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Sean Connery – James Bond’s Next Villain March 29, 2008

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Sean Connery

Rumors has been passed around that Sean Connery (former Mr. Bond… James Bond) has decided to come back to the movie screen, in yet another Agent 007 movie. After starring in 7 James Bond Movie in the past years, and recovering from a throat cancer, which he suffered for the last two decades, Mr. Connery plans to be where he belongs. In the big screen. But this time, he won’t be with the side he used to be, coz now he’s gonna play the role of a villain to the next James Bond movie of Daniel Craig (the latest James Bond).

Now this would be a good news to all the Bond Fanatics (which includes me) out there, and it sure is one hell of a way to make the next bond movie, to follow up Daniel Craig‘s “Casino Royale”, which made a very good impression to the Bond critics. Well except the most shared comment that, of all, Craig is the most well built James Bond, which makes beating up a lot of guys pretty realistic.

The idea partly came from Sean Connery as he himself was impressed with the new James Bond.

“I think Daniel Craig is a terrific choice,” said Connery. “I think they’re going back to a more realistic type of Bond movie as I don’t think they could have gone much further with the special effects.”

And this is very true with the latest bond movie, as it shows more of the realistic side of Bond.

He added: “They don’t pay the money for the other parts, only for the Bond character, although that wasn’t the case when I was doing it.”

This would definitely be one movie WE shouldn’t miss. But until then, all we can do is Wait….. Just Wait.

3 Critical :

  1. Bond vs. Bond – and it doesn’t get any better than this.
  2. The Old Bond Would Be? – is he gonna be a mastermind of a mob, or a countries most wanted, or maybe a superior who turned the other side… nobody knows.
  3. A lot Of Chicks –  every other Bond can atleast handle 2 or more girls.  Now what happens if there are two Bond‘s in a film? … You do your math.




Don’t You (Nug)Get It? – NBA Mistakes March 28, 2008

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Denver Nuggets. One of the teams with the better line-ups in the NBA, but which records doesn’t really show it. Now currently (43-28), this typical good players, less teamwork team is getting the worst out of the “basketball is a team game” statement. There is no doubt that they posses two of the best (corn-rowed, head banded, and bionic arm wrapped) players in the league, namely Carmelo Anthony (the big guy with all the moves who can punish every defender inside and outside) and Allen Iverson (the unstoppable, tough-to-the-guts, scoring machine). And having these two players simply means a guaranteed 50 or more points every game. But Where is the teamwork? Even they are asking.

As a 20/20 team, (meaning they can beat any team by 20 or more points, and can also be beaten by any team by 20 or more), they really fall short in the consistency of their teamwork part of the game, and this won’t, in any way, help them triumph in the playoffs.

I guess in order for them to win, they should be each others nugget (whatever this means), and help eachother out. Key players such as J.R. Smith & Marcus Camby should be given attention and use to their advantage, as these two players can bring both defense, and outside scoring to distribute the defense, coz we all know they’ve got the 2 best one-on-one players, (but keep in mind, one-on-one doesn’t happen when there’s 2 defenders OK’).

Either this, or they’ll just hope Carmelo & Allen bring their “A” games with every step of their way against the very tough western conference teams.

3 Critical:
  1. Most Painted Duo – without a doubt, Carmelo & Allen are the most painted (tattoo) dynamic, or not more on dynamic, duo in the NBA. But what does it do?
  2. Coach Karl’s Getting Bald – and I don’t see anything wrong, but instead I see something like “cause and effect”.
  3. Beating Spurs For Dummies – this one has to be every western teams activity before and after practice.

A Different Kind Of Art March 28, 2008

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Now here’s a site I wanna share to you all. Well, not just because I was hoping you could help me with the proper pronunciation of his first name, or what seems to be the first name of the site, but because I saw something different about this guy, his site, his work, and everything else.

Well to have a start, let me just say this guy’s got a different kind of art.

