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Manny Pacquiao Wins!!!! June 29, 2008

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Manny Pacquiao

Just about 20-30 mins ago (11:49 AM in the Phil), one of the worlds Greatest (if not) Boxers of all time Manny “the Pacman” Pacquiao certainly had a reason to smile after he knocked out Diaz with just 36 seconds left in the 9th round of their World Boxing Council lightweight title bout in Las Vegas, Nevada. And he did it the best way possible.

By a KO.

“I didn’t see it coming.” said the former US Olympiad, and WBC Lightweight champ David Diaz, referring to the final blow that finished him off (and his belt) on the ninth round. Diaz also had cuts on her face early on the 2nd and, then on the 5th round making it more impossible for him to see the punches of the Pacman, but that won’t be any alibi.

Before the fight, rumors of Diaz’s strategy of applying pressure on the Pacman to get him out of his game has been heard everywhere, but as it turned out, he was the victim of his strategy, as every round (except for the 7th I guess) was owned by the new WBC Lightweight champ Manny “the Pacman” Pacquiao.

Dave Diaz Knocked Down

Pacquiao now holds 4 belts in different weight classes, making him not only the first Filipino, But the first Asian to accomplish such a thing in the world of boxing.

Is he the greatest boxer of all time? You have to decide on your own.

3 Critical:

  1. Pound-Per-Pound Indeed – now this is what a great pound-per-pound boxer really means. A champion of every weight class he has competed in. Beat that one.
  2. Who’s Next? – a lot of question arise after every Pacquiao victory, and one of the famous one’s is Who’s Next? Is there someone else worth fighting? Is he gonna move another weight class? I just hope he’s not retiring like Mayweather did.
  3. So Certain – I guess we (my friends) are so certain about this thing that no one even placed their bets on Diaz, but instead, we placed our bets on which round he (Diaz) was gonna fall. And I guess 2 of them lost coz they placed their bet on 10 rounds or more.


Body Painting – Sexiest Form of Art June 29, 2008

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Qi-Pao - Chinese body paint

I may be one of the few who would attest to this, but if you ask me what the sexiest kind of art is, I won’t tell you it’s the art of “Kamasutra“, but instead I’d say it’s “Body Painting“.

Body Painting combines creativity with the proper identification of ones natural body figures to envision, and apply a design that would perfectly compliment the whole art and the body itself.

The photo (above) of an Asian girl body painted in a “qípáo or a mandarin gown, (which by the way is one of the best “body paint” art I’ve seen so far) shows an example of a perfect body paint, matching the whole “Chinese” deigned theme with her Asian looks and semi-petite body figure, making it look like as if she was wearing a real “qípáo” as the dragon figure perfectly covers her breasts’ figure making it look sexy, but in an artistic way. Truly a work of art.

Body paints had been used in different purposes. For costumes, sexy sports uniform, army camouflage, an intimidator (for athletes), fashion shows, and for promotional purposes.

This just goes to show that body painting is more than just a normal form of art.

It’s bodily art. (whatever this means)

3 Critical:

  1. Better Artists – I’d have to say body painters are better artist than normal painters.. mainly because they have to overcome certain temptations to perform. Not that easy.
  2. The Nails!!! – aside from the whole thing, Check those nails out… it says 4.
  3. Just Perfect – this is simply sexy, and everything just goes perfectly into place. This is art.

The Diesel is In – “Verified” June 28, 2008

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Looks like the rumors are getting their share of reality these days. This photo (above) is taken from scenes of the upcoming Fast and The Furious 4, which title isn’t really published yet. And yes, thats Vin Diesel coming out from that muscled black car again.

But wait, look closely.. Is that the same Black Dodge Charger he used from the first movie?

I don’t see those silver things on the hood but that may be it. Bringing it back, and seeing more of it in action would be cool. And I guess this scene involves some kind of a race, and maybe this time we will see this car race for a different reason, and not being banged.

Paul Walker and Vin Diesel

Here’s another scene from the movie. Looks like the two returnees (Paul Walker & Vin Diesel) are back and ready to rip the streets again.

I heard they’ve got some never before seen car stunts in store for this film. So we better wait for it.

3 Critical:

  1. Black is Beautiful – without a doubt, when you talk of about cars, black always is the best color. It’s just classicly cool.
  2. Diesel Back is a Good News – the movie is just different without him. Muscle cars needs Muscle men. And he pretty much is the Dodge Charger in the movie.
  3. I’m Furious – I guess I share this emotion with those who wanted to see the movie already.

Egg Hunting – The Breakfast Terror Story June 27, 2008

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Egg Hunting

Ever wondered what the eggs feel or experience everytime we eat our favorite breakfast with eggs (cooked in different ways) ? I discovered this photo that pretty much explains everything.

