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Stefani Zaner – 13 Years Of Perfect Attendance May 27, 2009

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Stefanie Zaner - 13 Years Of Perfect Attendance

Now let me get this straight… What you’re seeing now is not just a photo of a pretty face who’s on her way to college. Behind those smiles are actually 13 years of having to say “Present!” at school whatever the circumstances are. That 13 years of perfect attendance at school.

Yes you heard it right… Pretty girl Stefani Zaner is on her way to 2,340th straight day of public school without absences due to sickness, fake or real family emergencies, drunken nights, lazy days, or just about any excuse there is to be absent. Can you do that?

“There were days in high school when I thought she was too tired to get up,” said Debbie Zaner, Stefanie’s mother. “But by high school, it was up to her. It wasn’t up to me.”

And here’s one story: Before boarding the plane on a freshman trip to Shanghai with their schools marching band (she’s a part of it), Stef made sure she had a written assurance from the principal so that the trip would not count as an absence on her part. Now once again… Can you do that?

3 Critical:

  1. I Can’t – go to school for every day it requires, and this even goes true on work.. even if we get paid for every day. Just liek you huh!
  2. Too Late – but even if I did want to beat her record… I know it’s too late for me… 13 years too late.
  3. How Bout College? – now we all know college is a different thing right? Can you do it Stefani? I want to know.

Ted Failon’s Wife In Critical Condition – Suicide or Foulplay? April 16, 2009

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News Update:

Trinidad Etong, wife of ABS-CBN news anchor Ted Failon Etong, passed away at 8:50 pm Thursday night after suffering from a gunshot wound to the head that her family said was self-inflicted more than a day earlier. read more

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Ted Failon - Negative on Paraffin test

Ted Failon under Paraffin Test – Result: Negative

Eversince the wife of broadcast journalist Ted Failon was shot in the head inside their residence in Tierra Pura Subdivision, Quezon City last yesterday, a lot of questions and speculations have risen both on the internet and to the public.

It all started when suddenly Ted Failon didn’t finish his daily morning radio program “Tambalang Failon at Sanchez” and hurried back home after receiving a phone call from one of his maids stating the situation of his wife.

It was reported that Ted and her wife Trinidad “Trina” Arteche-Failon had a quarrel the past few days due to some “family financial problems”. Anyway, after receiving the call, Ted hurried back home and that’s when he found his wife with a gunshot, bloodied. He then brought her wife to the nearest hospital and as of today, reports say the status of Trina is still critical.

BROADCASTER Ted Failon clings tightly to Vice President Noli de Castro inside his home in Tierra Pura, Quezon City,

Ted Failon clings tightly to (friend and former coleague) Vice President Noli de Castro inside his home in Tierra Pura, Quezon City. – Inquirer.net

But the story doesn’t end there. There are a lot of questions and issues in between the stories. Things like:

  • Is it suicide or a foul play? – (burned hair and the presumed distance of the shot doesn’t imply suicide) . Trina is still yet to undergo paraffin test.
  • The bloodied floor and the gun was cleaned by the family’s helpers – (was it done without permission, or was it ordered by Mr. Failon? It still remains a mystery due to inconsistencies of the reports.)
  • The suicide letter seems unlikely – “Papa, I’m so sorry. Gustong gusto ko pong magsabi sa iyo ng totoo. Pero hindi ko po alam kung papaano ko uumpisahan. Sobrang takot na takot po ako. Aaalis po muna ako. Kasi hindi ko po kaya at nahihiya po ako sa iyo. Sana po mapatawad mo ako (I want to tell you the truth. But I don’t know how to start. I’m very afraid. I will leave now. I can’t take it and I’m ashamed. Hope you can forgive me).”
  • Inconsistencies – 1. some reports says, Ted received a call, some said he called but was unanswered. 2. the scene was cleaned without his ordering, but some said there was an order from Ted. 3. the position of the gun and Trina also had inconsistencies.
  • No gunshots were heard – very unlikely.
  • Different testimonials by witnesses.
  • See full story article here.

This are just my list, and I’m sure a lot of you also have lots of questions and speculations.

As for now, though we are all entitled to our own theories (since the whole truth isn’t stated yet), I guess it will be better for us to show our respect to the lives of those who are affected by this incident. Let us show that we are human despite what happened.

