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USB 3.0 Is Finally Here November 20, 2008

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The New USB 3.0

Good news to all to all USB users and heavy data transferrers out there (I know there are many, including me), the specifications for the new USB 3.0 (pronounced as three point oh) has officially been announced.

The new USB 3.0 will go with a transfer rate of 4.8 Gbit/s… thats a whooping (600 MB/s) and is said to dump a 25GB HD file in just (more or less) 70 seconds.

Oooooh that’s fast…

But here’s the bad news, because the new upgraded version has added pins to it (see photo below), the old USB cables will definitely not work with it… meaning yo will need to buy USB 3.0 cables. But that’s just it I promise.

The New USB 3.0

It’s ok, you’ll still have around 1 year to spend with your old USB cause this will not be out in the market until 2010.

But anything better is better right? Still  a good news.

3 Critical:

  1. Way Faster – this thing is obviously more faster than 2.0, so make sure you choose the right files to delete.
  2. No Worries – you may not be able to use the old cables with this out, but don’t worry… someone will find a way. They always do.
  3. USB 4.0 – I wonder what the 4.0 would be. More pins of course.

Dig the Digg Shop November 14, 2008

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The New Digg  Store

I confess…. I am a digger and I Digg all day, like millions do.

But what makes Digg.com the best (if not) social networking site there is in the internet today?  Well, aside from being the biggest among the others, Digg is also filled with unpredictable surprises and interestingly useful (and sometimes useless) information that is shared by everyone, and once you’re inside digg, you are every part of it. The Total social networking site if you may.

So what’s the surprise this time?

Well, since digg is some kind of an icon nowadays, and everyone seems to want something that represents them being diggers, our favourite site now has it’s own Digg Shop where we can buy some items that represent our passion for digging.

Here  are some of the items available on the shop:

Digg Store - Laptop Messenger Bag Digg Store - Beanie Digg Store - Pilsner Glass Digg Store - Men's Cocoa Hoodie

(Digg Laptop Messenger Bag, Digg Beanie Cap, Digg Pilsner Glass, Digg Hoodie)

Digg Store - Wallet Bottle Opener Digg Store - Men's 1337 Diggs Tee Digg Store - Women's Cap Sleeve Digg Tee Digg Store - Women's Classic Digg Tee

(Digg Wallet Bottle Opener, 1337 Digg’s Shirt, Cap Sleeve Digg Tee, Classic Digg Tee)

Prices range from $5 – $185, and they give out Digg clingers for every order too. (clingers are something that clings…. hahah)

Now what are you waiting for… let’s dig the Digg Shop!!!!

3 Critical:

  1. Worth Digging – these items really are worth digging. They may be just simple, but it’s the Digg that matters.
  2. Be Proud – if your a digger, be proud and wear Digg everywhere.  You might get 1337 diggs for wearing it.
  3. I Hope…. – digg.com gives me any freebies for writing this post. I would appreciate it. 🙂 

Asus Eee PC – Small, Smooth, and Easy October 20, 2008

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Definitely one way to add color your life is by having one of the hottest gadgets to hit the market this year, and if you’ve been checking out the net lately, then you’ve probably seen atleast one of those ASUS Eee PC featured in some blog or websites.

By the way, if you still don’t know what “Eee” means, it’s actually taken from the “three E’s” of their new advertising campaign slogan for the product which is: Easy to learn, Easy to work, Easy to play”

So why do people love this little piece of wonder? Here are a few good reasons:

The Size – at 920 grams, it’s just like carrying. The Choices – you can either choose a 2GB, 4Gb or 8GB model, or upgrade your RAM from 512MB to 1GB, and are also available in white, black, pink, blue and green (color). The Design – it’s basically plain and simple, nothing fancy.  The Features – 900 MHz Intel Celeron-M, plus a 1GB DDR2 RAM, WiFi, a 0.3MP webcam, three USB 2.0 ports, LAN port, built-in MMC/SD card reader, mic/headphone jack and external VGA port..wow! The Screen – it’s small but since the LED is backlit, the display is pretty good and it doesn’t strain the user’s eye on prolonged use, plus it has a VGA port that can be used to hook up to an external monitor, but that’s up to you. The Durability – having no mechanically moving parts and the absence of an optical drive makes it less prone to shock. Battery Life – Battery life rates between 2:45 hours and 3:30 hours.

Not bad for a small notebook.

3 Critical:

  1. EEE – Excellent Enough for mE.
  2. Small But Terrible – in every sense of this line. Even with it’s price.
  3. Buy Me One – will anyone buy me one for Christmas? I will feature you in my blog. 🙂

Flash Games – Still For Everyone September 16, 2008

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The evolution of computer games have been unbelievable these past two decades. From PacMan to Super Mario Bros., Street Fighter to Tekken, NBA Live to GTA, Dance Revo to Guitar Hero and now…. Anti Pacman (this is new).

This game is actually similar to the very famous PacMan game, but let’s just say the roles are reversed in this game. You get to play the 4 ghosts that seem to follow the Pacman (except when he’s eaten those bigger circle things that turns you blue), and as simple as it is, it’s guaranteed to give you a whole new level of fun. Even if it doesn’t look like any of those high-end games we have right now.