Andrzej Dragan is a man of many things. He graduated cum laude and had a PhD in Quantum Physics, where his thesis was awarded as the best MSc Thesis at that time. Aside from his academic supremacy, he is also a winner of many international music-composing competitions, and this was even before he was into photography (which he won a lot of awards too). From there on, he was already considered one of the best in a lot of fields, and aside from being one the best, he was also one of the “unique” artists there ever was.

By watching his artworks, you would notice something different from that of others. It gives a feeling I call “strangely beautiful“, and he himself agrees to this as he once said “Some people claim that a good portrait will reveal some truth about the model. I’m undoubtedly sad to state that these people will not anything interesting about my photography which has no purpose.”

But purposeless as he say it is, a lot of people saw the beauty if his art. You can see it for yourself.

And just so you’ll know, they call his art the Dragan Effect, simply coz it’s like no other.

3 Critical:

  1. Mr. Converse – you’ve got to love Mr. Converse (or what I call him). This man of shoe is pretty original, and just might be a comic character someday.
  2. Not His Face – by the way, the one you’ll see everytime you visit his site, is not him. He’s actually looks like an actor. Like this.
  3. Another Muscled Gay Guy? – why do I see a lot like this scattered all around the internet? But his way of showing it, makes it a whole different experience. But still, same ol’ same ol’.

Break Dancing Baby March 27, 2008

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I’ve seen babies sing, paint a picture, name all the presidents, recite the countries and their capitals, and even make older people laugh, but I never taught I’d see one bust a move like those floor rolling, head standing (and a lot of jumping) guys from the movie You Got Served“. And did video, really got me served.

There are three (3) things that caught my attention watching this video. One would be if this kid, at his age, is insured by any insurance company that he don’t even bother standing with his head. Two would be, if this kid is just playing around, or there’s just something itchy inside his pants, which I doubt coz he smiles all the time (but never stops moving) , and Three would be, if this is a kid or just a midget that look likes one. It’s not Little Man right?

But anyway, I guess everyone would be impressed with what this little boy could do. And more than that, one this little guy wears. He’s born to dance, and that hand waving thing you’ll see in the video, that’s legit.

3 Critical:

  1. Getting Younger – the older people should be more competitive nowadays, coz the way I see it, the age where people start to do what we started doing when we were older, is getting younger.
  2. Before Saying “Mama”? – I’m just a bit curious…Did this boy learn to dance before he could say Mama?
  3. Got Milk – now this one would make a good commercial with the line “Got Milk” (my idea!… my idea!)

The HEAT Is Back – NBA Dance Team March 26, 2008

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NBA Dance Bracket

If you think the NBA is by far the best entertainment sports there is in entire globe, then you’re right. If you think the NBA is the best Basketball league in the world, then you’re right again. But, if you think that “basketball” is the only best thing about the NBA, then I guess you haven’t heard about the NBA Dance Teams.

For two consecutive years, the most popular dance team (and I can’t see why not), the “HEAT Dancers” danced the floor all the way to the championship for a two in a row spree. And now, their back to defend their title once again. But that will go along with 29 other teams of sexy, hot, athletically dancing girls that make up the whole tournament, battling it out for pride, entertainment, and the right to be hot.

The playoffs may not be starting yet, but things are really heating up now in the NBA, and starting March 25 (Oh! thats Today), these girls need your help, and your votes up until the final round of voting that will happen on April 2-3. The winners will then be announced on the 4th of April, but take note, only registered NBA All-Access members are allowed to vote so if you’re not one, then you can start by registering here.

And just to tease you about how hot and sexy this thing could be, I’ll share one video for you. Gentlemen, (ok, ladies too…), it’s time to feel the HEAT.

3 Critical:

  1. How Bout Beijing? – I guess someone should try to make this an international sport, “Miss Dancing Universe” maybe, I’m sure it’ll be the main event on the Olympics. Imagine al those girls, from everywhere.
  2. NBA Entertainment – who wouldn’t agree when I say the NBA really knows how to entertain. Even without balls.
  3. I Love Half Times – I usually hate them (half time’s), cause they talk about the past. Who did this, who did that, who didn’t do anything, but starting today, I won’t bother having an hour long half time, as long as the dancefloor’s full. Bring It On!!!!