And as for Mr. Ted Failon, whom we all know have been in the News industry for quite sometime – I hope he will value the same principles that they have been living with in the industry. The TRUTH.

3 Critical:

  1. Let’s Wait – whatever the truth is… let’s all value respect and have the patience till the truth comes out.
  2. The Truth – let’s just hope the truth will finally resolve this mystery.
  3. Your Comment? – what can you say about this issue?

Great Idea? – Go Girl! April 13, 2009

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Go Girl

Doesn’t this logo capture your curiosities? Does it make you ask why the girl seems to be on the verge of barely holding on to natures call? Or why does the tag line of the product say “Don’t Take Life Sitting Down”?

Well, if you’ve heard a lot of girls say something like: “Anything guys can do, we can do too”, then this is just one of the evidences that they mean it well.

The GoGirl is a product that allows any female to urinate while standing up like every men do. Now men have nothing left to brag to girls I guess, cause they can do it all now.


This is actually (or is it?) a good idea specially for girls who love to travel a lot and go campings, or anywhere where a decent comfort room is inaccessible.

But just for sanitary reasons, please don;t forget that this is something to be considered a disposable. Using it for as long as it performs is not entirely advisable.

Now if nature calls, it wont be a problem. You can just GoGIrls.

3 Critical:

  1. Weird But Useful – this is actually a weird idea cause it’s redefining feminine nature, but hey, it’s useful right?
  2. Still Weird – imagine seeing a girl peeing beside you while standing up.
  3. Surgery? – I bet this will be the first thing you will want to ask when you see a girl peeing beside you standing up.

Manny Pacquiao’s KO – A Warning To Ricky Hatton March 18, 2009

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Manny Pacquiao in Serious mode

serious mode for pacman

If there’s anyone more focused and drop dead serious about the May 2 Manny Pacquiao vs. Ricky Hatton fight at the MGM in Las Vegas, it definitely is Manny “Pacman’ Pacquiao. I’ll show you why.

The following photos were taken during yesterday’s sparring session at the Wildcard Gym in Los Angeles. – Photo by Miguel Salazar / MP Promotions.

In this scene , you can see Manny Pacquiao‘s sparring partner Art Hovhannesyan (a pretty respectable boxer from Glendale, California), diving to the canvas after being hit by Pacquiao’s left cross. And let me just remind you, this happened with Art Hovhannesyan in full sparring gear. And did I mention it’s only the first day of Manny‘s training? Well I just did.

Pacquiao downs sparring partner

Pacquiao downs sparring partner

The next photo (below) shows you another left cross by Pacquiao, and by this time I’m pretty sure someone’s seeing stars already. If things continue to run this way, I bet Coach Freddy Roach will have a hard time looking for Sparring Partners.

I guess this clearly send a message to Ricky Hatton and his crew. And the message probably says: “Quit talking and start training, cause Pacquiao is coming… coming to give you one beating”

Pacquiao hits sparring partner with left blow

left hook hits sparring partners face

Now in the next photo, you will see Hovhannesyan’s trainer working on the cut on the upper eye-lid sustained during yesterday’s sparring session.

Let me just remind you that this happened even with full sparring gear, so mr. Hatton better make his face harder than those protective gears or practice not being hit which is highly doubtful if you ask me.

Left Eye Torn - Pacquiao's Sparring Partner

left eye-lid cut… bad sign for Hatton

Here’s what Manny has to say….

“I always like new challenges and this is why I am excited to fight Ricky Hatton,”“My trainer Freddie Roach will put together a new game plan which will be much different than the one we used against Oscar (de la Hoya). Hatton is a very strong puncher so I must deal with that in the ring. I promise I will be completely prepared and will do my best for all of my fans in the Philippines and around the world.”

Now I don’t know what you guys are thinking, but the way I see it… it’s going to be another win for THE BEST pound for pound boxer in the world today…. Manny”pacman” Pacquiao.

3 Critical:

  1. Certainty – everytime Manny puts on his serious face, specially on the first day f training, a win is always certain.
  2. Who’s Next? – will the question be “who’s next?” after this fight, or will it be a “what’s next?” this time. Please no politics.
  3. Better Train – unless Hatton plans on loosing this one, he better spend the last few days training and training some more. If he beat’s Pacquiao’s training, there just might be a chance he’ll beat him. MIGHT.

How Hot Is Slumdog Millionaire? March 16, 2009

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(trust me, I won’t be talking about the awards and box office sales on this one.)

