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Shia LaBeouf – Just Another DUI July 31, 2008

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By saying DUI, I mean Drunk Under Influence (of whatever it is they’re drinking that night).

So what’s up with Hollywood stars and  DUI‘s? They seem to have been covering a lot of news lately, and just recently, award-winning actor Shia LaBeouf (Transformers) found himself having to be part of the whole Stars DUI thing.

I bet he’s (photo above) saying…. “Ehrrr…. sorry.”

While everyone was concerned about the 5.4 earthquake in LA, Shia was busy shaking things up with booze until he found himself involved in a car accident last Sunday morning. The police said It wasn’t his  fault coz the other driver presumably ran a red light. However, Shia was arrested on misdemeanor DUI charges, but he hasn’t been arraigned yet.

I guess he wasn’t driving this thing (above) otherwise it wouldn’t have happened….. Unless Bumblebee was drunk too.

3 Critical:

  1. No Stunts – this is what every celebrity has to bare in mind, unlike their movies, there are no stunts in the real streets. Be careful. If you’re drunk, better stay in your trunk.
  2. DUI’s – no stars are excused with this thing… why do they act like they are?
  3. Message to Shia – you’re on the best days of you’re career right now, don’t screw it all up… trust me.. you can easily be replaced.

Cuil.com – Google Fears? July 30, 2008

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Who could beat Google? The men behind the engine itself.

A group of Google’s ex-engineers have founded a new search engine which is said to cover three (3) times as many Web pages compared to the the seemingly unstoppable Google.com. This is after Google celebrated the milestone of having to index a trillion pages.

They called the company Cuil Inc. Or simply Cuil.com. (pronounced as “Cool”)

It has already launched it’s search engine last week and hopes to deliver better results compared to other search engines (yahoo, msn, etc..). Searches look like this:

I’ve tried using it was amazing. It’s more detailed, and the positioning of the results is something different than the usual, and thats because Cuil.com designed it’s results page to looks like that an online magazine, giving it a more friendly environment for surfers (specially the younger generations). This new search engine not only only looks at a web page’s popularity, but analyzes the concepts on the page as well as their relationships, in order to group under similar results in different menus which can be seen on top (like tabs).

Over-all it’s a good search engine, but I have doubts of it beating Google.

Well, maybe not yet.

3 Critical:

  1. It’s Cool!!! – Cuil is pronounced like “cool” and I guess the whole idea of it is obvious. It may seem darker for a search engine, but the results page pays off.
  2. Is Google Threatened? – they may not react like they are threatened, but everytime a new search engine like this comes out, it always becomes a threat.
  3. Soon… – this may not be able to beat Google just yet, but if it turns out well and people find it more useful, then it might just be the next big thing. But anyway, either ways, it still is a good news for every net surfer. We are the ones who would benefit with such options.

Lebron James – Leader of the Redeem Team July 29, 2008

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Lebron James, the said leader of the “Redeem team” (that’s what they call them), will be on the cover of Time Magazine‘s August 2008 issue as he talks about how proud he is to be a part of the team, and how he is committed to bring back the golden glory days of the dream team.

“It’s going to be like waking up on Christmas Day,” says James as he pictures himself standing on the podium along with his fellow team mates as they are awarded the Beijing Olympics Gold Medal.

Out of all the players who were a part of the previous team that finished (just) third in 2004’s Olympics in Athens, Greece, it was LeBron that matured most in the game of basketball in the international level as his full commitment was entirely evident from day one of practice with the team.

LeBron is listed as the #1 Olympic Athlete to Watch in this upcoming Beijing Olympics, and he hopes and promises to meet everyone’s expectations, and redeem the team he proudly represents with the help of some of the biggest names (which includes Kobe Bryant).

But it won’t be that easy.

3 Critical:

  1. The King – people call him “King James” not just because of his all around game, but of all the leadership and pride he brings in every game. A true Leader indeed.
  2. Hungry For Gold – the 2004 Bronze finish may have hurt him badly, but the King will rise, and he’s hungry for what he claims to deserve. The gold is set for USA…. no questions, no excuses.
  3. Will They Make It? – with an improvement in the line-up (except for a dominant big guy), the Finals will be a guarantee… but they have to prove themselves every game, every possession, and every chance they have.

Ebony and Ivory July 28, 2008

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“Ebony and Ivory….. live together in perfect Harmony… side by side on my piano… keyboard… Lord oh why don’t we….. “

Good news’ always makes me sing, and just a couple of days ago, I heard one that’s worth singing for.

Just last July 11, couples Florence (mom from Ghana in western Africa) and Stephan (dad from Potsdam in Germany) gave birth to twin boys Ryan and Leo, both as cute but surprisingly with different skin colors.

