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Ahmmm…. Art? September 30, 2008

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One question.

What is something that has no definite shape, may be a bit electrical, composed of a lot of things, has a lot of colors, isn’t really considered a technological gadget but has batteries? LOTS of them.

I got that big question mark on my face too… but just to make it simple lets just call it ahmmmmm.. ART.

I guess we can call this a battery sculpture though it’s not sculptedor a battery figuring (but has no definite figures) … or since it’s art, let’s just call it Abstract. Thats what I call artworks that I don’t understand actually.

This is one weird kind of masterpiece, but I’m sure a lot of people would love this piece of …. ahmmm art again. It really is a wonder how seemingly useless things like these batteries can be made a masterpiece.

3 Critical:

  1. Dead Star – I believe they call it the “Dead Star”. This I don’t know why.
  2. A Something!!! – since we don’t know what it is, why don’t we just call it a something. Nice something.
  3. Creativity Thing – wonder how people come up with ideas like these?… Creativity baby… creativity.

Sexy Politics – Just Something I Hate September 29, 2008

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One thing that I don’t really like are celebrities in politics. I just don’t get it why they think they can run a city, a state, or a country just because they won awards or have played the role of a mayor in one movie. Some may have done well, but the numbers are certainly nothing near compared to those who haven’t done a thing.

The other thing would be… you guessed it…. political celebrities.

Pretty much like this one here (photo above). Here you’ll see Mila Kunis wearing a “Vote Barack” shirt on the set of her upcoming (2009 actually) film Extract with Ben Affleck and Jason Bateman. We all know she’s famous, and she’s got those unforgettably seductive eyes, but seeing her in that Barack shirt just might impose a bad (or good) image to her, the candidate, and the fans.

Personally, I’d rather watch those celebrities do films (good or bad) than see them promoting a political candidate which they don’t even know personally until the subjected payment. And, I also don’t like the fact that Politicians use those celebrity fames to endorse their names more. That’s just not public service to me.

This (above) is one Mila Kunis photo that captured a lot of our internet attention, and I’m sure you will agree to that… but would it be better if we leave it that way, than see her with a Vote Barack tattoo near the belly button, or anywhere in the photo? (rhetorical question)

3 Critical:

  1. Sincerity – do these celebrities really believe in these candidates, or is it just business. We really can’t guarantee which is which but we all know what the people usually thinks. Fans are people you know.
  2. What Message? – are they implying that because we love Mila, and she is supporting this candidate, we should also love this candidate? It’s sad but reality shows that people still fall for this thing.
  3. The Problem – this is what every celebrity political endorser should think about. If your candidate looses, that’s never gonna be a plus on your career. Trust me.

Terelle Pryor – With Pryor Notice September 26, 2008

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Now that Lebron James got his first gold medal as a part of the Dream team, (along with his many accomplishments in the field of sports) at a young age, and we’ve pretty much seen what he can do, the people has got to wonder who gonna be the next big time player to watch.

The state of Pennsylvania has an answer in the name of Terrelle Pryor.

Pryor (18 yrs old) is currently an American football player for the Ohio State Buckeyes, and is considered as the most recruited high school footballbasketball athlete in southwestern Pennsylvania since Tom Clements. Simply a credit he deserved after leading highschool (Jeannette Jayhawks) to a state championship in both football and basketball. (and that’s not easy)

So how big is Terrelle Pryor in the name of sports?

Let’s just say his signatured (or signed) footballs costs $99.99. His after-game-used wristband reached $349.99 on eBay, and of course, his youtube highlight videos topped a half-million hits (and counting). There was even a Terrellepryor.org site established by fans and I heard there will be TP (Terrelle Pryor) action figures to be released this winter.

Is he the next Lebron James??? We will see about that.

3 Critical:

  1. The Stats – In basketball: Averaged 21.5 points, 10.6 rebounds, 3.8 assists, 2.9 blocks and 2.3 steals per game. Has 1,064 career points. In Football: Terrelle ran for 596 yards and 12 touchdowns, and passed for 647 yards and six scores. His play helped Jeannette go 8-2, 6-1. Now this is what you call impressive.
  2. Whose Waiting? – aside from every other fans and scouts out there, he also got offers from Clemson, Connecticut, Florida, Miami-FL, Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, Pittsburgh and West Virginia. All great universities in terms of sports and academics if you ask me.
  3. The Decision – will he play for the NFL or the NBA? We can only wait and see.

Heroes Season 3 – with “Promotional Posters” September 25, 2008

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The first two episodes of the hit TV Series HEROES has already been aired, and without a doubt, millions have already downloaded it too. (That includes me of course). But here’s my question…. Are they really who we think they are?

