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Manny Pacquiao’s KO – A Warning To Ricky Hatton March 18, 2009

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Manny Pacquiao in Serious mode

serious mode for pacman

If there’s anyone more focused and drop dead serious about the May 2 Manny Pacquiao vs. Ricky Hatton fight at the MGM in Las Vegas, it definitely is Manny “Pacman’ Pacquiao. I’ll show you why.

The following photos were taken during yesterday’s sparring session at the Wildcard Gym in Los Angeles. – Photo by Miguel Salazar / MP Promotions.

In this scene , you can see Manny Pacquiao‘s sparring partner Art Hovhannesyan (a pretty respectable boxer from Glendale, California), diving to the canvas after being hit by Pacquiao’s left cross. And let me just remind you, this happened with Art Hovhannesyan in full sparring gear. And did I mention it’s only the first day of Manny‘s training? Well I just did.

Pacquiao downs sparring partner

Pacquiao downs sparring partner

The next photo (below) shows you another left cross by Pacquiao, and by this time I’m pretty sure someone’s seeing stars already. If things continue to run this way, I bet Coach Freddy Roach will have a hard time looking for Sparring Partners.

I guess this clearly send a message to Ricky Hatton and his crew. And the message probably says: “Quit talking and start training, cause Pacquiao is coming… coming to give you one beating”

Pacquiao hits sparring partner with left blow

left hook hits sparring partners face

Now in the next photo, you will see Hovhannesyan’s trainer working on the cut on the upper eye-lid sustained during yesterday’s sparring session.

Let me just remind you that this happened even with full sparring gear, so mr. Hatton better make his face harder than those protective gears or practice not being hit which is highly doubtful if you ask me.

Left Eye Torn - Pacquiao's Sparring Partner

left eye-lid cut… bad sign for Hatton

Here’s what Manny has to say….

“I always like new challenges and this is why I am excited to fight Ricky Hatton,”“My trainer Freddie Roach will put together a new game plan which will be much different than the one we used against Oscar (de la Hoya). Hatton is a very strong puncher so I must deal with that in the ring. I promise I will be completely prepared and will do my best for all of my fans in the Philippines and around the world.”

Now I don’t know what you guys are thinking, but the way I see it… it’s going to be another win for THE BEST pound for pound boxer in the world today…. Manny”pacman” Pacquiao.

3 Critical:

  1. Certainty – everytime Manny puts on his serious face, specially on the first day f training, a win is always certain.
  2. Who’s Next? – will the question be “who’s next?” after this fight, or will it be a “what’s next?” this time. Please no politics.
  3. Better Train – unless Hatton plans on loosing this one, he better spend the last few days training and training some more. If he beat’s Pacquiao’s training, there just might be a chance he’ll beat him. MIGHT.

Girl Named Manila Santos March 9, 2009

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Manila Santos - La Salle Volleyball MVP

If the championship series between the green rivals Far Eastern University and the De LaSalle University’s was a story of one girls’ triumph and determination to win, it would be about the story of a girl named Manila “ila” Santos, team captain of the De LaSalle Archers womens volleyball team who ended up as the Champions in the 71st Womens Volleyball Championships just last night (Sunday, Philippines).

Ila Santos was on her final game as a collegiate player yesterday and she ended it the best way any team captain win a series…  winning the Finals MVP of the tournament with 16 points including three straight in a pivotal 5-1 finish to dethrone last year’s titlists, Lady Tamaraws.

Manila Santos - La Salle Volleyball MVP

But winning the MVP was not the only thing she was proud of that night. Giving the school it’s fifth title as the captain was something truly worth remembering as well.

The game scores: 25-19, 20-25, 25-21, 25-21, and all of this happened  on a jam packed  “The Arena “in San Juan.

3 Critical:

  1. The Name – Manila… I’ve always thought it was something special.. and I was right.
  2. Long Time – I loved her then when she was still no the captain, and I love her now. It’s been a long and what a way to end it.
  3. Pretty – is it just me or is does this girl look as good as she plays. She’s pretty!