You see, everytime we choose an egg to cook for the morning, they actually feel the thrill of  being chosen because they exactly know what they’re going to get into, and a lot of heat is always expected so as soon as they see those pair of hands open the refrigerator, or that fork aiming at one of their cooked friends, they instantly feel the fear. Who can blame them right?

Is it even fair for them? Is there justice? Do eggs have rights?

I don’t really know, but either ways, they are still gonna be nothing but eggs until the last day of their egg life. And besides, even if they are hatched and become chicks or chickens, they will still soon find themselves slowly going inside our mouth, swallowed, and digested into something they are not.

The life of an egg is sad, but how they make us happy is (I guess) how they measure their worth in living.

Do you want to be an egg?

3 Critical:

  1. Egg Hunting? – is our routinary breakfast with eggs almost similar to what we sometimes call egg hunting? A big MAY BE.
  2. How Do You… – whenever I plan to cook an egg, I always base my choice from it’s size and neatness… How bout you? The nearness to a circle they are?
  3. Who’s Next? – I guess those 12 eggs in a tray are playing a game called “Who’s Next?”. This will certainly be a heart (or yolk?) pumping game for them. It’s like “Survivor Egg Tray”. 

Folded & Hung Brings a “Topless” Angel June 26, 2008

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Angel Locsin - Topless for Folder & Hung

As if planting a giant billboard in the center of the Manila (Philippines) isn’t enough, Folded & Hung, a designer clothes company added a little spice to their endorsement poster by choosing one of the sexiest women Angel Locsin to pose “topless”, showing the Filipinos what good advertisement is all about.

As expected in a conservatively Catholic country, a lot of people had their concerns with what the poster might impose to the public. But, F&H implied stating: “everything that the poster showed was about fashion, it’s classy and its creative… and besides, only her back was seen in the billboard and nothing that goes over the limit”.

Angel Locsin now joins the Maja Salvador (white and black themed), and Claudine Barreto (red themed) as celebrity endorsers for Folded & Hung.

Maja Salvador - Folder & Hung

Claudine Barreto - Folder & Hung

What can I say? F&H does know how to choose their models.

3 Critical:

  1. When less is More – there are certain times when less is more. In endorsing clothes and making eye catching billboards, this definitely would apply.
  2. Creativity in The Name – a part of making a good brand, is choosing a catchy name that relates well with the product. Folded & Hung pretty much explains this idea.
  3. The Wave – I don’t no if you’ve noticed this. The models they choose originally had straight hairs, which they made wavy. Does it make them more attractive and flashy? I guess they do.

Hayden Panettiere – Hero or Villain? June 25, 2008

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Bad Hayden

When I saw the future version of Hiro Nakumura (with a bad boy look) on season one of heroes, I thought it would also be a good idea if someone else could have that look. That bad (but everything cool) look that gives a different view of how their characters are. And that someone else I was hoping to see with that sort of transformation is  the pretty and sexy cheerleader Hayden Panettiere (Claire).

And just when I thought the hit TV series  Heroes couldn’t surprise me anymore, some spoiler photos of pretty Claire Bennet wearing all black, with her hair pretty tied up, and surprisingly is holding a gun with an intention to shoot was all around the internet. This scene is said to be a part of the first episode of season 3 (which will be aired sometime this September). Now this is interesting.

Hayden holding a gun

I used to wish she would always wear those cheerleader clothes that perfectly matched her entire beauty, but now, I have to say this is something worth waiting for.

Heroes fans, prepare yourselves. Coz the cheerleader will save the world.

With a Glock 17 I guess.

3 Critical:

  1. Hero or Villain? – with all the twists and unpredictables in the movie, who knows?
  2. Transformation- I told myself she could play bad as well as she could play that “daddy’s good girl” role she always play, and now I’m gonna be proven right.
  3. Thanks TIm Kring – whatever plans you have for Claire is ok for me. And lot’s of thanks for making her wear black. She’s just sexy in black.

Water Jogging….. What???!!! June 24, 2008

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Water Jogging

I’ve seen a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie once, and there was a scene i thought was weird enough, but basically logical. He was a fighter in that movie (as always) and on his way to achieve his greatest revenge (again, a always), but in order to beat his next opponent, whose obviously gonna play dirty, he has to practice his moves, and he did it under water. From side-kicks to round houses, he ripped the pool out of it’s water (not literally), and I couldn’t help but think it was of the weirdest form of exercise I’ve seen.

But years later, or just last week, I stumbled upon this ad while I was browsing and it featured a sort-of exercise equipment that makes you jog underwater.