The way I see it, the 3rd season of Heroes season 3 will take on a more in-depth look at the temptation of the darker side, and I guess the first episode “Villains” pretty much tells us a bit of whats in store for our favorite tv series.

Maybe the heroes we look up to are really the one who should be stopped, or maybe Sylar is the sole hero and protagonist of the story. (C’mon, we all know Tim Kring is that creative right? And this is a very good possibility.)

This season promises to wrap up any cliffhangers that the previous season had, then give a view of new arc to where the story is leading to, which also means there will be an addition to the villains, a new romance, and a characters return…or two.

Let’s just see.

3 Critical:

  1. Darker is Better – I don’t know if I share this with you, but I like it better when they’re on their dark side. This season will be good for me.
  2. And Ando ? – everyone seems to be revealing something, and everyone seems to have something special…. so I wonder, does Ando have powers to? What do you think?
  3. Hail Tim Kring!!! – he really is one weird, but geniusly “cool” writer. Make some more please.

Choke September 23, 2008

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From the author of “Fight Club” comes yet another (as they say) “A Dirty Minded Satirical-Psychotic Comedy”, comes a drama/comedy about a sex addict working as a Colonial War re-enactment actor (or re-enactor) who makes a life running a con scheme that involves deliberately choking in restaurants, or wherever he feels like it, attaching himself “parasitically” to his rescuers, all to fund his mother’s care at a private mental hospital.

Isn’t that sweet? (the last part I mean, haha). I guess by now it’s pretty obvious why they called the movie “Choke“.

This movie isn’t really a high budget film, but every time author Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club) makes a novel, you’re pretty sure it’s gonna be something different, something amusing, and something special. Indeed, this adaptation was special enough to win the Special Jury Prize, at the Sundance Film Festival 2008.

All in all, it’s got 7 stars in the IMDB (Internet Movie DataBase) user ratings, so I guess it’s safe to say that it’s one movie worth watching and waiting for. Release date will be October 2008 by the way.

3 Critical:

  1. Sex & Comedy – this combination has proven to work well in movies, but I’m sure this ones gonna be different. Cleverly different.
  2. Nice Idea!!! – I won’t be surprised if this is based on actual events, coz the way the con is done here… is pretty cool. And some just might buy it.
  3. The Author  – Chuck Palahniuk may have a surname that’s hard to pronounce, but this guy is a genius when it comes to writing novels. We all love Fight Club right?

Washable Mouse by: Belkin September 22, 2008

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“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, and Belkin says your computers’ mouse doesn’t have to be an exemption, that’s why they made the Belkin’s Washable Mouse. (do I have to say by Belkin?)

This literally washable mouse is water-resistant, which means that cleaning isn’t gonna be that much of a problem coz you can easily hand-wash it in your sink (or anywhere you wish) making it more likely to be cleaner and safer to use.

The mouse has an optical engine with 1200 dpi (high sensitivity) that works on many household surfaces like glass, wood, and other upholsteries, and it features scroll pads that can do vertical and horizontal scrolling with one easy touch.

All in all, it’s a great mouse…. And it means you’re gonna have more cleaning to do.

3 Critical:

  1. All Washable – someday an entire computer set will be washable. Or any gadget perhaps.
  2. Great Invention – now your mouse can be cleaner, and you don’t have to worry about those spills you always (accidentally?) have with your drinks… in your computer table.
  3. Unplug Please – this thing is purely washable and water resistant, but cleaning it while it’s still plugged in your computer won’t really make it safe. Just a precaution. 🙂

Photography – Beauty in Colors September 21, 2008

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(click to enlarge)

In the field of Photography (which I am slowly invading now, haha), one doesn’t really need to look for breathtaking views, emotion pondering poses, perfectly captured moments, and flaring super models to be able to get a good photo. Simple everyday and not-decoration-type things actually do make good subjects worth clicking for.

All you need is good positioning, clear unique concepts, and subjects with colors that perfectly compliments each other.

Just like these ones. (above & thumbnails below)

(click to enlarge)

Honestly I never thought a clip hanger would look that good, and they’re not even new ones. I guess it really is the photographer (pro or not), and not entirely the camera that makes good shots.

These great photos were taken by: Aileen May

3 Critical:

  1. Simplicity is…. – ….nothing but beauty to me.
  2. What Camera??? – I have yet to personally ask the artist, but look at it this way… with a different camera (point & shoot maybe), I believe she can still get these shots. It’s not the camera. Not Entirely.
  3. Be Inspired – this goes for all beginners and enthusiasts like me… These photos are probably not taken with one shot only.. it needs patience, hard work, practice. So, don’t get discouraged easily when you don’t get similar shots. Trust me,.. everyone is entitled to atleast one perfectly taken shot.

