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21 – Trailer (official) April 9, 2008

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Sony Pictures has released (last March 28) yet another real-life inspired drama movie about five brilliant students from MIT, who changed the way the game is played forever.

“21” stars Jim Sturgess (The Quest), Kevin Spacey (American Beauty), Kate Bosworth (Superman Returns), Laurence Fishburne (Matrix), Aaron Yoo (Disturbia), Liza Lapira (Cloverfield), Jacob Pitts (Eurotrip), and Josh Gad (Back To You).

The story starts with Ben Campbell (Jim Strugess), probably the best student in MIT who happens to be unbelievably really good at math. He can get perfect scores when everybody else crams to pass, and he can calculate just about anything instantly. But just like any other boys in school, there are problems even he can’t solve himself (like where to find $3,000 dollars for school). Well atleast not at first, until he was given the chance to join some sort of group (like a math club?), where the main focus of which is…. studying the game of Black Jack(yes folks, the game.. the gamble.. money money money), and how to beat the odds.

Don’t tell me you’re not catching up.

With his gift with numbers, things started to turn out well and he pretty much was on his way to having the money that he needed, but just like life itself, he slowly started to realize that things aren’t really that easy as time goes by. There will be temptations, greed, and a whole lot of risks involved.

“…in Vegas, you can be anything you want….”, and you can get a whole lot more than $ 3,000 too… or loose it.

3 Critical:

  1. Based On A True Story – now this part just made it more interesting. Does anyone know where and what happened to the real Ben Campbell? I’d Appreciate any information.
  2. The Irony – I may be wrong on this one, but as logical as the fact that the game of cards is all about probability, calculations, and really more about math, I really haven’t heard of a Mathematician who’s a millionaire, or even a billionaire.
  3. Better Competition – haven’t anyone taught of this? Maybe they should allow group gambling for a more competitive casino experience. This way, the geniuses would be more sociable to the society.

Wanted (2008) – Trailer April 7, 2008

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Just when I taught I’ve seen all the impossibilities become a possibility in the movie screen, this new upcoming movie “Wanted” comes along. And trust me, it definitely is a kick as movie. And now I’m freeing all my space for a lot of good movies to download.

The movie tells the tale of one apathetic nobody’s transformation into an unparalleled enforcer of justice. It starts with Wesley Gibson (James Mcavoy), a 25 year old nobody who gets ignored by his own girlfriend, picked on by his boss, and basically has everything seem like a bad luck until he met Fox (Angelina Jolie), in not the best way possible, who recruited him in some a secret society of assassins where his (recently murdered) father was a member of, to somehow help them avenge his fathers death. While he prepares for revenge, a wise man in the name of Sloan (Morgan Freeman) teaches him what he never thought anyone (most specially himself) could do, as he slowly discovers the unbreakable code for which his father lived up until his death: to carry out the death orders given by fate itself.

As Wes slowly walks his father’s footsteps, he began to realize danger of the whole thing, but despite it all, he learned one important thing. He alone controls his destiny.

But I tell this, you better watch this video to really understand why (maybe) Angelina Jolie is not the hottest thing in this movie. Trust me, it’s worth watching.

3 Critical:
  1. HOT HOT HOT – bullet bending? HOT. Angelina Jolie? HOT. Bullet bending Angelina Jolie? HOT HOT HOT.
  2. Is This Possible? – basically we can do it in soccer, we can do it in baseball, we can do it in football, but can we really bend the direction of the bullet?
  3. Kick Ass Old Man!!! – now who ever said Morgan Freeman was a slow man? Bending bullets may be a part of his bucket list. Now you tell me who’s old.

Hell Boy II: The Golden Army (trailer) April 4, 2008

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“..maybe it’s the cold wind the chills you to the bone… or the strange rumblings, beneath the city streets… it’s the unnerving sense, that there’s a world around us we cannot see… (something breaks).. it’s not your imagination… this world is very real, and is very angry….”

But the big guy is back!!!

Along with 2 of his friends (Liz Sherman, and Abe Sapien), Hell Boy (Ron Perlman) is back on the streets fighting viciously weird villains trying to be more evil the than boy from hell himself, but goals aren’t that easy for them, coz Hell Boy’s bringing them back to hell. Or lets just say he’s giving us a helping hand. Or, should I repeat, a VERY BIG helping hand.

The movie evolves around mythical creatures trying to start a rebellion against humanity in order to rule the Earth. Now, as the creatures who inhabit the spiritual realm gear-up for an all out attack on the human plane, the worlds only hope is 3 of their best kept secret.

Now this is another Guillermo del Toro masterpiece.

The movie will be released on July of this year.

3 Critical:

  1. HellBOY is The MAN – he may not be your typical heartthrob superhero, but this tough-talking boy from hell is, without a doubt, one of the best superhero. And the movie is better than the the one with the spider hero…. or the blind one…
  2. The Eyebrows – so much for being mystical, look at how the villains are have their eyebrows connected, and are located below the eyes. it’s worst than having one bigger (very useful) hand.
  3. The Best Part – is there gonna be a scene similar to the first movie where he’s sharpening those thorns? I bet there is. But as of now, we can only hope…

“Superhero Movie” – Trailer 2008 April 2, 2008

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We all know we can’t ever get enough of superheroes trying to save the world from creatures, or villains that are all into one goal, and that is world domination. We all know there’s about all kind of superheroes, with all kinds of super hero strength’s, powers, and ability. We all know that being a hero is not that easy. But nobody ever told us superheroes can’t be fun (or stupid).