Yes, it’s called underwater jogging, and it is made possible using some weights that you can wear and grip with to make you stay semi-submerged while you jogging your way against water itself. Pretty easy to imagine right? But if you’ve tried running inside the pool, I guess you can understand why they call it one weight-loss or fitness equipment.

3 Critical:

  1. Weirdly Genius – this is one brilliant thing, but you have to be weird to conceptualize something like this. I mean, why jog underwater right?
  2. No Price – as of the price of this thing, you have to forgive me coz I wasn’t able to get it… Let’s just say I was distracted and intrigued enough to forget. But you can help me.
  3. No Sweat – they said:  the problem with doing things, no matter how much action it requires, is that you won’t see a single sweat. And they are right.

“Sexy Momma” – The Definition June 23, 2008

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Pregnanat Jessica Alba

Now this is a Sexy Mom.

When everyone says “Sexy Momma”, they almost always imply to mothers who are still in competition with other younger girls in the sexy part of the world, wearing clothes that they do instead of the usual mom clothes, and dating guys younger than them… not because they wanted to, but because these guys still them as attractive as the younger ones.

But if you ask me, Sexy Momma means those pregnant women still flashingly beautiful and sexy even without a lot of skin shown, and even with those baby bumps just like Jessica Alba. Just look at her and even if she’s a bit bigger, and less showy than the bikini girl that she is in many movies, she is still that sexy girl with her sexy smile, and that is every inch what a sexy thing (momma or not) is to me.

Good thing I saw this picture first before that preggy bikini pic she had in her pool. But anyway, you’re still number one for me J.A.

3 Critical:

  1. Is She Not? – not everyone like sexy momma’s… but just one question. Is she not?
  2. The Name – Jessica Alba usually means beauty and sexy to me.. now it means beauty, sexy, and preggy.
  3. Back To Form – after her pregnancy, will she be back to her form? Something for me to be excited with. But a couple of pounds won’t bother me for sure.  

“I didn’t directly hit him”… said the Gun. June 22, 2008

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Corner Shot Gun

Look what I found somewhere in the net. I guess this thing is called a corner-shot gun, one of the most advanced (in other words, not yet used) guns that are being developed for specific reasons… mostly for killing, but killing indirectly.

This is actually both weird, cool, a wise invention, and probably an unfriendly fire. But in reality, this is actually a very useful weapon if used in a war. It has cameras that gives you vision of both sides, depending on which side you choose your barrel would be, but the good thing about it is you get to shoot while you safely hide behind whatever hard barrier there is.

If you look closely, the barrel placed in the part that bends as actually a normal handgun which can be replaceable, but I don’t know a thing about how it would be reloaded or how but triggers but I’m sure it does. Or let’s put it this way, I really don’t know a lot about this but it looks very cool, and it’s one of those “What If’s” made to reality.

If I invented this, I would call it a “Luck” machine gun. Coz it’s all you need to be able to hit somebody with this thing. Aiming is impossible.

3 Critical:

  1. Never Ending – if both armies going against each other used this type of gun, I wonder when it would end. I mean, they won’t have to show themselves to shoot right?
  2. No Warning Shot Pls. – out of all the guns available, this is probably the one least adviseable to use when making warning shots. C’mon, think about it.
  3. Is this real? – it looks real, and I’ve seen a lot of it in the net, but is it real?. I want to see this thing in action in some movies soon.

To-Do Tattoo – What Every Dad (or Everybody) Needs June 20, 2008

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It’s an ordinary day, and you find yourself suddenly entering the grocery (as your wife instructed) store as the security guard and the employees greet you with a warm welcome, and a “Happy Shopping” line…. Then as you make your way to getting a cart, you suddenly realized that you forgot the list of things to buy, or worst, the list you wrote in your hands (with a normal pen) were gone and you can only remember one thing, and that’s your favorite evening snack. Big trouble right?

Wrong! Coz now you have the “Amazing” ToDo Tattoo.

It actually is like that normal pen you usually use to write those “to-do” things. except that it’s ink is similar to those used as temporary tattoo’s which basically lasts longer than the ordinary in used in pens. This way, you don’t get to worry about forgetting the list, coz you can write it all in your hands…. or anywhere else, and it won’t fade easily. You can even make drawings for the items you don’t really know about, but that won’t be recommended.

This is what you call Amazing.

3 Critical:

  1. Forgetful Genius – who ever made this, is a genius… and someone who has a bad memory I guess.
  2. Every Dads Dream – now you won’t worry about going home.
  3. Don’t Crash Out – for practical means, I would suggest not crashing out those items that yu already bought using that pen, it wastes the ink and it makes your hand look like a math exam.