Ok. So they’ve won almost all awards in this years numerous movie awards, and they’ve made such a fortune out of it, but my real question is? How hot is the movie Slumdog Millionaire?

Well if we talk about hot, we have to start with “Latika” herself Freida Pinto.

Well ever since this Mumbai-born professional model made her debut in the film “Slumdog Millionaire”, a lot of people have begun to notice everything about her (from the looks to the body that is) and just as expected, numerous offers are already ringing for this young talent. This includes a yet untitled Woody Allen movie where she is already casted along with the names of Anthony Hopkins, Antonio Banderas, and Naomi Watts. But that’s not it.

Well rumors say’s that the movie (specially Freida) had so much impact that she is even in discussion of being the next Bond Girl for yet another Daniel Craig 007 movie. Now isn’t that hot?

Nicole Scherzinger of The Pussycat Dolls

Slumdog Millionaire inspired sexy outfit

But that’s not it…. when a pussycat-doll-sexy girl like Nicole Scherzinger wears something inspired by a movie, you have to say that movie’s really something else.

Am I right?

3 Critical:

  1. Millionaire – like the title of their movies, I guess we can say they all are millionaires now.
  2. Freida Pinto – now she is one great girl for a lot of roles. Keep them coming please.
  3. The Next Bond? – does anyone know what the next bond movie will be? Please let me know.

Anna Torv is Olivia Dunham March 12, 2009

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Anna torv

I’ve been watching Fox‘s new Sci-Fi drama Fringe lately and everything about the show seems to interest me. But one character in particular really captured my (and my eyes) attention.

And that character is Olivia Dunham played by, yet another J.J. Abrams discoveries, Anna Torv.

Olivia Dunham is a driven and intelligent FBI Agent who is very open-minded and is willing to do anything for those she loves. Anything including placing herself in a tank half-filled with water that can make her get inside the consciousness of her presumably dead lover allowing her to access what ever memory her lover has. And just to point it out, this process is so risky that even Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble) doesn’t recommend it. But so far, she’s tried it 3 times already this season.

Anna torv

Well, the character and Anna Torv herself is not really the head turner type of girl, and I even doubted her appeal at first, but somehow (a couple of episodes later) I begin to see what J.J. Abrams saw in her.

Maybe it’s the way she moves, or the way she smiles, or even the way she plays a determined but confused character so well. But whatever it is, I guess it’s making me (and a lot of you) love her more.

anna torv

By the way, as the story unfolds in the show, I’m beginning to see a bit of romance between her character Olivia Dunham, and Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson – Dawsons Creek).

I’m inviting you all to watch “Fringe” and when you do, tell me what you think about her cause I just felt like blogging about her today.

3 Critical:

  1. Anna’s Beginnings – for those who are interested, Anna graduated in Australia’s National Institute of Dramatic Art in 2001 and has performed on stage with the Bell Shakespeare Company.
  2. J.J. Who? – J.J. Abrams is more known to be the man who discovered TV talents such as Keri Russell (Felicity), Jennifer Garner (Alias), and Evangeline Lilly (Lost).
  3. Fringe Means… – not really sure. Found definitions in the internet, but nothing really fits what the movie says it is.

Im Darth Man Mom…. March 11, 2009

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I'm Darth Man!

“Darth Man”

Some people say creativity, at the very least, can be seen in the first few years of a persons life. The stage called “childhood”. The time where playing seems to be the only thing worth thinking of and not bills, appointments, or any other things opposite to the word fun.

Maybe something like this photo above would help you guys understand what I mean.

I’m not sure though if this is a glimpse of someone’s creativity, or just a plain confusion caused by watching two movies consecutively….. overnight.

I bet he’s wondering what voice to his character should have… the robotic “I am your father Luke” or the broad voiced “I am Batman”.

3 Critical:

  1. Dad – is the person I bet is somewhat responsible for the mixed-up costume.
  2. Looks Good – I mean, it’s not that bad right?
  3. Darth Man! – so will Bruce Wayne ever be a Jedi?…

Girl Named Manila Santos March 9, 2009

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Manila Santos - La Salle Volleyball MVP

If the championship series between the green rivals Far Eastern University and the De LaSalle University’s was a story of one girls’ triumph and determination to win, it would be about the story of a girl named Manila “ila” Santos, team captain of the De LaSalle Archers womens volleyball team who ended up as the Champions in the 71st Womens Volleyball Championships just last night (Sunday, Philippines).

