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PicClick – Visual Shopping Engine November 30, 2008

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PicClick Snapshot

I found this site while I was looking for other shopping sites that sells a Nikon D40 D-SLR (to see which one has the lowest price) and it lead me to this great Visual Shopping site called PicClick.com.

You might say it’s just another shopping site, but if you look at all it’s features it rally is impressive and the concept it adapted is really brilliant. I’m talking about “Visual Shopping”.

We all know it’s better to shop when we get to see a picture the items (not just brand names and price), and this is where they capitalized. What PickClick actually does is present you relevant information about your searched item, plus it’s thumbnails… and they got all their information from both the largest shopping sites in the internet; eBay & Amazon .

Search and tabs menu - picClick.com

But that’s not it. If you look at the upper left corner of the site, you’ll see a very easy and complete search bar which allows you to input a desired minimum & maximum price budget for a product, and zip code for a more filtered results to help you find what you’re really looking for the easiest way possible.

It also provides tabs to make you choose which shopping site (eBay & Amazon) to base the searches on.

Thumbnails resize menu - picClick.com

On the upper right corner of the site, you also have thumbnail resize controls to enlarge the thumbnails to get larger (but not necessarily better) view of the products.

Now this is almost what a complete shopping site should be. “Almost” because it only cater two shopping sites as of the moment.

3 Critical:

  1. Very Helpful – now this is how shopping sites should be. Making shoppers have a better and easier experience while they shop online.
  2. So Simple – being simple is good, but I guess this site is just “so simple” in design that it doesn’t really have an appealing look. Light colors are better and attractive guys.
  3. Almost Charity – I’m not sure of their contract with eBay or Amazon with this one, but if their not getting any form of commission (like those with affiliates), then what they’re doing is almost like charity.

Dig the Digg Shop November 14, 2008

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The New Digg  Store

I confess…. I am a digger and I Digg all day, like millions do.

But what makes Digg.com the best (if not) social networking site there is in the internet today?  Well, aside from being the biggest among the others, Digg is also filled with unpredictable surprises and interestingly useful (and sometimes useless) information that is shared by everyone, and once you’re inside digg, you are every part of it. The Total social networking site if you may.

So what’s the surprise this time?

Well, since digg is some kind of an icon nowadays, and everyone seems to want something that represents them being diggers, our favourite site now has it’s own Digg Shop where we can buy some items that represent our passion for digging.

Here  are some of the items available on the shop:

Digg Store - Laptop Messenger Bag Digg Store - Beanie Digg Store - Pilsner Glass Digg Store - Men's Cocoa Hoodie

(Digg Laptop Messenger Bag, Digg Beanie Cap, Digg Pilsner Glass, Digg Hoodie)

Digg Store - Wallet Bottle Opener Digg Store - Men's 1337 Diggs Tee Digg Store - Women's Cap Sleeve Digg Tee Digg Store - Women's Classic Digg Tee

(Digg Wallet Bottle Opener, 1337 Digg’s Shirt, Cap Sleeve Digg Tee, Classic Digg Tee)

Prices range from $5 – $185, and they give out Digg clingers for every order too. (clingers are something that clings…. hahah)

Now what are you waiting for… let’s dig the Digg Shop!!!!

3 Critical:

  1. Worth Digging – these items really are worth digging. They may be just simple, but it’s the Digg that matters.
  2. Be Proud – if your a digger, be proud and wear Digg everywhere.  You might get 1337 diggs for wearing it.
  3. I Hope…. – digg.com gives me any freebies for writing this post. I would appreciate it. 🙂 

Fido Dido is Back!!!!! November 13, 2008

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Fidp Dido Drinking 7upI was heading to a nearby convenient store while I was on my way to work this morning (that’s around 5 am), and while I was looking for drinks to match my snacks, I saw something I haven’t seen for a long time.

His name is Fido Dido, and guess what? He’s Back!!! (and I bought one, haha)

The last time I saw this weird-hair boy was in that 7UP commercial where he’s been playing around and drawing himself in a MS paintshop, and then he was gone.

Well anyway, for those who don’t have an idea, Fido Dido is a cartoon character created by Joanna Ferrone and Sue Rose, and the weird thing is, they both draw him out of a napkin in some restaurant. But it was not until 1990 that the name and the character became the face of 7UP (the soda drink), and appearing in a lot of commercials and products (stationaries, lunch box, notebook, etc..).

Fidp Dido is Back!!!

If you ask me, I believe he’s the most famous cartoon character, not owned by major cartoon networks (Walt Disney, Cartoon Network, etc..), who’s been making highly visible waves all around the virtual and real world. In short he’s famous.

So what’s the silent type (but cool) Fido D. up to this time?

keeping cool and thinking clear I guess.

3 Critical:

  1. The Name Fido – where did they get this name? Is there really a Dido family?
  2. Why So Silent ??? – is anyone, besides me, curious why this guy remains is so silent?
  3. Sites Sites Sites !!! – if you’re a FD (fido dido) fan then you have to check FidoDido.com, and maybe play a little FD game at Digicc.com.

Shoemoney.com June 9, 2008

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adsense check

If you can’t see this photo well enough, this is a check worth $ 132,994.97 (only) payable to Shoemoney.com, by none other than Google Inc.

So what is Shoemoney.com?

