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Ted Failon’s Wife In Critical Condition – Suicide or Foulplay? April 16, 2009

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News Update:

Trinidad Etong, wife of ABS-CBN news anchor Ted Failon Etong, passed away at 8:50 pm Thursday night after suffering from a gunshot wound to the head that her family said was self-inflicted more than a day earlier. read more

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Ted Failon - Negative on Paraffin test

Ted Failon under Paraffin Test – Result: Negative

Eversince the wife of broadcast journalist Ted Failon was shot in the head inside their residence in Tierra Pura Subdivision, Quezon City last yesterday, a lot of questions and speculations have risen both on the internet and to the public.

It all started when suddenly Ted Failon didn’t finish his daily morning radio program “Tambalang Failon at Sanchez” and hurried back home after receiving a phone call from one of his maids stating the situation of his wife.

It was reported that Ted and her wife Trinidad “Trina” Arteche-Failon had a quarrel the past few days due to some “family financial problems”. Anyway, after receiving the call, Ted hurried back home and that’s when he found his wife with a gunshot, bloodied. He then brought her wife to the nearest hospital and as of today, reports say the status of Trina is still critical.

BROADCASTER Ted Failon clings tightly to Vice President Noli de Castro inside his home in Tierra Pura, Quezon City,

Ted Failon clings tightly to (friend and former coleague) Vice President Noli de Castro inside his home in Tierra Pura, Quezon City. – Inquirer.net

But the story doesn’t end there. There are a lot of questions and issues in between the stories. Things like:

  • Is it suicide or a foul play? – (burned hair and the presumed distance of the shot doesn’t imply suicide) . Trina is still yet to undergo paraffin test.
  • The bloodied floor and the gun was cleaned by the family’s helpers – (was it done without permission, or was it ordered by Mr. Failon? It still remains a mystery due to inconsistencies of the reports.)
  • The suicide letter seems unlikely – “Papa, I’m so sorry. Gustong gusto ko pong magsabi sa iyo ng totoo. Pero hindi ko po alam kung papaano ko uumpisahan. Sobrang takot na takot po ako. Aaalis po muna ako. Kasi hindi ko po kaya at nahihiya po ako sa iyo. Sana po mapatawad mo ako (I want to tell you the truth. But I don’t know how to start. I’m very afraid. I will leave now. I can’t take it and I’m ashamed. Hope you can forgive me).”
  • Inconsistencies – 1. some reports says, Ted received a call, some said he called but was unanswered. 2. the scene was cleaned without his ordering, but some said there was an order from Ted. 3. the position of the gun and Trina also had inconsistencies.
  • No gunshots were heard – very unlikely.
  • Different testimonials by witnesses.
  • See full story article here.

This are just my list, and I’m sure a lot of you also have lots of questions and speculations.

As for now, though we are all entitled to our own theories (since the whole truth isn’t stated yet), I guess it will be better for us to show our respect to the lives of those who are affected by this incident. Let us show that we are human despite what happened.

And as for Mr. Ted Failon, whom we all know have been in the News industry for quite sometime – I hope he will value the same principles that they have been living with in the industry. The TRUTH.

3 Critical:

  1. Let’s Wait – whatever the truth is… let’s all value respect and have the patience till the truth comes out.
  2. The Truth – let’s just hope the truth will finally resolve this mystery.
  3. Your Comment? – what can you say about this issue?



1. TheJake- TheConspiracyArtist - April 16, 2009

whatever happens to this story, one i know is certain… Ted Failon will use this as an excuse to get the sympathy of idiotic masang Pinoys and win the 2010 Senatorial elections… I sense CONSPIRACY:

1. Ted has problems with wife.
2. Money problems.
3. Ted needs something (other than his mouth) to win the election.

and the only solution he could have probably thought is… tsk tsk tsk…

2. Secret - April 16, 2009

I’m a bit confused…you’re imploring your readers to respect, wait and suspend judgement until the “truth” comes out, yet you’re asking for theories and stoking the flames of speculation?