Just a couple of days ago, March 28, 2008 to be exact, the movie “Superhero Movie” was released in theatres featuring: Pamela Anderson as The Invisible Girl, Simon Rex as The Human Torc, Drake Bell (Nickelodeon’s Drake & Josh) as Rick Riker/Dragonfly, Ryan Hansen (Dick Veronica Mars) as Lance Landers, Tracy Morgan (30 Rock) as Mr. Xavier and Leslie Nielsen (Naked Gun franchise) as Uncle Albert.

This is yet another “just watch” movie from the makers of Naked Gun, and Scary Movie. It may not be your typical superhero movie, it may not inspire you that much, but one thing is for sure.

We can all download it soon… Hahahah

3 Critical:

  1. Super Zero – when you’ve got ZERO things to think about: no date, no money, no work, no school… then better downlaod this movie. It might just make you feel wanting to be a super hero.
  2. At The Back – and I’m talking about what part in the newspaper this superhero’s comic is found. And everyone’s dad reads newspaper. Now beat that.
  3. Leslie Nielsen’s Back!!! – and this is either a bad or a good news. Where have you been white hair?…. The world needs you now.

Tree Man- Very Very Weird Video April 1, 2008

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Here’s one video that made me stop and think about what the world is up to these days. This, by the way, has been around the internet for quite some time, but I figured that there are still a lot of people (like me) who haven’t yet seen one of the most unbelievable videos, and thing to happen to someone.

You might be wondering what my title means, and I can tell you.. I do mean my title in every sense. It’s not some movie but it’s one thing you have to see for yourself.

To give an idea, let me explain it this way. A tree is one thing, and a man is another. But sometimes, (or just this one time), one became both a tree and a man. Unbelievable? … Believe it.

Now I sound like Dean Cain on Ripley’s.

They say it’s real, they say it’s fake, the say it’s science, but me… I just can’t believe it’s true.

    Now it’s your turn to watch. Click on the video.

    3 Critical:

    1. Fashion? – so why won’t he cut them anyway? .. He can do that right? Or he just likes the way it is.
    2. Genetics or Mutation? – if there are any scientists out there.. please help me with this. Professor X, Is that you calling ? ….. Nooooooooo!
    3. How Big – I’m just curious as to how big it will become. Yes, and what kind of tree it is. It might help to know these things.

    Break Dancing Baby March 27, 2008

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    I’ve seen babies sing, paint a picture, name all the presidents, recite the countries and their capitals, and even make older people laugh, but I never taught I’d see one bust a move like those floor rolling, head standing (and a lot of jumping) guys from the movie You Got Served“. And did video, really got me served.

    There are three (3) things that caught my attention watching this video. One would be if this kid, at his age, is insured by any insurance company that he don’t even bother standing with his head. Two would be, if this kid is just playing around, or there’s just something itchy inside his pants, which I doubt coz he smiles all the time (but never stops moving) , and Three would be, if this is a kid or just a midget that look likes one. It’s not Little Man right?

    But anyway, I guess everyone would be impressed with what this little boy could do. And more than that, one this little guy wears. He’s born to dance, and that hand waving thing you’ll see in the video, that’s legit.

    3 Critical:

    1. Getting Younger – the older people should be more competitive nowadays, coz the way I see it, the age where people start to do what we started doing when we were older, is getting younger.
    2. Before Saying “Mama”? – I’m just a bit curious…Did this boy learn to dance before he could say Mama?
    3. Got Milk – now this one would make a good commercial with the line “Got Milk” (my idea!… my idea!)

    “In Bruges” – Movie Trailer 2008 March 24, 2008

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    Right after being Alexander, and starring in not so big movies, some might wonder, Where is “bad boyCollin Farrel?

    I really thought, and would strongly suggest, that he should play Tony Starks in “Iron Man“, but any way….

    The answer is…. In Bruges.

     In WHAT?

    In Bruges is a film directed and written by Martin McDonagh. The film stars Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson both as a hitman in hiding, with Ralph Fiennes as their gangster boss. The film takes place within the Belgian city of Bruges.

    Bruges, the most well-preserved medieval city in the whole of Belgium, and a welcoming destination for travellers from all over the world, but for hitmen Ken (Brendan Gleeson) & Ray (Colin Farrel), it could be their final destination as their trip to Bruges becomes a life-and-death struggle of darkly comic proportions and surprisingly emotional consequences.