Los NBA Noche Latina Jerseys March 5, 2009

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Noche Latina NBA jerseys

Before you ask, I’ll tell you already. This is not a mistake and they certainly didn’t forget to put “Angeles” in this Lakers Jersey. Let me just say the NBA‘s got “Los” all over it this week as it celebrates it’s third annual Noche Latina to recognize it’s fans and players from across Latin America and U.S. Hispanic communities.

This year, 8 of the top 10 American Hispanic markets participated on the event by making Jerseys with the “Los”, “El” , and “Nueva”‘word added instead of translating the whole name of the team in Spanish.

Noche Latina NBA jerseys

The teams that joined the event were: Los Angeles (Los Lakers), Miami (El Heat), San Antonio (Los Spurs), Dallas (Los Mavs)Phoenix (Los Suns), Houston (Los Rockets) and New York (Nueva York).

You can buy the jerseys and go La Vida Loca over them at the NBAStore.com.

3 Critical:

  1. Cool! – I mean loca! …. Is this even the right translation?
  2. How Much? – all the jerseys are priced at $79.99. That’s with a $.01 discount I guess. 🙂
  3. Los NBA! – this truly is a nice event. It’s making me loco already.

2009 NBA All-Star Jerseys “Leaked” January 22, 2009

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NBA All-Star 2009 Jerseys

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this but the closer we get to the NBA All-Star game, the more tension there is in every match-ups and the more the players step up their games to show that they are truly deserving to be All-Stars.

And just to make it a bit more exciting, I’ll show you some of the “leaked” photos of the NBA All-Star uniforms as unveiled exclusively in Men’s Fitness.

kobe-lebron allstar Imagine those worn by these two big time athletes

A lot of people say that the design was undeniably inspired by Phoenix: with the horizontal lines resembling Arizona’s rock formations, while the choice of color (desert red – West, sunset blue – East) is emblematic of the “Phoenix”…. the legendary bird rising from the flames as what they say.

Now what do you think?

3 Critical:

  1. So Simple – there’s an obvious simplicity in the design, and I just thought it’s something good. But that’s just me.
  2. How Much? – this is definitely one question a lot of people will be asking.
  3. Almost!!! – the moments is very near guys… now which side are you betting on? I’ll go for the west as usual.

Chess Ain’t Boring… Anymore. January 12, 2009

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Alexandra Kosteniuk - Russian model and grandmaster

Alexandra Kosteniuk (grandmaster/aspiring model)

Who ever told you that Chess is a boring game… is right. I myself would agree to that, but that was years and ages ago. And Garry Kasparov was still the name associated with the game.

But today, with a lot of evolution going through in different sports, we can clearly see some changes with game and the players as well. Take these two grandmasters – Alexandra Kosteniuk (on top) and Kateryna Lohno (below) – for instance. Now both of them have been world champions, and are really making waves in the sport like the ol’ grandmasters do… but they look way better playing the game…. and that I think is important. I bet they have fans now.

Kateryna Lahno - grandmaster

Kateryna Lohno (grandmaster/model material)

Honestly, if you ask me now, I would say Chess ain’t a boring game anymore. The game is still the same, the rules are still the same, it still is a thinking game, and it still is that boring if you think of it, but the players or the grandmasters … you can say they’re hot now. Good Thing.

3 Critical:

  1. Wow! – I never thought the game produces players this beautiful.
  2. Pretty Serious – I guess this are the perfect words to describe them.
  3. Not Bad – knowing hat these girls are not just looks, but brains as well. And I bet there are a lot more players looking this good out there.

Kobe’s “NEW” Low-Cut Shoes December 21, 2008

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Kobe Bryan low top shoes nike

Zoom Kobe IV LA Lakers – 11.6 ounces

If you’ve seen the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat game last Friday, then you’ve probably noticed something new on Kobe Bryant. He’s still making he same points, still playing the same game, but let’s just say he feels lighter.

We got his new shoes to thank for that.

Nike‘s new creation, and Kobe’s new signature shoes (or sneakers) weights just about 11.6 ounces (20 percent lighter than the average Nike basketball shoe), making it the lightest basketball shoe Nike has created, and Bryant is definitely convinced that the switch will make the most sense for his game.

Kobe Bryan low top shoes nike

The shoe is expected to hit U.S. stores

in February, with a $120 price tag.

