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PicClick – Visual Shopping Engine November 30, 2008

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PicClick Snapshot

I found this site while I was looking for other shopping sites that sells a Nikon D40 D-SLR (to see which one has the lowest price) and it lead me to this great Visual Shopping site called PicClick.com.

You might say it’s just another shopping site, but if you look at all it’s features it rally is impressive and the concept it adapted is really brilliant. I’m talking about “Visual Shopping”.

We all know it’s better to shop when we get to see a picture the items (not just brand names and price), and this is where they capitalized. What PickClick actually does is present you relevant information about your searched item, plus it’s thumbnails… and they got all their information from both the largest shopping sites in the internet; eBay & Amazon .

Search and tabs menu - picClick.com

But that’s not it. If you look at the upper left corner of the site, you’ll see a very easy and complete search bar which allows you to input a desired minimum & maximum price budget for a product, and zip code for a more filtered results to help you find what you’re really looking for the easiest way possible.

It also provides tabs to make you choose which shopping site (eBay & Amazon) to base the searches on.

Thumbnails resize menu - picClick.com

On the upper right corner of the site, you also have thumbnail resize controls to enlarge the thumbnails to get larger (but not necessarily better) view of the products.

Now this is almost what a complete shopping site should be. “Almost” because it only cater two shopping sites as of the moment.

3 Critical:

  1. Very Helpful – now this is how shopping sites should be. Making shoppers have a better and easier experience while they shop online.
  2. So Simple – being simple is good, but I guess this site is just “so simple” in design that it doesn’t really have an appealing look. Light colors are better and attractive guys.
  3. Almost Charity – I’m not sure of their contract with eBay or Amazon with this one, but if their not getting any form of commission (like those with affiliates), then what they’re doing is almost like charity.

Looking At Shannon Lucio – The “Prison Break” Girl November 29, 2008

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Shannon Lucio

I’ve been watching Prison almost every time a new episode is released in the net and every week, Trishanne, Cole Pfeiffer‘s (T-Bag) secretary/FBI agent (ooops.. spoilers!!!) always keeps getting better and better each time I look at her.

If you’ve been bored of looking at Sarah Tancredi (Sarah Wayne Callies), or even Gretchen (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) for the past few seasons, then maybe Trishanne (Shannon Lucio) is a reason to watch the Prison Break again.

By the  way for those who are interested, Shannon Lucio is an American actress who got her early traces of fame when she played the role of Lindsay Gardner on the TV Drama “The O.C.“(Orange County). She later on became a  lead female cast on the CBS TV drama Moonlight (2007), but that was  before she was replaced by Sophia Myles some time in June of 2007.

Shannon Lucio's Letter w/ Dedication for me

click to enlarge and see her message for me. 🙂

It wasn’t really as bad as it seems, cause right after the replacement she became a member of Fox‘s hit TV action/drama Prison Break, and I guess every fan of the show noticed hot appealing she really is, specially in the past few episodes.

Too bad she died on the 12th episode though. (Oooooops!… Spoilers again)

3 Critical:

  1. Isn’t She Cute? – both as a secretary or with a gun, I mean. Just listen to her voice every time she answers the phone or shout with a gun.
  2. Too Bad – her role dying when we started to enjoy her presence in the show is just too bad for me. but maybe she’ll be in bigger movies. I know she will.
  3. More!!! – I definitely wanna see more Shannon Lucio in some other shows or films. Or maybe she’ll be back… cops got bulletproofs you know.

All I Want For Christmas is A Mini Mini Cooper November 28, 2008

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thumbsize remoet control mini coopers

Want to ask me what I want for Christmas? …. A Mini Mini Cooper.

Pretty much like these Thumb-Size “remote controlled” Mini Coopers from… no idea actually. And when they say “thumbsize”, they really mean it. Look at this photo:

thumbsize remoet control mini coopers

They are all electric powered, so this makes it very fuel efficient and will come in handy during multiple fuel price increases. It’s cellphone-like remote control allows full control (forward/reverse and right/left turning) over the car, and it’s form just might fool someone into thinking you’re phone can control a mini mini cooper.

Take Note:
Both the Red and the Silver versions of the Mini Mini Cooper operates on the same frequency. And this means you can’t race them at the same time cause one controller will drive both cars (because they both use similar frequencies).

3 Critical:

  1. The Size – tiny is the word, and that’ because they’re only 2.25″ Long (like digital camera LCD’s).
  2. The Remote – just to add a little something interesting, they designed the RC (remote control) to look like a regular cellphone. It would have been cool if it was a real one.
  3. Price Please – it’s currently in the market now for $9.99. You can buy it here.

