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Pinoy Jeepney January 27, 2009

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CJ3B Jeep

capacity: 5-6 persons

This photo above is that of  an old jeep called the  CJ-3B which was built in the early 1950’s and 60’s. With flat front fenders and a higher hood profile this became a common jeep for civilians During World War 2.

The American soldiers  introduced the CJ3B to the Philippines  in the early 1960’s , and since then  it has been widely used…… in a different way.

And we now call it Jeepneys. (see photo below)

Pinoy jeepney2

capacity: 25-30 persons (wow!)

Somehow the Filipinos managed to make additions and upgrades to it.  A roof that reaches to the back end, sidewalls, and they pretty much managed to extend the body enough to accommodate a lot of people… inside, outside, and on top (see photo above).

Filipino ingenuity at it’s best.

3 Critical:

  1. No Exaggeration – let me point this out. I am not exaggerating on the number of capacity a Jeepney can accommodate.
  2. A Typical Jeepney – here’s another truth: a typical jeepney has a lot of  painted designs on the side. has stickers near the dash board saying things like “God Know Hudas Not Pay” or green jokes, on the passengers side has names of the drivers or owners family, and on the front (above the wind sheild) usually has a name of a saint or something catchy for a label.
  3. Only In The Philippines – though some countries have similar vehicles, the jeepney is still best seen and ridden only in the Philippines. 

Born To Be Wild January 24, 2009

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Naughty Baby

Babies will always be babies. Little angels sent from heaven. And because of that, they seem to be exempted from sins…. But not these guys… hahah

Here you’ll see the real evidence and the story behind the famous phrase “Born To Be Wild” , but don’t get me wrong… it would still make the girls say “Oh.. How cuuuuute.. “.

Naughty Baby

I bet they got a part (if not all) of it from their lovely Daddy’s…. Like father Like Son as what they always say it is. Or maybe kids are just born geniuses today.

See more here.

3 Critical:

  1. Still Cute – good or bad… it’s still the same.
  2. No Late Bloomer – they definitely are no late bloomer… I wonder what happens when they become 10 years older.
  3. Who Taught you That? – now this will definitely be a common question.

2009 NBA All-Star Jerseys “Leaked” January 22, 2009

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NBA All-Star 2009 Jerseys

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this but the closer we get to the NBA All-Star game, the more tension there is in every match-ups and the more the players step up their games to show that they are truly deserving to be All-Stars.

And just to make it a bit more exciting, I’ll show you some of the “leaked” photos of the NBA All-Star uniforms as unveiled exclusively in Men’s Fitness.

kobe-lebron allstar Imagine those worn by these two big time athletes

A lot of people say that the design was undeniably inspired by Phoenix: with the horizontal lines resembling Arizona’s rock formations, while the choice of color (desert red – West, sunset blue – East) is emblematic of the “Phoenix”…. the legendary bird rising from the flames as what they say.

Now what do you think?

3 Critical:

  1. So Simple – there’s an obvious simplicity in the design, and I just thought it’s something good. But that’s just me.
  2. How Much? – this is definitely one question a lot of people will be asking.
  3. Almost!!! – the moments is very near guys… now which side are you betting on? I’ll go for the west as usual.

Broken Glass: A TinyLand Tragedy January 21, 2009

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For the first time… I won’t say much in my post.

A Tinyland TragedyNow this is one heck of an artwork.

3 Critical:

  1. Final Destination – some scenes actually remind me of the movie.
  2. What Kind? – this work is great but I don’t know what kind of art this is.
  3. TinyLand – I guess accidents also do happen with tiny people. In the tinyland.

Chess Ain’t Boring… Anymore. January 12, 2009

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Alexandra Kosteniuk - Russian model and grandmaster

Alexandra Kosteniuk (grandmaster/aspiring model)

Who ever told you that Chess is a boring game… is right. I myself would agree to that, but that was years and ages ago. And Garry Kasparov was still the name associated with the game.

But today, with a lot of evolution going through in different sports, we can clearly see some changes with game and the players as well. Take these two grandmasters – Alexandra Kosteniuk (on top) and Kateryna Lohno (below) – for instance. Now both of them have been world champions, and are really making waves in the sport like the ol’ grandmasters do… but they look way better playing the game…. and that I think is important. I bet they have fans now.

Kateryna Lahno - grandmaster

Kateryna Lohno (grandmaster/model material)

Honestly, if you ask me now, I would say Chess ain’t a boring game anymore. The game is still the same, the rules are still the same, it still is a thinking game, and it still is that boring if you think of it, but the players or the grandmasters … you can say they’re hot now. Good Thing.

3 Critical:

  1. Wow! – I never thought the game produces players this beautiful.
  2. Pretty Serious – I guess this are the perfect words to describe them.
  3. Not Bad – knowing hat these girls are not just looks, but brains as well. And I bet there are a lot more players looking this good out there.

Light Graffiti or Light Painting January 11, 2009

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No, this is not some sort of  CGI or an edited photo… this is what they call Light Graffiti or Light Painting. And I’m not kidding this time.

Light painting is a photographic technique in which exposures are made usually at night or in a darkened room by moving a hand-held light source (flashlights, cellphones, laser pointers, etc..) or by moving the camera. In many cases the light source itself does not have to appear in the image. The term light painting also encompasses images lit from outside the frame with hand-held light sources. (taken from wikipedia, cause they defined the art better).


I’ve actually tried doing this with my point and shoot camera and, trust me, it’s entirely possible. But the results aren’t as perfect as these ones of course (cause these are made by experts).


