “Chinese” deigned theme with her Asian looks and semi-petite body figure, making it look like as if she was wearing a real “qípáo” as the dragon figure perfectly covers her breasts’ figure making it look sexy, but in an artistic way. Truly a work of art.

Body paints had been used in different purposes. For costumes, sexy sports uniform, army camouflage, an intimidator (for athletes), fashion shows, and for promotional purposes.

This just goes to show that body painting is more than just a normal form of art.

It’s bodily art. (whatever this means)

3 Critical:

  1. Better Artists – I’d have to say body painters are better artist than normal painters.. mainly because they have to overcome certain temptations to perform. Not that easy.
  2. The Nails!!! – aside from the whole thing, Check those nails out… it says 4.
  3. Just Perfect – this is simply sexy, and everything just goes perfectly into place. This is art.

NIKE on Elm Street – The Freddy Kreuger Shoes May 13, 2008

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Freddy Kreuger Nike Shoes

In the cold dark night on Elm Street lies a terror unlike any other. A threat no one can handle, and a face that haunts us to our dreams. His name is Frederick Charles Kreuger, but people call him “Freddy“. Burned face, fedora hat, clawed leather gloves, and his trademark red and green striped sweater.

And now he’s back…… with a pair of Nike Shoes.

No wonder why he always keeps up with his victims when they run for their lives.

These shoes are a part of the Nike Dunk SB “Horror Pack”, which was released in November of 2007. The shoes is made up of a sweater material colored and striped in classic Red/Green (like Freddy’s striped sweater), a Metallic Silver Swoosh to represent Freddy’s Metal Claws, a Brown leather blood stained trim like Freddy’s trademark hat, and the sole to represent his burned face.

Now if you ask me why he keeps killing people without any probable reason,…. I’d say somebody told him to “Just Do It“.

3 Critical:

  1. The Price – I haven’t seen anything about the price of these shoes, but I just have a feeling it’s gonna be terrifying too.
  2. How bout the NBA? – is anyone bothering to consider using these pair of shoes in the NBA? It will look cool, and different, and weird, but you’ll get a name out of it for sure.
  3. Freddy’s Got A Nikes!!! – he’s not even on the top 10 of the greatest villains in some magazines, but did anyone above him on the list have pairs of shoes after them??? NO!!! so you guys better change that list and put “Freddy K(sounds cool for a Nike endorser right?) on top until they have their shoes.