It was actually Kobe’s idea, bringing a soccer-like shoes on the hardcourt, and with the help of Eric Avar (Nike’s performance footwear creative director), it was made possible with one goal: Create the lowest, lightest basketball shoe ever.

I think he’s planning on changing the way the people think about what a basketball shoe should be. That of course is referring to having low-cut’s and less ankle support.

In an interview, Bryant said: “I’m not worried about rolling an ankle. “If you come down on somebody’s foot,” he said, “you’re going to roll your ankle and there’s not a lot you can do about it.”

kobe bryant promoting new shoes

“It’s more about what I needed as an athlete, me, myself,” Bryant said. “When I play, how do I feel when I wear the shoe? When I wear high-tops, how did I feel? What would I like to see improve in the shoes? What would I like to see perform better? From that, in our meetings, I would just throw all this stuff to them and they would come back with the technology necessary.”

Now is this the answer to his Championship Dream? We’ll see.

By the way, you can see some of the available colors here.

3 Critical:

  1. Good Point – when asked about the effects of this creation, Kobe said it will make himself a better player… and those who would wear too, so it pretty much levels the field on a higher note.
  2. Reinvention – now this is reinvention at it’s finest. If it works for Kobe, then I can see a transition from high-cut’s to low-cuts already.
  3. With Less Comes More – with less weight, there probably would be more speed, more action, and more high flying dunks. Just what we needed.

Dela Hoya Gave Up – Manny Pacquiao Wins!!!! December 6, 2008

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Manny Pacquiao interviewed after beating oscar dela Hoya

Manny Pacquiao Wins!!!! that simple.

I have a dream, and In my dream I saw a mall (lim ket kai) filled with viewers and in front of them lies a big screen. On the screen lies Manny “pacman” Pacquiao wearing red shorts (with lots of sponsor badges all around it) moving aggressively towards a confused Oscar “golden boy” Dela Hoya on every round of the fight. I guess this is where loosing weight means loosing a bit of strength too, in the case of Dela Hoya.

manny pacman pacquiao vs. oscar golden boy dela hoya

In the 9th round, Dela Hoya finds himself exchanging punches in a brawl with Pacquiao, but he always finds himself being beaten in the ropes, hit after hit and until the bell sounded for the end of the 9th round. Right before the 10th round started, the side of Dela Hoya had a little discussion whether stopping the fight (because Pacquiao was obviously too fast, as they said it themselves) would be a the best decision idea, and I believe it was for the best because Manny was beating him up badly, and there’s no point in fighting one more round.

Manny Pacquiao Wins - Dela Hoya Gave Up

Manny: you’re still my idol. Oscar: no Manny, now you’re my idol

It all ended when Oscar Dela Hoya finally stood up and went to the Pacman’s side. Then Manny Pacquiao Wins!!!! … My dream came true.

3 Critical:

  1. Prediction – everyone is entitled to atleast one prediction once in his/her life. This one’s mine, and now it’s true.
  2. The Idol – I think you are already one of the greatest boxers once you get to beat your own idol. Like Manny did.
  3. Real Fighters – though it ended badly for Oscar, we still see both of them giving each other the respect that they both deserve.

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao Graces The Pages of Readers Digest November 27, 2008

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Manny Pacquiao in Readers Digest Cover

You know I’m far from exaggerating when I say that the World is waiting for the Dec. 6 (Dec 7. in the Philippines) fight between the Best Pound for Pound Boxer and reigning World Boxing Council (WBC) lightweight champion; Manny “The Pacman” Pacquiao, and the Living Legend of the Boxing World, Oscar “Golden Boy” DeLa Hoya.

But it won’t be until a week from now, so here’s a little suggestion. Grab a copy of the latest issue of Readers Digest Asia with our favorite Manny “The Pacman” Pacquiao on the covers, released last monday (in the Philippines).

The issue (with Pacquiao at the cover) will only be circulated in the Philippines, but his seven page story – written by none other than Readers Digest‘s editor-in-chief Jim Plousse will be read throughout Asia.