The light can  be used to  “paint” a picture (by shining it directly into the camera lens), or illuminate parts of the subject .

You can do this yourself by making your subject (or yourself… just use a tripod) form something from a light source – flashlight, cellphone, etc.. – while you take the photo in a very slow shutter speed. Atleast 5 second or more would be perfect.

Nothing but cool.

3 Critical:

  1. Like Magic – certainly looks like magic to me. Doesn’t it?
  2. Who? – the first man who invented this form of photography is nothing but a genius. But who is it?
  3. Let There Be Light – yeah, and capture it with a camera.

What’s With The Pose Miley Cyrus January 10, 2009

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Look closely and you’ll see why I bothered to ask the question.

By the way, for those who don’t know who this REALLY FAMOUS girl is, her name is Miley Cyrus, and yes kids she’s Disney’s famous Hannah Montana . A singer-songwriter, a promising actress, a talented one, got the looks and is pretty sexy…. but why that pose?


Not that it’s not appealing really, I mean se really looks hot (as intended), but maybe she just really really loved this pose. You’ve sen these photos everywhere in the internet I’m sure, but I think it’s worth another look .


Now here’s my question…

Are these the end of her camera-up-shirt-up-sexy -photo or are there still more. I won’t be surprised if there’s atleast 5 more of it.

3 Critical:

  1. One Setting? – are these photos taken on one setting? That would be funny.
  2. The Good Thing – good thing she has a sexy body. Otherwise it would just look like a joke.
  3. Yes She Is – if you’re still doubtful about her being the same person as Hannah Montana… then you must be watching to less tv.

Look Who’s Playing “Tony” January 9, 2009

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jude-law-The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus johnny_depp-The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

What are the chances of FOUR (4) brilliant actors playing one same role in a film? Well, we better ask director Terry Gilliam, cause that’s basically what he did with his newset film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus“.

The role of Tony, a mysterious outsider who joins the theatre troupe of Doctor Parnassus was supposedly intended for the late Heath Ledger, but when Ledger died halfway through the production, the role was recasted and it had Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, and Jude Law to portray “physically transformed versions” of the character.

colin_farrell-The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus heath-ledger-The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Now how’s that for a role which doesn’t even have a family name huh!.

This simply makes the film more of a movie to watch this year. I’m sure you’re curious as to how it will turn out like I am. That’s FOUR.

3 Critical:

  1. Four – not one, not two, but FOUR big names. Beat that!
  2. Got To Be Tony – out of a thousand names, it’s just gotta be Tony.
  3. Big Budget? – how else can you get 4 brilliant actors in a film?

Pentax Optio P70 “Thin” Camera January 8, 2009

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pentax_optio_p70_very_thin_cameraYes it’s 2009 and Pentax will be introducing its latest Pentax Optio P70 “very thin” digital camera. And when I say it’s “very thin”, I really mean it in every sense of the word.

The Optio P70 is a 12MP (mega pixels) digital camera, with a 4x optical zoom (that’s around 28-112 mm), a 2.7 inch TFT LCD screen (that’s larger than most digital cameras by the way), an ISO sensitivity up to 6400, and has a 720P video mode at 15 fps. But the real highlight of this  new camera will be it’s superb Face Recognition feature which can track up to (take note)… 32 faces in 0.03 seconds. And that’s defintely a WOW for me.


But were not in the “very thin” part just yet.

This camera unbelievably measures 3.8-inch x 2.1-inch x 0.8-inch (that’s thin right?) and weights 4.4oz only. It’s powered by a Li-io battery D-LI88 and supports SDHC, and SD memory card.

By the way, it will be available this February 2009 for around $199.95.

3 Critical:

  1. iCam? – is it just me, or did they model this thing from an iPhone. The design pretty much looks like it’s iPhone inspired.
  2. So Thin – .8 is really thin for a camera. I wonder how durable it is.
  3. Handy Indeed – the size and thickness makes it really really handy indeed. Plus it looks classy for a camera. 

The Girls of “Street Fighter: Legends of Chun Li” January 5, 2009

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Moon Blooodgod

Just one more month to go and were going to see one of the most awaited films this 2009. And I’m talking about none other than (another movie adaptation of the game) Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li.  But this time, the people won’t be waiting just to see another JCVD (Jean-Claude Van Damme) round house kick, but two beautiful and sexy girls namely Kristen Kreuk (played Lana Lang on Smallville) & Moon Bloodgod (Pathfinder, and will star on Terminator).

Don’t tell me this isn’t good enough reasons for you to watch.


Kristen Kreuk

Kristen Kreuk will be playing Chun Li, an undercover Interpol agent who joined a fighting tournament (Street Fighter) to make her way to way getting to M. Bison (the tournaments founder) to avenge the death of her family… and probably do a lot of kicking, while Moon Bloodgod plays Detective Maya Sunee, a new character added to the Street Fighter Universe, and is only seen in the movie (so don’t worry if you haven’t seen her in the game). By the way. Maya is a Bangkok Gangland Homicide who sexily drives a Ducati.

Now all we ahve to do is INSERT COIN and PRESS START.

3 Critical:

  1. Whoooh! – this ain’t a word, but I’ll say it anyway.
  2. Finally – the old adaptations of the games have been sub par on my opinion, and I’m really witing for a good Street Fighter movie to come. I guessthis will be the one.
  3. Moon Bloodgod – may just be another name, but it sounds more like a goddess to me. More movies please.