But, however impressive games seem to be evolving nowadays, people still love those simple, flash-type Free Games that we usually play during those 15 minute breaks in the office, minutes before a final exam, or for those time where you just can’t seem to think of anything else to do.

It really is a wonder how those really simple games (like those made by MiniClip) makes us all enjoy playing, even if we have our own high end game consoles at home. I mean, flash-games are mostly 2 dimensional and are short games to be played, but the simplicity, humor, creativity and availability of the game is what makes it so hard not to notice. You see, flash-games can be easily played in the internet and there wont be a need of further installations. It’s just as simple as clicking “Start” or “Play” and the next thing you know, your childhood is going back to you even in those short moments of playing. Plus, to make up with their short-lengths in terms of play, we get to choose from thousands and thousands of short games from sports to puzzles, races to shooting, educational to sexy, and a whole lot of categories you can choose from.

If you happen to be a fan of Yahoo Games or other flash game sites yourself, I’m sure you’ll somehow notice how fast this industry (flash-games) is growing. Multiple games are made every week, and even the latest games we play in PS3‘s or X-Box have their own flash-games version.

I guess we all still love to play those simple games after all.

3 Critical:

  1. Game Equals Fun – I guess no matter what kind of game it is, old-or new, complex or simple, we still get to find the fun in it.
  2. Never Boring – Boring is playing a short length games, but having to choose from thousands of short length games wont give you a chance to be bored I’m sure.
  3. Recommended – I suggest you try playing AntiPacman… cause you get to experience the other side of the game. And it’s fun fun fun.

Detect The Invisible – The Yahoo Messenger Story September 7, 2008

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I’ve been a chatter for quite some time now. From MIRC to Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk to Skype, and now I’m starting to explore the world of Plurk, but one thing that commonly annoys me (but is useful, and I use it sometimes) is the “invisible” status. Which means you’re actually online, but you don’t want the people to see it. For whatever reasons yo may have.

But here’s the good (or bad,.. it depends actually) news for those who love chatting with Yahoo Messenger. Now there’s a way to check whether you’re friends who are not on the online list are really offline, or just playing invisible.

Are you ready??? ….. Meet Detectinvisible.com.

(snapshot cropped)

This site is very easy to use, and it does what it’s name says, “Detect the Invisible”. And don’t worry, it detects the real status in seconds so impatient ones are going to love this one. All you have to do is enter the User ID of the person you’re trying to detect (ex: cocoy_000), and just to make sure you don’t get the wrong ID, it also displays the primary photo (upper right) chosen by the user as soon as it’s done detecting, and of course, if It’s just playing invisible, it will say INVISIBLE and not OFFLINE.

I know this is cool but…. I have to apologize for those who go invisible (for a reason) all the time.

Just sharing what I know… just sharing.

3 Critical:

  1. Now For Me – this may not be a new thing, but hey… it’s a new discovery for me. 🙂
  2. Hide No More – I guess this is where appearing offline requires you to be really offline. Or it’s time to make a lot of excuses for all seasons. Haha.
  3. Still For Yahoo – by the way, this only works for Yahoo Messenger accounts ok. Lucky Skypees.!!!

All about “You” in the “Triple W” September 2, 2008

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Are you one of those guys who wanted to establish their business, personal site, shopping site, profession, art works, photography, or simply just about anything in the World Wide Web? Then maybe you’d be happy to know all about web hosting.

As we all know, a web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals or comapnies to provide their own website accessible thru the World Wide Web. But just as complex as the internet is, a lot of sites providing web hosting services (free and paid) are also available in the web. And a lot of it are actually good depending on your preferred features. (feel free to see my Top 10 Web Hosting Providers).

A lot of web hosting services also come with free domain names in their packages, and this is really a great deal if you ask me. It’s like having two things at the price of one. So sit back, relax (like the white guy above), think of a good idea for a website, look for web hosting services, and get ready to be seen in the Word Wide Web.

3 Critical:

  1. Good For Business – not everyone might agree with this, but I guess the Internet is now the main tool for all business, be it old or new.
  2. Start Free – for starters, I suggest you start with free web hosts. This way you don’t get to spend an amount while you get to learn and have a sense of what it feels to be in the net.
  3. The Hardest Part – this may be a bit funny for you, but ask anybody and they’ll agree with me when I say that the hardest part (or one of) in starting to make a website is choosing the right domain name. Trust me, it’s not that easy.

BlogUpp Your Blogs August 26, 2008

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Not only did I find this torn-paper presentation (coz it’s not an ad) that cool, I also happen to love the logic behind this new site and means of promoting your blog. Or lets just say Blog it Upp!!!!

While looking for ways to hype my blog, I came upon this site called Blogupp.com, a site that literally helps you the with the least amount of the usual hassles. This pretty much means that there won’t be a need to signup (with all the forms), there won’t be any annoying ads, there won’t be any verification codes, and they even won’t ask for you email address. All you have to provide is the URL (or address) of your blog, paste their given widget / CSS code to your blog, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! you have now been Blogged Upp.

