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Chris Paul is all set for the 2nd Round – NBA Playoffs April 30, 2008

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Chris Paul says OK

So what can a 6’0″, 175 lbs. , fourth over-all draft picked point guard who has“almost” triple double averages per game do to your more-loss-than-win NBA team? We’ll see.

They say Chris Paul is Basketball”, and this goes because when he plays, he scores, he plays defense, he passes, he makes plays, he rebounds, and he brings leadership in every game. They usually call him CP3, but the fans and to his teammates in New Orleans call him MVP.

Here is why.

Eversince CP3 was drafted by the Hornets in 2005, his game has imrpoved, and he brought the team with it. From his Rookie Of The Year Honors, to Becoming an All-star, Chris never stopped getting better, and he’s trying to be better in all aspects of his game. And I’m talking about him averaging 21 points, 11 assists, 4 rebounds, bringing the hornets a 56-26 record (best record in teams history), finished #2 overall in the NBA Western Conference standings, and bringing the Hornets back to the play-offs faced with non other than the offense driven Dallas Mavericks. A team more experienced, and more likely to win.

But after finishing the series 4-1 with a triple-double last Tuesday night (24 points, 15 assists, 11 rebounds and NO TURNOVERS), CP3 tells the world that he’s all set for the second round of the playoffs.

So what can a 6’0″, 175 lbs. , fourth over-all draft picked point guard who has“almost” triple double averages per game do to your more-loss-than-win NBA team?

Win! Win! Win!

3 Critical:

  1. No Turnovers? – this was the closest thing to perfection. The last player I saw without a single turnover in a game was Shaq, and that’s because he sat the whole time in the bench. But this??? What a Wow!!!
  2. MVP – for a guy who could do what he did at a height considered as a small one in the league, he definitely defines what an MVP is.
  3. Triple Double Trouble – with his superb overall performance, (1)he brought his team to where (others think) they don’t belong to, (2) brought those who didn’t know the Hornets was now a New Orleans team along with them and made them fans, and (3) Played like he’s always been there before. These three things are double trouble for the rest of the Western Conference teams.

Dark Knight – New Poster “Leaked” April 29, 2008

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Movie Poster

“Welcome to the world without rules”. How cool is this?

The movie is not out yet… well not until July this year, but everyone’s really excited about this prequel (or a “remake” can be considered) of probably the best series of Batman movies with Christian Bale as the vigilant Mr. Bruce Wayne in this much awaited movie “The Dark Knight”.

This Bad Ass new poster is said to have been part of an on-going marketing drive by the promoters who said that this won’t be the last the last poster we’ll see, but the first with Batman himself in the poster.

No this one surely rocks.

I guess they’ve had enough of those light beaming Batman sign thing they always use in Batman movies that they changed it with something better, something that flares, something that kicks major ass, and something that burns a you can see the sign Inflamed in the building.

But how this news about the poster was delivered, is something better. Something “the Joker” himself would do.

Rumors says that the poster was discovered when the Joker sent text messages to all cell phone holders that said “Guys, I wouldn’t worry about Gordon. IT’S ALL PART OF THE PLAN” which then gave this address pointed to a new site located here: whysoserious.com/itsallpartoftheplan/, a site that has paintings of unknown guys masked like “The Joker” himself, and there is a certain lever that once clicked, would lead you to this poster. The new website also has a tag that says “Four days.” Everyone is guessing that this means we’ll see the new trailer in four days on that website. So Cool…..

3 Critical:

  1. The Burn – I know The Joker has something to do with this burn coz I pretty much know his style. Why? Coz he’s my favourite villain of all.
  2. The Idea – you’ve got to love how the people behind this marketing thing thought of this idea. It’s not only appealing, creative, or intriguing, but it’s also effective in getting the peoples attention. And this, will easily bring millions into their sales.
  3. The Joker – here’s one thing I observed and wanted to share to all of you guys. If you look closely, you’ll see how they promote the works of The Joker, even before the movie starts. This deserves an award if a pre-movie marketing award exists.

Hilary Duff – Then and Now April 27, 2008

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Back then

As the size of technological gadgets begin to grow smaller, other things seems to grow bigger, and others things goes humongous large. But nothing goes without attention for sure.