Dare to Bare w/ Strapless Sandals September 19, 2008

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We heard of backless dresses, colorless nail polishers, less calorie foods and drinks, and basically almost everything that has the word “less” attached to it. But still they have something “less” in mind… something we surely didn’t anticipate.

Something like a strapless sandals or slippers called STiCK2FEET. And this literally means there are no straps attached.

This one of a kind “footwear” sticks to your feet (with or without socks), and yes it you can walk or even run without it leaving your feet. It’s special skin adhesive is 100% reusable, but you regularly have to clean it with soap and water.

I’m sure this idea is entirely unique, and it probably would be the next fashion statement there is to hit (specially during summer days). STiCK2FEET can be worn casually or with your swim wear apparels. And it looks good with your foot tattoo (like photo below).

It’s sold for $9.95 per pair in some sites that I’ve checked, but I guess the price ranges from $9-$12 atleast.

Are you ready to bare it all???  (the feet I mean)

3 Critical:

  1. No Tan Lines – one of the good thing about this is that it wont leave you those strap-line tans that you always get with your usual slippers.
  2. Just Weird  – it’s creative, it’s new, and it’s something we never heard of…. in short it’s just weird.
  3. How To Take Off?  – this is one thing I failed to understand…. how do you take it off? Now I’m confused.

D.B. Cooper – A Thief.. A Legend… September 18, 2008

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While most people idolize celebrities, music legends, war heroes, or probably anyone who has positively inspired somebody’s life and made it better, there are also a bunch of people (me included) who looked up to unlikely characters who presumably belongs to the wrong side of the world. People like thieves, dictators, or simply criminals who lived a mysterious life in general.

One of them is D.B. Cooper (may not be the real name), and I am a fan of his work.

D.B. Cooper (or Dan Cooper) is the man who hijacked a Boeing 727, got the demanded US$200,000 ransom money (in unmarked $20 bills), and parachuted from the plane and vanished without a trace. And this happened way back November 24, 1971, but the mystery still lives today.

Some say he’s dead, while some say he vanished with the US$200,000 unmarked bills (but the FBI decided to give marked bills printed mostly in 1969 had serial numbers beginning with the letter L). This was until an 8-year-old Brian Ingram found three bundles of deteriorating $20 bills (with the L series) on the shore of the Columbia River (Portland, Ore.,) in 1980.

(click to enlarge)

The said bills had then been the closest thing they’ve come to proving the stipulations that Cooper never got to enjoy the money he died (or didn’t?) for.

Some say the crime or the mystery will never ever be solved, and a lot had said the story is still out there waiting to be solved…. but if you ask me, I’ll say the story is best to be left a mystery.  Why? Coz Cooper is not just a thief in our history, he also is a Legend.

3 Critical:

  1. Inspiration – a lot of people are actually inspired with his story, and some even went a step higher by copying his work. (Copycats here)
  2. In Movies – his character has been in many movies, including the hit tv series Prison Break, where a fellow cellmate named Charles Westmoreland, was actually the mysterious D.B. cooper.
  3. Are They Just Claims??? – aside from the usual copycats, some people actually claim that they are D.B. Cooper… until their last days. There was even an incident where a husband confessed to his wife, that he was the mysterious D.B. Cooper before resting in peace.

V13R – The 3 Wheel Roadster by Campagna Motors September 17, 2008

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One Question. What would you do if you have an extra $39,995.00 in your bank account? (clue: not a trick question)

If you ask me, I would buy myself one of these V13R 3-wheel roadster from Campagna Motors (photo above). But wait!!!! Is this a bike or is this a car? I guess it has to be both.

The V13R is available in 3 colors (Inferno Red, Brilliant Black, & Bright Silver). Both the Brilliant Black and the Inferno Red versions come with chromed roll bars, sub frame, front grill and headlight bezel, swingarm and A-arm assemblies. The Bright Silver version however, shows a baaaaaaaaaaaadddddd attitude with it’s jet black powder coated roll bars, sub frame, swingarm and A-arm assemblies.

The V13R features side-by-side seating (for your hot date) and an integrated cargo space, for whatever serves your purpose. All in all, it’s just one hot rod you’ll never gonna regret riding with.

I’m sure it won’t be long before we see a couple of these roadsters rip the streets in some blockbuster movie.

3 Critical:

  1. Hot Hot Hot – from it’s design, to it’s power… nothing more desribes it well than Hot Hot Hot.
  2. No Roof??? – this might just be the lone bad thing about this car… I mean bike… I mean both.
  3. Make Some More!!! – more of it, with more colors, makes the world a sexier place top live in. Trust me.