Shoemoney.com is a blog/site owned by Jeremy Schoemaker , a former appliance salesman turned programmer/blogger who turned his blog/site into one of the most user friendly marketing blog/site using simple (but totally creative) techniques to market products and attract a lot of companies. And a lot of their money as well.

But that’s not all.

What really impressed me the most is a small feature in his website called “T-Shirt Firday“.  In here,  companies send him shirts (for free) with logo’s or web addresses imprinted on it so that he can wear it, take a picture of himself wearing it, and post it in his blog while he makes reviews about the company.

Pure creativity right?

Now this is why his site got featured here.

3 Critical:

  1. Give and Take – they give, he takes… that simple. And the rest is money, money, money.
  2. XL Please – I’m just helping him a bit here. If you plan to send him those shirts, please make sure it’s size is XL. Trust me, he prefers it.
  3. The Best Things – he makes money and he gets shirts for free. The best things in life are truly free.

Girls In Tune March 20, 2008

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girls in tune

If you’re a fan of GIG’s or Girls In Guitars, you probably would want to visit this blog. It’s called Girls In Tune“, and judging by the name, you wouldn’t have a hard time figuring what this blog is all about.

One thing that made this blog special, and different from other music blogs, is that the it focuses on the girls who are not yet celebrities, but are aspiring ones who’s searching for their way to fame thru video streaming (mostly from YouTube), and a couple of these girls actually caught a glimpse of their fame not only through numbers of views for their videos, but something like radio interviews, talk show performance, an album, and even a Super Bowl Performance. Apart from the main theme of the blog, the owner made it distinctive by choosing girls who don’t just have a really good voice, but those who could play good music as well (which means they can play instruments too), and that sure did make up for what he call the “Girls In Tune“. And to top it all, all of these chosen girls are singer/songwriters of their own. Their compositions are also featured in this blog.

And by the way, a lot of the girls featured here are not just talented, but gifted with the looks as well (see Marie Digby, Anna Free, Kina Grannis, Mia Rose, and more…), and let me say it just makes the whole listening to the music experience even better.

So better check it out here.

If you have someone in mind you would want to be featured, you could just contact the owner, or me. (as long as they have videos for samples)

3 Critical:

  1. Inspiring – a lot of girls out there might want to be someone in the music industry, but doesn’t have an idea where to start.. and this blog just might help. These girls can be their inspirations.
  2. GIG’s – I repeat, GIG’s mean Girls In Guitars. Who wouldn’t love them. It’s like two of the best things in the world.
  3. A Whole Lot Of Them – I really thought girls don’t want to be singer/songwriter/musicians as much as men do, but when I saw this, I figured that’s theirs actually a whole lot of undiscovered talents yet to be seen.

Wamu Confirmation Code Needs Discipline March 12, 2008

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wamu code

For those who have been surfing the net for quite some time, you’ll probably have your share of confirmation codes to be filled up before completing a registration in some sites, formal or not. Confirmation codes are usually made up of letters and numbers chosen at random to ensure that a registration is made by a person and not a net spider or bot.

Most companies providing confirmation codes for their websites usually exclude vowels to decrease the chances of forming a familiar word, which could possibly be predicted by non-human surfers in the net.

But others don’t, and guess what happens…

WAMU, a company that offers banking, financial services and mortgage loans online, made a funny mistake without even knowing it. If you look closely at the photo I presented (in the confirmation number portion), you can see why most companies emit the use of vowels to avoid making possible words. Any word could randomly appear, but this time it made quite a point to be noticed.

I guess that’s why (if you visit their website), they emphasize on saying “We’re the bank for everyday people” , cause that pretty much is an everyday word if you ask me.

3 Critical:

  1. Of All The Words – I have to say this. Of all the words that can make is laugh, it chose the word F*@K. Makes me wonder, was the word F*@K invented at random too?
  2. WAMU Means What? – I haven’t really navigated through the site that much, so forgive me if I don’t know what WAMU means, or if it stands for anything. It’s more like a confirmation code for me.
  3. The Question – I really have to ask it this way. (to whoever discovered  this). Did you f*@king enter the confirmation? hahaha.

Confessions of a T.V. Junkie March 11, 2008

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confessions of a tv junkie

Now here’s an interesting site I saw in the internet. www.turkeywhisperer.com. It’s actually a movie critic and review site, and I’m sure there are a lot like it in the internet, but this one caught my attention. It has this relaxing atmosphere when you’re navigating the site, credit that to the pastel colored layout of the site which compliments every part of the site by the way, and same goes with the combination of colors which don’t give us a headache watching if for a long time. (No neons above black background.)

Things like these just gives you a feeling of ease when your surfing the net and reading the latest reviews and spoilers of your favorite t.v. series. If you ask me, it’s simply internet comfort for me.

In case you’re curious, the name TurkeyWhisperer is derived from the idiom talk turkey which means “to speak frankly and get down to the basic facts of a matter”.

If your a fan of T.V. series, better tune in to this site and make it one of your daily surfing routine. And since it’s a free country, I guess the owner wont mind if you chip in a couple of comments or two. I know I did.

3 Critical:

  1. Internet Friendly – even beginners or first time surfers won’t have a hard time looking for whatever it is they’re looking for in this site. Everything’s simple and friendly.
  2. The TV Head – now thats creative thinking. There’s no better way to describe a T.V. junkie than that image.
  3. Up To Date – a good blog or site has to be updated, and this one’s always new… if you can’t get enough of your favorite T.V. shows, you wont get enough of what you’ll see here.