The Water Horse: Legend Of The Deep (2008)- Amazing 3D March 26, 2008

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Watching a movie’s trailer is one way to judge whether a movie is worth watching. Movies actually spend a huge amount of money just to be able to create a trailer that would attract a lot of viewers into watching (which basically give them idea of their sales even before a film is fully released), while carefully choosing scenes that can either intrigue the viewers to their curiousity as to what will happen, or give them a view of how a very good story goes.

Trailers may just be 1-3 minutes long, but if you ask anybody in the movie industry, they’ll surely agree that trailers are as big as the movies themselves.

But in Japan, they went to a whole different level of promoting the film “The Water Horse: Legend Of The Deep“. And this time, I say it’s better than any other trailers out there. Watch closely and you’ll see the “Lochness Monster” come to life as water splashes through the air, carefully created with a shed-load of projectors and synchronised water fountains.

Now this is promotion at it’s best.

I bet it’s better to really see it live while you feel the droplets of water fill your eyes.

3 Critical:

  1. Tell Me Who!!! – can anyone please tell me who engineered this thing, or if an engineer even thought of this thing. Things like these are one of a kind.
  2. How About Jessica Alba? I really have much confidence with Japanese innovation, and just so you guys know, I really would want to see a Jessica Alba in water (just like that) someday. Don’t You???
  3. Don’t Do This At Home – kids, don’t even try dong this at home. Unless you have million dollar projectors, and giant fountains, but don’t ever asked your Dad (or even Santa) for something like this, it’ss gonna ruin a lot of plans. Maybe even your college degree budget.

Sudoku – In The Bathroom March 25, 2008

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soduko tolet

One of the best things in life happen inside the bathroom. Whether you’re shaving, brushing your teeth, taking a very (needed) clean bath, or just taking a crap out of a relaxed day.

Some say these things are just necessities and it can’t be that fun, but others strongly disagree.

There are actually a lot of things we can do when we’re inside the bathroom. And a lot of daily products are made just to fill those times with something productive, educational, recreational, and in short “fun”. Others love to answer crossword puzzles, while other read the news paper, I myself read “Readers Digest” issues, and sometimes I send text messages. But these are things you can do comfortably at home, and are limited to certain places only.

So what if you’re not home? What if you’re in a mall? What if you’re not in a place with all those stuffs? Are you just gonna focus on anti-multi-tasking bathroom chores?

The answer is NO.

The Japanese (as expected) came up with yet another solution to your everyday concerns by making the first ever “Sudoku Tissue“. Just like any other normal tissue, and can do what any other tissues do, but each division is printed with Sudokus for you to solve.

Now you can play this game of numbers while you do whatever it is your stomach wants you to do everywhere.

Now that’s creativity.

3 Critical:

  1. Longer Breaks – this inventions make “longer (emergency) breaks” an important thing to consider. It takes time to solve you know.
  2. My What If’s – what if the people try to use this tissues as sudoku pads, and not more as tissue anymore. Wouldn’t it erase it’s entire purpose?
  3. What’s Next, Multiplayer? – Japanese technology has been consistently surprising us with their unpredictable inventions. Now I have to ask this, are they planning on making multiplayer tissue games? It would surprise me.

English Subs – Piracy Humor? March 25, 2008

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There three main reasons why people love pirated DVD’s or CD’s, or simply movies in general. The First would be, it’s very early release of movies (some of which are actually DVD copies already), mostly even before they are shown in theaters and are officially released. Second would be it’s very cheap price as compared to the original copy. It’s not even 50% of the normal price, but way way lower than that, and if you buy more than 1, you might get a lower price than their low prices. And Third, is it’s added humor to the whole movie (specially the sub’s), regardless of its natural genre. Even serious movies can make you laugh in ways you never imagined.