“Ryan came first, and everything was as usual,” said the hospital’s doctor, Birgit Weber. “But when Leo was born, I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

Isn’t this cute? Twins with different skin color. It’s surprisingly cute.

Some say this is a medical miracle, but whatever it is, I guess it’s the worlds way of saying we can all be  together in love and peace…. even our  differences.

And talking bout love, I think it would be sweet to hook them up with Remee and Kian Hodgson (twin girls with different skin colors too) when they grow up.

Don’t you think?

3 Critical:

  1. So Cute – just look at them…. there like the best of both worlds right?
  2. A Message – I hope this somehow gives us the message that colors (or race) won’t, in any way, hinder us from looking good and happy together. If we only live together in peace.
  3. Sing With Me Now – “Ebony .. Ivory… Living in perfect Harmony… Ebony……. Ivory………”

Jennifers Body – Megan Fox July 27, 2008

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The next year (2009) will be packed with a lot of great movies, and just like the saying “With great powers comes great responsibilities”, having great bodies can make you have great movies, and kill a lot.

Now I’m not making sense here.

But anyway, sometime next year, the undeniably sexy Megan Fox will be gracing our screens entirely without robot transforming vehicles this time. In her up coming movie “Jennifers Body“, the fox will play the role of a newly possessed cheerleader eventually becoming a killer who does the trick by luring her male classmates with none other than her irresistible looks and sexy body first before having them placed to her advantage…. and this means someone’s gonna die.

With her camera shuttering looks, I don’t see any of this impossible, and if you find her  really really hot in the Transformers movie, this might just be the movie to break your cameras (or vision) too.

By the way, this is written by Diablo Cody (award winning writer of the movie Juno).
3 Critical:

  1. Megan Fox Cheerleader – if a girl like Hayden Panettiere could look stunning in a cheerleaders outfit, how much more could Megan Fox do.
  2. The Writers Name – I’m talking bout the name “Diablo”…. who would name their babies like that???  But honestly, it sounded cool.
  3. Jennifers Body – who would want to watch Jennifers Body? Just me and a couple million people (mostly males) I’m sure.

Bringing back the Good Ol’ Days…. July 26, 2008

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Just after the Betamax days and before there were VCD’s out in the market, a movie lovers best friend was a VCR, or otherwise known as a Video Cassette Recorder. For those who were born after the age of the cassette tapes, a VCR is a video tape recorder using removable videotape cassettes which contains magnetic tape to record (audio and video) from a television broadcast so it can be re played later on.

By the way, a videotape cassette look like this: (yes, that’s the tape)

But after there were (the smaller, handy, and more featured) VCD’s and DVD’s, the tape technology seems to be slowly fading away and finding themselves either under the beds, over the attic, or any place where people keep the old stuff (for memories only).

That was before the Ion USB VCR (above) entered the scene. This thing is capable of converting your old VCR videos straight to digital, and allows video capturing in MPEG4 (supporting up to 720×480 resolutions).

Talking bout bringing back the ol’ days huh! But that’s not all….

This baby also has RCA inputs (for other analog video sources), and a composite audio/video line output that can be used to connect to your television.

Now this is a good thing.

3 Critical:

  1. The Old The New – this is just one of those limitless possibilities that they said technology can do.
  2. The Beatles !!! – I actually have a copy of their “Get Back” concert, and now I can watch it again. “Get back! Get back! Get back! to where you once belong. “
  3. The Return – with this made into possibility, I’m getting a sense that the old Jukebox machines would be seen in bars again. Maybe this time it would be digital.

Malena – Monica Bellucci July 25, 2008

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My Wednesday this week was just another movie day spent watching a movie that my friend mentioned to me days before. The movie was “Malena“, and don’t know why I missed this movie which was actually released 8 years ago.

The movie is about 3 things that actually don’t seem to be related. A world at war, a young man coming at his age, and a curse of beauty (or at least that’s how I would describe the film). It stars Monica Bellucci as Malena, a woman envied with her beauty, and Giuseppe Sulfaro as Renato Amoroso, a boy who seems to fall in love with Malena as he grows to his manhood, and a whole lot of interesting things happens between these two characters. I’m not gonna spoil it, and thisis not a review, so I suggest you watch this film.

But there are really more aspects in the film worth noticing, and I believe they call it cinematography, or in-film art. scenes were carefully picked up, the tone of the film is art itself, and you just can’t discount the fact that Monica Bellucci is in every sense the beauty and art in this movie.

If you’re the type who’s appreciative in every aspect of a movie (specially art), then I highly recommend you watch this film. You’ll fall in love with Malena for sure.