I’m gonna show you 2 sets of photos, both of which are of Hilary Duff. The one you see above is a set of pictures that she had back then. The simple girl with a cute smile, pretty eyes, and a decent body that she carried on Her Lizzy Mcguire days. Not that much of a stunner except for that looks maybe. But after several years, as things have changed, perhaps she figured out that some things also needed to change…. a big change.

Now we move on to the second set of photos.

Warning: The following photos may not be suitable for young audiences. “Male” parental guidance is advised.

Next Step

I guess it’s all pretty obvious now. It’s not really a big deal cause they’re all celebri(tit)ies, and they have every right to look better, but hey isn’t it like Americas politics? I mean, come to think of it, I guess we can see the clear reality that Clinton ain’t he only Hilary who wants a big change.

And yes, it looks good too.

3 Critical:

  1. That Big – who decides which size to choose anyway?
  2. Am… Titty Mcguire? – I’m sure some stand-up comedian is gonna think about using this in their material, or maybe even a movie.
  3. In The Eyes – just a pointer to those who are planning to approach her in public: Look straight into her eyes. I know it’s harder than you think, but just do. And not 15 degrees lower.

The Warning April 25, 2008

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the sign

Warnings and all other sorts of signs we see in the road, elevators, doors, glasses, and almost everywhere where people could be are placed there for a certain reason. The reasons may vary, and it might not be as simple as it says. Sometimes it makes us think of other things than the usual (like “slippery when wet”), sometime sit seems like it was placed there to confuse us more, sometimes we think it’s placed there for just one reason, which is to make us laugh, and sometimes it just makes no sense at all.

But sometimes, we all have to take these signs very seriously…. well atleast for our own sake.

Like this one.

This is what a good sign is really made of. Something to be useful and gives us the proper instructions we need to know. It not only warns us, but gives us an idea of what to expect, and what to do when the unexpected happens.

And the best thing about it is….. It makes us laugh. And scared.

3 Critical:

  1. Time Time Time – every time there’s an announcement of some sort, providing complete info is important. There are people who wants to watch other things mating you know.
  2. Now I’m Curious – how do they mate by the way?
  3. The Moment!!! – this is probably the only moment in life where faking an orgasm is just about the best thing to do.

Miranda Kerr – Victoria’s “Real” Secret April 24, 2008

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She is victoria\'s secret

A lot of attention have been given to Rhonda Byrne’sThe Secret, a book (and documentary) that talks about life’s secret “the law of attraction”, and how to use it to take control of your life.  It  was read by millions of people, and download by thousands.

Pretty much attention for a secret if you think of it.

But from another part of the world comes another secret. One of whom millions have also seen, and will want to see some more. One that beholds the “law of attraction” upon us, while she slowly reveals herself as one of the secrets we should have known.

She is Victoria’s Secret, Miranda May Kerr.  An angel by all means.

Miranda May Kerr is an Australian model who made a name in the fashion industry after winning a 1997 Australian nation-wide model search hosted by Dolly Magazine. From then on, it was all endorsements for this “dimpled” Australian beauty. Kerr broke the US market when she signed a lucrative cosmetics contract with Maybelline New York, the campaign running in a series of internationally sold women’s beauty magazines including  Cosmopolitan, CLEO and ELLE and was eventually featured in Victoria’s Secret catalogues. From then on, she became one of the faces best to represent Victoria Secret, and was worthy of being the first Australian to be a part of Victoria’s Secret Angels.

Now her photo’s can be seen a lot in the internet, and let me tell you a secret…. “… most of it are photos of her in her underwear”

3 Critical:

  1. Nobody’s Perfect – this phrase goes all around, but I guess only Victoria knows the real secret. That maybe, just maybe…. some girls are perfect, and she calls them angels.
  2. Who is Victoria? Who is Victoria?, most of us don’t really know. All we know is that she’s the one keeping those clothes off those angels, coz what they wear under it, is more of the show.
  3. Dimples Cripples – normal people walk normally…. but seeing an angels dimple like what Miranda Kerr possess simply makes us walk slowly, perhaps crookedly, and  just a little bit  out of the normal.