Take for instance this photo snapshot from the movie “Blade Of The Rose” starring Jaycee Chan (yes, Jackie Chan’s son), and the ever pretty Charlene Choi. His debut movie actually.

The photo on top was taken from a scene where Hu and Lung inrtoduced themselves to a certain old man. (NOTE: nothing is altered, just a screenshot) In this scene, the subs say “I is Hu, he is Lung. We is sister sister”. Say WHAT?????

And it doesn’t end there. In another scene where she saw a a bounty hunter (or ninja), probably before initiating a fight, she asked “You is the who is?”.

Now why do they say the sub’s are sometimes irritating? Honestly I found them amusing.

More of these bloopers can be found in this site: http://witerary.com/

3 Critical:

  1. Subs Are Subtitles – just in case some of you don’t understand what “subs” means.
    They’re subtitles ok? .. now please don’t ask me what subtitles are.
  2. A possibility? – come to think of it, maybe this was done on purpose. We all know what Jackie can contribute to the humor industry right?
  3. A Good Movie Actually – anything worth placing subtitles is a good movie. Even Harry potter got crazy subs too.

Where did all the Mario’s Go? March 24, 2008

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super mario

We’ve all been kids, and we’ve all played games. And, if you’ve been born somewhere in the 90’s, chances are you’ve held and played the game of Super Mario Bro’s.

We all know how addicted we are to that game, and we would sometimes skip meal just to get through level 3, and then 4, and then 5, and so on, and we’ve even played it long enough to notice that the clouds have exactly the same form as the grass below it. (you didn’t know that right?)

But anyway, I guess we all have our share of experiences with Mario like: we all dropped Mario a couple of times in the cliff, or have him eaten by those deadly orchids, or died while being passed with a side-viewed turtle, or worst, the fires of Koopa. Now the question we all wanna ask is, after all, where have all the Mario’s gone?

Good thing I saw this photo from somewhere else. This pretty much answered all my questions in a logical way. Now I know there’s someone ou there more curious than me.

No wonder the mushrooms grow all the time.

3 Critical:

  1. Never Shaved can someone tell me why Mario didn’t bother shaving his moustache? He looks like some billiard legend from the Philippines.
  2. Research Please! – I need help on this part. Where do they go when they die underwater?
  3. What’s Mario’s Family Name? – does he even have one? Or is it just like any other fame thing like Madonna, Pele, Nene, etc….

“In Bruges” – Movie Trailer 2008 March 24, 2008

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Right after being Alexander, and starring in not so big movies, some might wonder, Where is “bad boyCollin Farrel?

I really thought, and would strongly suggest, that he should play Tony Starks in “Iron Man“, but any way….

The answer is…. In Bruges.


In Bruges is a film directed and written by Martin McDonagh. The film stars Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson both as a hitman in hiding, with Ralph Fiennes as their gangster boss. The film takes place within the Belgian city of Bruges.

Bruges, the most well-preserved medieval city in the whole of Belgium, and a welcoming destination for travellers from all over the world, but for hitmen Ken (Brendan Gleeson) & Ray (Colin Farrel), it could be their final destination as their trip to Bruges becomes a life-and-death struggle of darkly comic proportions and surprisingly emotional consequences.

This story itself looks interesting. And if you’ll watch the trailer, it might get more interesting, as it begins with Colin having a confession in the church talking about being paid to kill somebody:

PRIEST : Who did you murder for money? COLIN: You father. (bang bang bang)

3 Critical:

  1. Where is Colin Again? – I know I know, he’s hiding in Bruges, but I still can’t get it off my mind. Why didn’t I heard of this place before?
  2. Sounds Weird – the trailer makes me think their something weird going on. First , the way Colin talks, second, Brendan as a hitman, and third, Why Bruges?
  3. Rat Cow Dog What? – as you watch the trailer, make sure to pause at the 1:30 mark, and tell me what it is you see…. Only in Bruges maybe.