    This story itself looks interesting. And if you’ll watch the trailer, it might get more interesting, as it begins with Colin having a confession in the church talking about being paid to kill somebody:

    PRIEST : Who did you murder for money? COLIN: You father. (bang bang bang)

    3 Critical:

    1. Where is Colin Again? – I know I know, he’s hiding in Bruges, but I still can’t get it off my mind. Why didn’t I heard of this place before?
    2. Sounds Weird – the trailer makes me think their something weird going on. First , the way Colin talks, second, Brendan as a hitman, and third, Why Bruges?
    3. Rat Cow Dog What? – as you watch the trailer, make sure to pause at the 1:30 mark, and tell me what it is you see…. Only in Bruges maybe.

    “Revver” – Sounds Like “Better” March 21, 2008

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    What is Revver?

    It’s basically just another video sharing community, with all the videos you can view, codes to embed, url’s to directly show the video, uploading, and downloading. Wait!!!! did I say DOWNLOADING????

    Of all the video sharing sites at present, I guess this one pretty much gave the true meaning of sharing. For all we know, no other video streaming sites provide easy downloading of the videos that can be viewed, without the help of any add ons for your browser. Just one click. And it’s also the first video-sharing website to monetize user-generated content through advertising and share ad revenue with the creator. It’s like adwords in video for you.

    And guess what? It comes as a plugin for WordPress. This time you won’t have to leave your site when yo want to publish, manage, and track your video content and it even allows your subscribers to submit their own video responses to your posts! It really makes you own what you truly own.

    Now that’s how we like our videos to be treated right?
    3 Critical:

    1. What Is Sharing? a lot of video sharing sites need to ask themselves this question. Coz what they’re doing, isn’t really called sharing. It’s just controlled sharing.
    2. Whe(Revver) Fo(Revver) – if Revver is really this good, it’s gonna be seen wherever there are videos in the internet, and it just might last forever.
    3. No “You” or “Tube” – if you want to be different, if you want to be better, then don’t use what you’re competitors are known for. Good thing this one’s got no “You” or “Tube” in it’s name. Go Original!!!

    “Hey Jude” – Baby Beatle March 21, 2008

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     For a lot of people, the Beatles is indeed the best band to ever exist, and until now their music is still uncontested. Who would ever forget songs like “Yesterday“, “Get Back” “Here There & Everywhere“, and a lot of hits that touched the hearts of every men, from their time until now.

    But along with the praises are the critics too. No one doubts that the Beatles started the rock n roll fever, but not everyone agrees that they are the best band ever. But no matter what other people say we all would still remember the names: John, Paul, George, and Ringo as the members of the band that greatly influenced a lot of our musicians nowadays, and which songs influenced song of today too.

    But just to add a little something to prove how their music has influenced a lot of people, young and old, of any race,  this video shows a little boy (or girl, i’m not really sure) singing one of  their hits…. the one that starts with “… Hey Jude“. And if you just liten to it, you’ll probably notice that he pretty much knows the lyrics of the song, how they sing it, how they moved, and yes.. how Paul shouted in the part “…better.. better.. better .. better..BETTER!!!!“.

    This goes with a guitar too.

    3 Critical:

    1. Beatle Fan Parents –  I guess there’s I can say this without a doubt. Or thy hate the band, but the kid knows how to get back on them.
    2. Brainwashed? – with the way he sings, the movements and the timing, it makes me wonder if it’s pure talent.. or he was brainwashed with it. No Beatle, No Milk!
    3. Who Is Jude? – I know the song, I know the lyrics, I even know the chords, but I surely don’t know who’s Jude… Is he their Barber ?

    Girls In Tune March 20, 2008

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    girls in tune

    If you’re a fan of GIG’s or Girls In Guitars, you probably would want to visit this blog. It’s called Girls In Tune“, and judging by the name, you wouldn’t have a hard time figuring what this blog is all about.

    One thing that made this blog special, and different from other music blogs, is that the it focuses on the girls who are not yet celebrities, but are aspiring ones who’s searching for their way to fame thru video streaming (mostly from YouTube), and a couple of these girls actually caught a glimpse of their fame not only through numbers of views for their videos, but something like radio interviews, talk show performance, an album, and even a Super Bowl Performance. Apart from the main theme of the blog, the owner made it distinctive by choosing girls who don’t just have a really good voice, but those who could play good music as well (which means they can play instruments too), and that sure did make up for what he call the “Girls In Tune“. And to top it all, all of these chosen girls are singer/songwriters of their own. Their compositions are also featured in this blog.

    And by the way, a lot of the girls featured here are not just talented, but gifted with the looks as well (see Marie Digby, Anna Free, Kina Grannis, Mia Rose, and more…), and let me say it just makes the whole listening to the music experience even better.

    So better check it out here.

    If you have someone in mind you would want to be featured, you could just contact the owner, or me. (as long as they have videos for samples)

    3 Critical:

    1. Inspiring – a lot of girls out there might want to be someone in the music industry, but doesn’t have an idea where to start.. and this blog just might help. These girls can be their inspirations.
    2. GIG’s – I repeat, GIG’s mean Girls In Guitars. Who wouldn’t love them. It’s like two of the best things in the world.
    3. A Whole Lot Of Them – I really thought girls don’t want to be singer/songwriter/musicians as much as men do, but when I saw this, I figured that’s theirs actually a whole lot of undiscovered talents yet to be seen.