Tom, Katie, and …. Nicole??? (Third Party Theory) April 23, 2008

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Tom, Katie, and Nicole???

Now here’s one interesting pic I got somewhere else in the internet. Aside from the highlighted color , the arrow, and the word “Nicole”, everything else is legit.

This was supposed to be just a normal photo of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and Baby Suri (covered by Tom), in one of their family bondings in some beach, with a port-like bridge were they could watch the waves and feel the fresh that the beach offers, but, if you look closely in the lower right part of the photo, you’ll see a part of somebody’s hand (left).

Now whose hand is it?

It sure ain’t Tom’s, it sure ain’t Katie’s, and pretty sure ain’t Suri’s…. so whose the next name you would probably think about after all these names?….. Nicole Kidman.

Is that you Nicole???  Are we seeing a third party???

You’ll be the judge.

3 Critical:

  1. Male Left Hand – ok, so it may seem like a male’s left hand, but there’s a possibility of Nicole having to go to the gym al along right?
  2. Hiding??? – now here’s another big question. Does that mean someone’s hiding, or is planning to grab someone?
  3. Third Party – I’m not just being a critic here, but whomever that hand belongs to, is someone familiar…. But I’m sure it ain’t Stalone’s.

Elizabeth Hurley – Sexy At 40’s April 22, 2008

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Elizabeth Hurley

What you see in your screens right now is without a doubt, “One Liz you can’t afford to miss. And this Liz goes by the name Elizabeth Hurley.

Hot & Sexy Elizabeth made her waves in the big screen showcasing most of her sexily-defined body in movies such as: “Passenger 57”, “Austin Powers” (both), “Bedazzled”, and a couple other movies most remembered by her appearances. But since her last movie way back in 2004, he decided to say goodbye to the sexy clothes, and jaw dropping bikini moments that she shared.

But, unpredictable as the world always is…… she’s back, and more importantly, We’ll see her in her bikini’s, but as she says it, it only went through under certain conditions.

First, it must be in her best business interests, such as helping to launch a series of her own swimwear designs, and second, there must (MUST) be an airbrush involved. Which basically means we have to credit such views to good photography and photoshop given possibilities.

But come to think of it, she is 42 years old. That sexy at 42.

I bet she, with the help of every bit of fantasy that she left in our minds, deserves to wear those kini’s and he deserves to see what “Sexy at 40” really means.

3 Critical:

  1. 40 & Sexy – ok. So this didn’t go without diet, but not everyone in their forties were gifted with such physique…. but obviously, some are.
  2. Another Movie? – me and a lot of people (I’m sure) will probably ask this question with hopes of an answer soon…. Will she be in another movie? .. please please say yes.
  3. Their Turn – I’m a critic, but I’ll give this part to others, and here are what they said: “… those photos are so obviously airbrushed it is insulting!”, “…. I am sure that her skin doesn’t glisten like this in reality”. What can you say?

The Pirate Bay Releases “Uncensored” Blogging Service – Bay Words April 17, 2008

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The Pirate Bay

So what’s the latest in the world wide web?

The answer would be… An “uncensored” blogging service by non other than one of, as they say: “The largest Bittorent tracker” today. But aside from just being a torrent sharing site, The Pirate Bay is also very widely known for defending people’s right to freedom of speech on the Internet, thus aiming to provide the people the freedom to a lot of things that we can do, and express whatever we want to say inside the internet.

And what better way to give it’s community the freedom? Make an Uncensored blogging service. They call it Bay Words.

Bay Words

The idea of making a blog service actually came out when one of the co-founder (Brokep) heard about his friends blog taken down for linking to copyrighted material, which basically contradicts their philosophy of having an uncensored web environment.

Bay Words is powered by WordPress, as the company itself is also known to support free speech, and not blocking down blogs for (not-everyone-agrees) ideas. Initially, team is now currently working on expanding the feature list which will soon include support for domain redirects and improved stats (Fire Stats).

Bay Words is actually just one of their projects that promotes internet freedom as they already launched BayIMG (a free uncensored image hosting site).

