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“Venom” Movie is a GO for Sony August 2, 2008

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There have been a lot of comic superhero movies nowadays, but ironically, it’s the said villains that captures most of the attention. Just take TDK’s (The Dark Knight) Joker as a good example. It even became the character to watch in the film, which makes them more likely to have a transformation, or still win the game… rather than easily die like villains usually do.

But Sony….. they had other things in mind. So why not make a villain movie right?

Yes villain lovers (like me), Sony finally had a GO signal on making the “Venom“, Spider-Man spinoff movie, which will give the character a much deserving attention than what it had in the Spidey movie. Having Topher Grace (Venom in Spiderman 3) to play the role isn’t confirmed yet as Sony is open to possibilities of choosing other prospects to play the role. As we all know, Venom is not really a sole character but a symbiote life form or substance that attaches itself to any host (humans) giving it vicious superhuman capabilities…. so changing the actor to play the role wouldn’t really be a big deal for sony.

Some say this is just one of those films made to extend the longevity to the whole “Spiderman” franchise much like the Wolverine movie is made for the “X-Men” franchise, but It really wouldn’t matter that much as long as they make it a separate film and build the story well enough not to be labeled as a mere spinoff, but a separate quality movie as well.

3 Critical:

  1. Changes – I guess it’s just about time to make villain movies, so that people would understand the story behind the seemingly dark characters.. and maybe love them even more.
  2. Who Would Play? – I believe someone anonymous (not a star) would be a better choice to play the role. Heath Ledger is good…. but choosing someone like Jake Gyllenhaal would screw up things for sure.
  3. The Problem – if the Venom is the star… then who would be the he’s opposing character? Spiderman? … Here’s where the complications begin.


1. simple - August 2, 2008

carnage would be the evil dude

2. gem - August 3, 2008

This looks promising..as much as I liked Spiderman 1 and 2, I actually haven’t seen 3. I must say I was put off after hearing so many complain about it, but with this in the works, I’m gonna make and effort to watch it soon. You’re right about the villains often being the most interesting; Batman can be quite bland next to someone as crazy as the Joker. I’m thinking of writing a piece on upcoming Superhero movies so I’ll Ping (or trackback or whatever it’s called!) this post!

3. everydayman - August 3, 2008

Thanks for that.

I’m actually a fan of villains, so I’m just gonna have to say this is a really good idea. They are all character worth making movies after all right?

4. bere - September 28, 2009

Villains rock, seriously. I loved the Joker [of course], the Riddler is amazing [hopefully he’ll be played by Johnny Depp!], and now Venom [w00t]. I don’t know. Something about their horrific and chaotic attempts to fill the world of evil is just awesome.

I’m insane, I know.

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