3 Critical:

  1. What to feel – this is something weird. After I watched the movie, I actually don’t have an idea what to feel. Tell me when you do.
  2. The Perfect Girl – Monica Bellucci is indeed the perfect girl for the role. The face, the body, the emotion. Her silence in this movie is unbelievable, but all the more it made her so beautiful.
  3. Must Watch – this may not apply to everyone, but if you appreciate more than just the story of the film, you will not regret watching this. It’s art, it poetry in motion, it’s simple, it’s beauty, and it’s weird. In a good way.

Golden Porsche 911 Convertible July 24, 2008

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As if any Porsche Sportscar wasn’t impressive enough, some dude took it one (or let me say 24 carat) notch higher by giving his car the most expensive look it can have. And by expensive I mean, covered in gold.

Is this yours Uncle Scrooge?

Well anyway, the World “First” Gold Plated Porsche 911 Convertible is actually coated with gold LEAF, not gold plate.. there’s a difference. That’s 100 sheets of gold leaf (24 carat and 3.5″ x 3.5″) which probably costs around $70-$100 US.

As you can see here, a technician has applied about 25 sheets of gold leaf to the left front fender alone, which (if you do your math) would make you assume that if a cars fender covers about 10 percent of the surface area of the car, then were talking about a $1000 project (or more) here.

Now this looks expensive right? Well it definitely looks good for a guy named Bond….. James Bond.

3 Critical:

  1. Not Practical – maybe it’s just me, but isn’t this too shiny to give other driver a bad vision on the street?
  2. The Attention Car – for those who really2x want attention that much, this might just be the car you’re looking for. And paint “24 Carat” in the hood or door (in bold) just to make sure.
  3. 24K ??? – I’m just guessing what the owners plate number would be. what do you think?

Gettin’ Diggy With It July 23, 2008

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Look what I found here. This is probably the best all around, Web Design Company, and on-line profit guide website with the coolest name ever. Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s hear from Diggy.

I was looking for SEO sites that can provide me with the rarest tips on how to improve my blog and I came across this website called Diggy, a site that mainly focuses on designing websites and Internet Marketing, but also does some (if not all) other things and services like: e-commerce, multimedia, web hosting, email, domain names, DSL broadband, IT support, eBusiness Solutions, and more.

Not bad for a Website Design company huh! And one thing you might notice is it’s sites simplicity. Simple but easily navigational. Navigational in a sense that you won’t really have a hard time figuring out where to click whenever you need something that the site offers.  This just goes to show that they really know their stuff, and they can make your website a powerful business tool.

So, now I ask….. do you wanna get Diggy with it?

3 Critical:

  1. All Around – a lot of sites say they provide all the services you need, but they don’t actually do. I guess Diggy isn’t one of them.
  2. Where to Start? – so if your new to the whole internet thing, you have a decent business but don’t know how to make the most of it in terms of profitability in the internet? I suggest you get Diggy with it.
  3. Diggy is….. – “Everything you need to know to profit from the internet”. That’s what they said.

Friday The 13th “Remake” Promo Pic July 22, 2008

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Now I’ve been a fan of movie villains and psychopathic killers, and you just might be shocked to know that Dr. Hannibal Lector isn’t on top of my list (I haven’t seen Dark Knight’s “Joker” yet), but this guy right here (above). The hockey masked mad man set to kill anyone who is in the movie with him, in a way that scares even the tough ones, and he’s not even saying a single word. And his name is Jason Voorhees, but you can call him “Jason“, but I don’t think you want to call him though.

Jason is the vicious killer everyone feared, and since he first appeared on the movie Friday The 13th back in 1980, Friday the 13th’s have never been the same.

But here the good news…….. A remake.

At last, someone brought the old masked man back in the big screen, and I guess no one deserves the role better than naturally scary man himself Derek Mears (The Hills Have Eyes II).

Derek is a stuntman, and an actor (played Chameleon on The Hills Have Eyes II), and just by looking at his face, I guess you can say why I believe he really is Jason.

Just look at his eyes, and you’ll feel fear.

The movie is still under production, and a lot of changes will still be expected, but hopefully we will see it sometime in February of 2009.

Directed by none other than Marcus Nispel (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) by the way.

3 Critical:

  1. He Never Dies – not with stab wounds, not with bullets, not with fire, not with truck speeding against him, and not even with Freddy Kreuger. How do you kill this thing?
  2. Jason Voorhees??? – oh I can understand Jason, but Voorhees?? Where did they get this name?
  3. Derek Is Jason – Just look at him, and tell me he isn’t Jason enough. Let me tell you a secret, I believe he really is Jason.