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao Graces The Pages of Readers Digest November 27, 2008

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Manny Pacquiao in Readers Digest Cover

You know I’m far from exaggerating when I say that the World is waiting for the Dec. 6 (Dec 7. in the Philippines) fight between the Best Pound for Pound Boxer and reigning World Boxing Council (WBC) lightweight champion; Manny “The Pacman” Pacquiao, and the Living Legend of the Boxing World, Oscar “Golden Boy” DeLa Hoya.

But it won’t be until a week from now, so here’s a little suggestion. Grab a copy of the latest issue of Readers Digest Asia with our favorite Manny “The Pacman” Pacquiao on the covers, released last monday (in the Philippines).

The issue (with Pacquiao at the cover) will only be circulated in the Philippines, but his seven page story – written by none other than Readers Digest‘s editor-in-chief Jim Plousse will be read throughout Asia.

The seven-page article is said to cover highlights of Pacquiao’s iconic rise from his humble “young boxer” beginnings in General Santos City to becoming one (if not) of the greatest boxer in the world today.

Editor-in-chief Jim Plousse, and the rest of Readers Digest Asia says they hope that Pacquiao’s story will somehow become a source of inspiration to many, as he has shown how hard work (even in struggles) can do.

3 Critical:

  1. An Honor – having one iconic Filipino yet again in Readers Digest (one of my favorite magazines) is really an honor for Manny and the rest of the Filipinos.
  2. Proud 2 B Pinoy!!! – I am and always will be.
  3. Just Maybe – maybe DeLa Hoya has a Readers Digest cover issue in Mexico too… it would be cool.

The Boom Bench by: Michael Schoner November 26, 2008

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The Boom Bench

Boom Bench

Speakers, specifically Boom Boxes have already been placed in a lot of unusual places. Bathrooms, tables, beds, baggage compartments, roofs and who knows where else.

Well guess what, now they placed them in public benches for everyone to listen to.

Meet the “Boom Bench” by German designer Michael Schoner.

The Boom Bench is a human-bench-sized Docking Station capable of playing music by simply connecting your player to the amplifier (like a normal boom box) or via bluetooth (coooool…). Now you can play your favorite songs from your phone for everyone to enjoy.

Listening to the BoomBench

This bench can produce 95 dB of high quality sound, and that is pretty decent for an open environment, and it also has a Bass Shaker for those deep sounds with vibrations, giving you an enhanced physical sensation for pure listening pleasure.

Now this really gives a new meaning to the term “chillin out” with good music.

3 Critical:

  1. So Cool – music Lover or not, we all know this is way cool.
  2. More Pranks – because it is bluetooth capable, I’m guessing there will be more pranks in the parks with this kind of bench.
  3. Who Get’s To Choose – everything is so cool about  this invention except for one thing…. who get’s to choose the music???

Another David Spade Magic November 24, 2008

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David Spade and Nicollette SheridanIf you are not a word class athlete, a billionaire, or just another good looking / charity giving actor or msuic artist (not to mention magicians), then you just have to be short, confident, and funny.

Just like David Spade.

I really don’t need sentences to describe how little David right here seems to surprise everyone in the world of celebrities. I’ll just say names like: Heather Locklear, Teri Hatcher, Pamela Anderson, Lara Flynn Boyle and now Nicollette Sheridan!

Yes, this Nicollette:

Nicollette Sheridan Sexy Back

Resports say that at her (Nicollette) 45th birthday party, they have spotted David and Nicollette doing more than the usual things friends do. I guess you know what I mean.

Nicollette, by the way, is one of the cast of the hit tv-series Desperate Housewives, and I guess that’s exactly what Little D wants.

Nicollette Sheridan

I bet she’ll never knew what hit her after this.

3 Critical:

  1. Very Effective – I think being funny is the best thing you can do to get those girls. They become vulnerable when they laugh, trust me.
  2. How Tall? – I mean, how short is David Spade? Maybe it’s the height.
  3. Choosy Spade – well we can all say he’s choosy, but hey, look at his list. I believe we call it an A List

Inside The “Nokia Test Lab” November 22, 2008

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Nokia Test Lab

What you’re seeing is not an alien abduction of your latest Nokia Cellphone. This is actually a very sophisticated robotic machine that doesn’t really do anything besides poking our Nokia Phones to test their durabitlity.

We can call it the “Poking Machine” (for a lot of reasons).