Info: I heard that they are planning to make an “uncensored” “Video Hosting” site soon.

3 Critical:

  1. Freedom!!! – with all the “uncensored” things they provide us with, I guess they really are one of the few who understood the word “Freedom”.
  2. Say It!!!- now with Bay Words, we can blog and be brutally honest about what we want… but please bare in mind, you really can’t be heard unless you Say It!!!!!. In short Get a Bay Words blog. I already did.
  3. Who said Pirates were bad? – with all our support, we can make things happen with them. The Pirates already made a torrent site, an image hosting site, a blog…. so what’s gonna be next, a search engine? Well, whatever it is, it’s surely would make us feel free. Soon there will be freedom, the pirate way.

Incredible Hulk Poster – Released!!! April 16, 2008

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Firs Hulk Poster

Have a first look at this (recently released) poster for the movie “Hulk”, which happens to be the fastest remake of a comic-turned-movie ever. It’s actually like having two Hulk movies in one year.

Now this one got the better of the two i guess, and the thing is, we all know it should. After failing to impress the people the first time around, this mean green machine is nothing like incredible, but just as everyone deserves a second chance… even the heroes… he’s now back, but this time everything would be in extremes. Meaning: If it turns out good, it’s gonna be the best comeback, but if it fails, then it’s really really gonna suck and would definitely bring this hero to his grave for good. (Like the blind one wearing red. )

Efforts have been made to create this movie better than the first. For one, instead of Eric Bana (Former Hulk) playing the role of Bruce Banner, they placed in probably a more convincing multi awarded actor Edward Norton (American History X), along with Liv Tyler (daughter of Steven Tyler), Tim Roth (Pulp Ficton), and William Hurt (Kiss of the Spider Woman).

Now this is interesting.

And just to be different this time, I’ll be giving a bit of rumors to spoil you guys…. here it is:  it is said that Marvel is planning a 25-minute fight outside The Apollo against whoever is crazy enough. And we’ll probably see the famous Tony Spark a.k.a. Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) a bit. Now isn’t that gonna make it good enough?

3 Critical:

  1. Tanks Or Hulk? – if you look closely at the poster, you’ll see two tanks near his knuckles… now my question is… are the tanks getting smaller in this movie, or is it Hulk having to gain some weight (in terms of muscles)?
  2. The Shorts Please – out of all the super heroes, this one has the more illogical costume characteristics. Where in the word did you see jeans that never actually break if worn by somebody 10 times or more bigger that what it should fit.? And it shrinks to the original size too. Explain please.
  3. The Ed Effect – most of us have seen a lot of Edward Norton movies, and almost every time, he plays this semi-deranged or perhaps having a weird personality type of guy. Now will this also be the case when he plays the Hulk? … By the way, the “Ed Effect” is original.. my own invention. 🙂

PS3 Laptop – Why we stay at home… April 15, 2008

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PS3 Laptop

For some parents, buying a Playstation for the kids is  almost the worst investment  they would ever have. It takes most of their kids time, it jeopardizes their health because they tend to play nonstop and disregarding hunger or meal time, and it obviously disrupts their studies. In short, it makes their kids potential 40 year old virgins. And for the big guys/girls, There is the laptop. More useful though, can be more productive, but at times, it can also give just about the same effect with what he Playstation can do to kids.

And then there was both.

Now who do you think is staying at home when you have a laptop and a Playstation made as one. It’s classy, it’s cool, it’s definitely fun, and it’s guaranteed to make your social life (or going out) move a bit lower on the scale of how you spend your everyday life. And guess what? it’s not in any way a threat to global warming.

The only problem I really see with this “Dream Machine” is it’s size. It’s actually very thick for a laptop, and it’s also more delicate than the normal PS.

But, who cares?  I don’t.

3 Critical:

  1. Diamond and Pearls – now guys, take note of this… girls like diamond or pearls (or jewelry in short), so if given the chance give one…. then ask for this total Package. Hahaha
  2. Girls Or This? – I have to ask the girls this question… who would you rather have taking your man’s attention? … Other  girls or this sexy, hot, never complaining thing?…
  3. Play Work Play – three important things in a man’s life,… and you can do it all with this thing.