Ila Santos was on her final game as a collegiate player yesterday and she ended it the best way any team captain win a series…  winning the Finals MVP of the tournament with 16 points including three straight in a pivotal 5-1 finish to dethrone last year’s titlists, Lady Tamaraws.

Manila Santos - La Salle Volleyball MVP

But winning the MVP was not the only thing she was proud of that night. Giving the school it’s fifth title as the captain was something truly worth remembering as well.

The game scores: 25-19, 20-25, 25-21, 25-21, and all of this happened  on a jam packed  “The Arena “in San Juan.

3 Critical:

  1. The Name – Manila… I’ve always thought it was something special.. and I was right.
  2. Long Time – I loved her then when she was still no the captain, and I love her now. It’s been a long and what a way to end it.
  3. Pretty – is it just me or is does this girl look as good as she plays. She’s pretty!

Farewell To Francis Magalona March 6, 2009

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master rapper francis magalona died at 44

It was just August of last year that a lot of fans and friends of the “King of Pinoy Rap” Francis Magalona was saddened by the news that the Master rapper himself, an icon in the Filipino music scene, was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 43 at the Medical City Hospital, Mandaluyong. But gradually, after slowly undergoing what doctors refer to as “treatment” and not cure, he was discharged and was able to return to his noontime show in GMA 7 “Eat Bulaga” to thank a lot of fans for their support.

Moments ago (12:00 pm , March 6,2009), in the same noontime show, fellow show host Vic Sotto made a formal announcement, that the music icon known to many as Francis M., suddenly past away due to his illness at 44. A minute of silence was requested to pay respects to their fellow host.

master rapper francis magalona died at 44

Francis Magalona is more than just a music icon and a influential rapper in the Phillipine music scene. He has helped a lot of Filipino talents enter and stablish themselves in the music scene, and he has inspired so many Filipino people. He is a brother, a good father, and a friend to many. I’d like to say that he is a symbol of what a true Filipino should be. Proud of the nation despite the troubles, and staying on his ground in humbleness despite his success.

Let this be my farewell to a true loud and Proud Filipino. Farewell Francis M. As long as there are still 3 Stars and A Sun…. You will be remembered .

3 Critical:

  1. Lived A Life – at his age, it may be considered a young age to die. But I honestly think he had fulfilment living each day proud of helping and being an inspiration to a lot of Filipinos.
  2. More Than Rap – he made songs out of peace and unity among Filipino people, I he meant it while he sings every line of it. I hope a lot of people will see and do something about his message.
  3. A Great Filipino – inside out he was a proud Filipino, and is proud of what we can do. To us he is more than just a rapper. He is a free mind He is a hero.

The Voice – Joanna Ampil February 26, 2009

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Joanna Ampil

If Angels are graced with true beauty and a peacefully graceful voice, then one might consider this girl an Angel on stage. And her names is Joanna Ampil.

Joanna is a Filipina musical theatre actress who began her acting career when she was chosen to play the role of  Kim in the London production of  Miss Saigon”.

She was invited by Sir Cameron Mackintosh to perform the same role in the Australian Premiere at the Capitol Theatre in Sydney which earned her an Australian “MO” award nomination for Best Musical Theatre Performer.


On 1996, she came back to London and was handpicked by Lord Andrew  LLoyd Webber to play the role of  Mary Magdalene in his new production of “Jesus Christ Superstar” at the Lyceum Theatre. Something no Filipina theatre singer (Including miss Lea Salonga) has experienced.

Other highlights include playing roles in: West Side Story (Maria), Les Miserables (Fantine), Hair (Sheila Franklin), and Rent (Mimi).

Aside from her theatre achievements, Joanna has also appeared in several concerts, radio and TV programs globally, helped in several charity projects, workshops, and documentaries.

A World Class Artist. A Proud Filipina. A helping heart.That’s  Joanna Ampil.

3 Critical:

  1. World Class – an artist of her talent and achievement really deserves to be called “world class”.
  2. Her Own – a lot of people may always compare her to yet another Filipina world Class artist Lea Salonga, but I honestly hinkg she is her own. Joanna is Joanna.
  3. Voice Range? – Soprano and Mezzo-Soprano