The Poking Machine is actually just one of the advanced technology machines used to test the latest mobile phones for quality purposes. And here are the rest:

The Bending Machine, Scratch Test (with shard plastic pins), & The Crusher

Nokia Test Lab - Bending Nokia Test Lab - Scratch Test Nokia Test Lab - Crushed

(click to enlarge)

Phones under the Humidity Test

Nokia Test Lab - Humidity Test Nokia Test Lab - Humidity Test

(click to enlarge)

Various Liquid, Gel, & Creams Test and the Dust Test

Nokia Test Lab - With Liquids, Cream, & Gel Nokia Test Lab - Dust Test

(click to enlarge)

Now these are things our beloved phones get through with before they reach the stores for us to buy, so better love them and take good care of them. Or you can do your own tests at them. Haha.

3 Critical:

  1. The Test – now I know they don’t just talk about it’s quality… they test to prove it too.
  2. Poor Phones – after all they’ve been through, have the heart man (or woman).
  3. Other Companies – if Nokia does this, what do other companies put their mobile phones into test? 

Karolina Kurkova Has A Secret Too November 21, 2008

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Victoria Secret Models

Victoria Secret Models

We all know that almost all of the Victoria Secret models are really hot these days on blogs and magazines, and that is no big secret either. But guess who has a secret….

Well if Victoria has one, then Karolina Kurkova has a secret too. Something she shouldn’t have revealed in the way she did… which is with her bikinis.

Well the photo above may seem just like most of the other photos that V Secret models usually have, meaning they are all hot photos, but if we take a really close look at it here’s (below) what you’ll see… or in this case what you wouldn’t see….. A belly button.

Look at this:

karolina kurkova without a belly button

Is it just another photo anomaly? Is there something there that needed to be taken out? Is this a stomach dimple?,  or Is this really  what her belly button looks like? (which I don’t mind really, as long as she has one).

I guess this is why they say that not all secrets need to be revealed.

3 Critical:

  1. Where Is It? – I swear to God it’s not here… so where is it?
  2. Not Miranda – good thing Miranda Kerr has one, it would have been heartbreaking for me.
  3. Photo Editor Fired – if this was in some ways edited, then I someone might just be seeking for another job right now.

USB 3.0 Is Finally Here November 20, 2008

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The New USB 3.0

Good news to all to all USB users and heavy data transferrers out there (I know there are many, including me), the specifications for the new USB 3.0 (pronounced as three point oh) has officially been announced.

The new USB 3.0 will go with a transfer rate of 4.8 Gbit/s… thats a whooping (600 MB/s) and is said to dump a 25GB HD file in just (more or less) 70 seconds.

Oooooh that’s fast…

But here’s the bad news, because the new upgraded version has added pins to it (see photo below), the old USB cables will definitely not work with it… meaning yo will need to buy USB 3.0 cables. But that’s just it I promise.

The New USB 3.0

It’s ok, you’ll still have around 1 year to spend with your old USB cause this will not be out in the market until 2010.

But anything better is better right? Still  a good news.

3 Critical:

  1. Way Faster – this thing is obviously more faster than 2.0, so make sure you choose the right files to delete.
  2. No Worries – you may not be able to use the old cables with this out, but don’t worry… someone will find a way. They always do.
  3. USB 4.0 – I wonder what the 4.0 would be. More pins of course.

Two Generations of Love And Hate November 18, 2008

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Baby - Love and Hate

loves playing…. hates napping

Don’t worry… this is not about love, or hate, or love and hate in general. I just loved seeing one concept portrayed in different generations, and I thought you might find it interesting so why not share it right?

Above is a photo well edited to look like a baby with both fists tattooed with the words love and hate in it’s fingers. And the teeter in his mouth of course. (it’s my desktop background now..)

And here below is a photo (un-edited) of a grown man with both fists tattooed with the words love and hate in it’s fingers. What’s in his mouth, I’m not really sure, and if you notice the letters “T” and “O” are replaced with a sword (or knife) and a burning heart.

Grown Up - Love and Hate

loves playing…. hates napping too

I guess this means that the older people are, the more meaning they find in simple words. Or they’re just richer to hire a more creative tattoo artists with more designs in mind.

3 Critical:

  1. Looks Cool – I don’t know why, but finger tattoo’s just look so cool when drawn in a fist.
  2. Ironic – Love has the same letters as hate. I wonder who made these words.
  3. Meaning – does the baby having the “love hate” over “hate love” pattern imply something, or is it just unintentional? What do you think?