Or atleast that’s what it seems.

Blogupp.com gets a snapshot of your blog and updates thumbnails everytime you have a new post, and they do read your RSS regularly to keep up in phase. But the best thing about this site when it comes to promoting your blog is that there is a 10:9 ratio when in comes to linking. Which means that out of the 10 blogs shared in your widget your blog will be discovered by 9 readers on others.

All of these done by just providing the URL.  Sounds good to me!!!

3 Critical:

  1. BlogUpped – I’m actually trying it now as you can see (lower right portion), and I’ll be monitoring this for 1 month.  Just keep posted.
  2. A Great Idea  – I have to say it’s a really good idea. I mean great.
  3. Interactivity  – this is one thing I almost forgot to mention. The ads they produced… aren’t really that boring. They are interactive, and mouse overs do things that are interesting. Curious?… Try It!!

FLASH is Magic August 6, 2008

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Ever since I’ve been to websites and the internet, I’ve always wanted to learn Flash. Flash effects just adds flare to any website, and to me that is very impressive even if the whole design itself isn’t really that complicated. Just take this sample (above) for instance. This site just looks plainly simple, but it’s actually impressively animated. Wait till your mouse goes over some of the elements of the site to see what I’m talking about. (click on the photo to see the sample site in flash)

By the way, for the benefit of those who have no Idea what flash is, I’ll describe it the easiest way possible. Flash is a method of adding “animation” and “interactivity” to a website, and I just happened to stumble upon some sites which are actually full of Flash components and services for us to avail to. Some even provide flash animated templates, sample flash movies or animation, music, video, fonts, and even freebies for you to choose from, just in case you’re planning to have a website of your own (like me).

Or whatever purposes you have in mind that is.

Having a well designed website is good, but having a very cool, well designed website with all the Flash extensions adding up to make one big impressive website (for clients or visitors) is undoubtedly better.

Just click on the photo and explore the magic of Flash.

3 Critical:

  1. Flash is Flashy – and it indeed is. Being able to click a photo is cool, but having to click something thats animated is something else.
  2. I Want This – I’m actually planning on changing my template and I’m thinking about something like this. I want this!!!
  3. It’s Magic – it just is magic to me. Flash on websites are like having special toppings on you’re regular shake. It’s OK without it, but it just is better with it.

Cuil.com – Google Fears? July 30, 2008

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Who could beat Google? The men behind the engine itself.

A group of Google’s ex-engineers have founded a new search engine which is said to cover three (3) times as many Web pages compared to the the seemingly unstoppable Google.com. This is after Google celebrated the milestone of having to index a trillion pages.

They called the company Cuil Inc. Or simply Cuil.com. (pronounced as “Cool”)

It has already launched it’s search engine last week and hopes to deliver better results compared to other search engines (yahoo, msn, etc..). Searches look like this:

I’ve tried using it was amazing. It’s more detailed, and the positioning of the results is something different than the usual, and thats because Cuil.com designed it’s results page to looks like that an online magazine, giving it a more friendly environment for surfers (specially the younger generations). This new search engine not only only looks at a web page’s popularity, but analyzes the concepts on the page as well as their relationships, in order to group under similar results in different menus which can be seen on top (like tabs).

Over-all it’s a good search engine, but I have doubts of it beating Google.

Well, maybe not yet.

3 Critical:

  1. It’s Cool!!! – Cuil is pronounced like “cool” and I guess the whole idea of it is obvious. It may seem darker for a search engine, but the results page pays off.
  2. Is Google Threatened? – they may not react like they are threatened, but everytime a new search engine like this comes out, it always becomes a threat.
  3. Soon… – this may not be able to beat Google just yet, but if it turns out well and people find it more useful, then it might just be the next big thing. But anyway, either ways, it still is a good news for every net surfer. We are the ones who would benefit with such options.

Gettin’ Diggy With It July 23, 2008

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Look what I found here. This is probably the best all around, Web Design Company, and on-line profit guide website with the coolest name ever. Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s hear from Diggy.

I was looking for SEO sites that can provide me with the rarest tips on how to improve my blog and I came across this website called Diggy, a site that mainly focuses on designing websites and Internet Marketing, but also does some (if not all) other things and services like: e-commerce, multimedia, web hosting, email, domain names, DSL broadband, IT support, eBusiness Solutions, and more.

Not bad for a Website Design company huh! And one thing you might notice is it’s sites simplicity. Simple but easily navigational. Navigational in a sense that you won’t really have a hard time figuring out where to click whenever you need something that the site offers.  This just goes to show that they really know their stuff, and they can make your website a powerful business tool.

So, now I ask….. do you wanna get Diggy with it?

3 Critical:

  1. All Around – a lot of sites say they provide all the services you need, but they don’t actually do. I guess Diggy isn’t one of them.
  2. Where to Start? – so if your new to the whole internet thing, you have a decent business but don’t know how to make the most of it in terms of profitability in the internet? I suggest you get Diggy with it.
  3. Diggy is….. – “Everything you need to know to profit from the internet”. That’s what they said.