The seven-page article is said to cover highlights of Pacquiao’s iconic rise from his humble “young boxer” beginnings in General Santos City to becoming one (if not) of the greatest boxer in the world today.

Editor-in-chief Jim Plousse, and the rest of Readers Digest Asia says they hope that Pacquiao’s story will somehow become a source of inspiration to many, as he has shown how hard work (even in struggles) can do.

3 Critical:

  1. An Honor – having one iconic Filipino yet again in Readers Digest (one of my favorite magazines) is really an honor for Manny and the rest of the Filipinos.
  2. Proud 2 B Pinoy!!! – I am and always will be.
  3. Just Maybe – maybe DeLa Hoya has a Readers Digest cover issue in Mexico too… it would be cool.

Allen Iverson – The Answer November 5, 2008

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Iverson – the new Piston

Now that The Allen Iverson for Chauncy Billups & Anotnio McDyes trade rumors were finally decided upon, the next best thing to ask (as for any team where AI have played for), is will he now be the  “answer” to  Detroit‘s triumph for yet another NBA crown?  Or is this even a good move by Detroit?

For a man who’s been labeled as one of the best players in the NBA without a championship ring (yet), this is something he still have to prove….. once again. He has been the answer to a lot of question in Philly, and in Denver, but none of those answers were about a championship . But now he’s in Detroit.

This time he’ll be playing the role of the scorer and main man of the team (where he’s really comfortable with) again, though he has to share it with Rip Hamilton, but is this enough to bring Detroit back to the top? Is he really traded to help the team get the crown back, or is he just another means to getting the real answer. (now your confused)


I’ve heard logical rumors around the NBA, and it involves a really great plan (if it works). I’m talking about Detroit‘s plan of cutting down the salary cap (already done) by trading two high paid players (Billups & McDyes) for one superstar (Iverson), who will later be traded (with another player probably) for a certain Lebron James for the next season. Now this would be logical right?

But is this true?… Is he traded just to have a gem to be traded for the real answer?… Is this just a rumor?

I guess we’ll have this season to watch for….

3 Critical:

  1. Question or Answer – is he still “The Answer” or is he now the “Big Question”.
  2. Honest Comment – about Detroit and a Championship….. I don’t think that’s gonna happen now, even with AI around.
  3. The Big Trade – who do you think got the better half of the trade between Denver and Detroit?  And do you think the whole Lebron theory is really the plan? Tell me….

Lewis Hamilton – Youngest F1 Champion November 4, 2008

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Lewis Hamilton - Youngest F1 Champion

After the days of Formula One racing and Michael Shumacher, who would’ve thought someone younger… or let me say very young could be the next Formula 1 king. We’ve seen is in Golf (w/ Tiger Woods), we’ve seen it in the NBA (Kobe, LeBron, etc..), and now in Formula One.

And the name is Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton Winning Trophy

British-born Hamilton actually won the title 67 days before his 24th birthday (this means he’s a champion at the very young age of 23), with a total of five wins in 2008. Ain’t no sophomore jinx here I guess. He actually finished 5th in the last race, but that was all he needed to end the season as the Champion (that’s what you get for being the wining-est racer in a season).

Throughout the season a lot of issues were raced, and even a lot of people are not really buying his success (due to some other issues besides racing), but I guess champions are champions no matter how some or many would hate them, and he pretty much showed it to the world.

Lewis Hamilton - Youngest F1 Champion - Pussycat Dolls

And just to make him more envious, he is dating Pussycat Dolls member Nichole Scherzinger. He’s 23, and she’s 30 if you’re asking by the way.

I guess every thing’s cool for now, but let’s just hope he won’t follow Jacques Villeneuve‘s footsteps and abandon his successful McLaren team for a start-up with lots of money and zero (0) success.

3 Critical:

  1. Orange!!! – I guess that’s pretty obvious…. they love the color.
  2. The Cost – there’s no specific amount yet, but some say he’s gonna get a contract worth more than David Beckham & Tiger Woods did… and he’s still 23. Some say it’s gonna be a billion dolalr contract… which is entirely possible.
  3. Hate or Envy – I just wanna ask those who’ve been hitting on him the whole year. Do you really hate him, or is it just envy… I would understand why.