3. Love - April 17, 2009

There is a big difference between po and pa when use in a sentence. Why he know that it is pa instead of po in the letter? Why his daugther can say something in public about the crime? The crime scene is cleaned, wow, weird! May panlinis sa gun powder. Secret.

4. WaveJazz - April 18, 2009

There are lots of consistencies, I have studied Forensics… And the evidences as I know leads to questions and uncertainty… I smell conspiracy… The truth is still out there… Let’s just hope they will do their job and unravel the truth… Whatever it is, It’ll affect all Filipino’s greatly… Since rumor has it that Failon is planning to file a candidacy for the senate next election…

5. Mark T. Market - April 19, 2009

The Delfin Lee angle is an interesting one. The wife was involved in multi-level marketing with Lee, and MLM has been the source of more than one heartbreak and financial disaster for Filipinos. That anonymous tip that Lee helped Failon move the wife’s body really taints the story towards a very different direction.

Wild speculations considering this tip:

1. Failon killed his wife after learning that she lost sums of his money to MLM.

2. Lee killed Failon’s wife because:
a. Wife blamed Lee of scamming Failon, and Lee threatened to silence wife, but accidentally shot her; or

b. Lee and Failon were involved in a large potentially reputation-damaging scam (maybe even involving ABS CBN) and wife was threatening to blow it wide open (maybe because Failon’s money was lost in the scam as well)

c. In both cases above: the MLM scam was meant to raise funds for Failon’s candidacy

In any case, IF the wife was actually murdered:

1. The trajectory of the bullet, and the proximity of the gun will NOT support suicide (i.e. it would have been physically impossible to self-inflict the wound that will be evident upon investigation).

2. The suicide note was either:
a. Not written by the wife; or
b. Written by the wife, but under duress; or
c. Written by the wife, but not for suicide purposes

3. The maids, driver, and houseboy KNOW of the truth, but are under:
a. Physical threat of harm by Failon (and Lee, et.al.); or
b. Under financial obligation to Failon, or paid to be silenced; and/or
c. Are in fear of Failon’s tremendous influence in politics and the media

4. The Failon kids;
a. KNOW of the truth, but are protecting their father out of fear; or
b. Don’t know the truth, but are giving their dad the benefit of the doubt out of stress and confusion

a. KNOW of the truth, but are protecting Failon for political reasons; or
b. Are giving Failon the benefit of the doubt;
c. In both cases, should first indication of Failon’s duplicity emerge, ABS-CBN will drop him like a hot rock rather than risk the network’s image being tarnished by a murderer;

6. The police;
a. Are using this case to get back at Failon (yes, definitely)
b. Are more interested in pursuing the parricide angle;
c. May also be under the influence of political or commercial parties to discredit Failon for other reasons;
d. (contrary to popular belief) ARE equipped to deal with the investigation, despite their abrasive manner

This is a case for the books!

6. you - April 21, 2009

actually, in my own opinion, Ted’s wife really did committed suicide, why?
1st, because ted can’t shoot her with gun if that morning ted was still n the radio show with Korina,, so how can ted possibly shoot her? from their studio to their house? gosh.. it is so impossible..
2nd, Trina’s sister had an special interview on ABS-CBN, and she said that it is true that her “ate trina” committed suicide, because her ate has a big problem, but still she is keeping it as a secret.
3rd, regarding the letter, Trina’s sister also testify that that letter really came from her ate, meaning that letter was for real.

–we all know that Ted Failon is a Public Personality, and he is an intelligent man too, so if he is smart, do you think? he would even kill her wife? without even thinking of the consequences that he will face, i know that Ted wouldn’t do such a thing.

–do you think it is for POPULARITY? oh come on!
he doesn’t even need it, because, 1st he is a public personality, so in his case he doesn’t even need any popularity because he is a well known man here in the Philippines.

—Let’s face it.. Ted wouldn’t do such a thing..

–but still let’s hope for the truth to be revealed..

7. home - June 23, 2009

Hi every body

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