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Great Idea? – Go Girl! April 13, 2009

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Go Girl

Doesn’t this logo capture your curiosities? Does it make you ask why the girl seems to be on the verge of barely holding on to natures call? Or why does the tag line of the product say “Don’t Take Life Sitting Down”?

Well, if you’ve heard a lot of girls say something like: “Anything guys can do, we can do too”, then this is just one of the evidences that they mean it well.

The GoGirl is a product that allows any female to urinate while standing up like every men do. Now men have nothing left to brag to girls I guess, cause they can do it all now.


This is actually (or is it?) a good idea specially for girls who love to travel a lot and go campings, or anywhere where a decent comfort room is inaccessible.

But just for sanitary reasons, please don;t forget that this is something to be considered a disposable. Using it for as long as it performs is not entirely advisable.

Now if nature calls, it wont be a problem. You can just GoGIrls.

3 Critical:

  1. Weird But Useful – this is actually a weird idea cause it’s redefining feminine nature, but hey, it’s useful right?
  2. Still Weird – imagine seeing a girl peeing beside you while standing up.
  3. Surgery? – I bet this will be the first thing you will want to ask when you see a girl peeing beside you standing up.

The NoPar King April 3, 2009

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NoPar King

You’ve heard of the Burger King, you’ve heard of the Lion King, and most probably you’ve heard around a lot of Kings throughout your years of living.

But have you heard of the “No-Par King“? Just what I thought.

Well, I instantly took my camera and take a shot of the No-Par King sign that I saw written on the junk metal gate of another junk metal shop here in the city.

Maybe it’s the highest position any No-Par could get, I don’t really know, but one’s thing for sure…. this made me laugh. Hahaha.

3 Critical:

  1. Street Humor – I’m sure there’s still a lot out there, and I intend to look for them, but hey… here’s one here.
  2. And The Queen? – I wonder if there’s a no-par queen out there. Show yourself your highness.
  3. Not B ad – for a sign thats instructional and a bit demanding, this is actually funny. hahah.

Cake Under Construction April 2, 2009

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cake under construction - little people art

Now here they again…. the little people of the street art project. I guess I’ve seen far to many impressive “little people” art like these that it made me think about making a blog out it. And a video to promote it.

This time I guess they’re tasked to take down one piece of lovely cake which they seriously do as you can see.

Aren’t they cute?

3 Critical:

  1. Little Big Stars – they are so small that they became big stars in my blog now. How impressive.
  2. How Small? – I’m a bit curious myself, and I’ll devote one weekend to find out how small they really are. But if you can help, then that would be good.
  3. Sweet Work – who wouldn’t love working on a cake right?

How Hot Is Slumdog Millionaire? March 16, 2009

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(trust me, I won’t be talking about the awards and box office sales on this one.)

Ok. So they’ve won almost all awards in this years numerous movie awards, and they’ve made such a fortune out of it, but my real question is? How hot is the movie Slumdog Millionaire?

Well if we talk about hot, we have to start with “Latika” herself Freida Pinto.

Well ever since this Mumbai-born professional model made her debut in the film “Slumdog Millionaire”, a lot of people have begun to notice everything about her (from the looks to the body that is) and just as expected, numerous offers are already ringing for this young talent. This includes a yet untitled Woody Allen movie where she is already casted along with the names of Anthony Hopkins, Antonio Banderas, and Naomi Watts. But that’s not it.

Well rumors say’s that the movie (specially Freida) had so much impact that she is even in discussion of being the next Bond Girl for yet another Daniel Craig 007 movie. Now isn’t that hot?

Nicole Scherzinger of The Pussycat Dolls

Slumdog Millionaire inspired sexy outfit

But that’s not it…. when a pussycat-doll-sexy girl like Nicole Scherzinger wears something inspired by a movie, you have to say that movie’s really something else.

Am I right?

3 Critical:

  1. Millionaire – like the title of their movies, I guess we can say they all are millionaires now.
  2. Freida Pinto – now she is one great girl for a lot of roles. Keep them coming please.
  3. The Next Bond? – does anyone know what the next bond movie will be? Please let me know.

Im Darth Man Mom…. March 11, 2009

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I'm Darth Man!

“Darth Man”

Some people say creativity, at the very least, can be seen in the first few years of a persons life. The stage called “childhood”. The time where playing seems to be the only thing worth thinking of and not bills, appointments, or any other things opposite to the word fun.

Maybe something like this photo above would help you guys understand what I mean.

I’m not sure though if this is a glimpse of someone’s creativity, or just a plain confusion caused by watching two movies consecutively….. overnight.

I bet he’s wondering what voice to his character should have… the robotic “I am your father Luke” or the broad voiced “I am Batman”.

3 Critical:

  1. Dad – is the person I bet is somewhat responsible for the mixed-up costume.
  2. Looks Good – I mean, it’s not that bad right?
  3. Darth Man! – so will Bruce Wayne ever be a Jedi?…

Wall Clock Projector March 2, 2009

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There are inventions that make us ask: “Are the people just that lazy now, or are they just that brilliant to invent such a thing?”.

That question is once again applicable to this invention. The Wall Clock Projector. What is does is really what it’s name says…. project a wall clock like normal projectors do.


This is capable of projecting your clock from 1 to 7 meters away. It shows hour, minute and second with brightness adjustment capabilities. Like normal projectors, this thing has a manual Lens Focusing for Short to Long Distance Projection, and if you want to project the clock on your roof, then no problem cause this one has  a 45 degrees Tilt feature.

But I don’t know why you would want to do that. 🙂

3 Critical:

  1. Projected Time – I guess this is what they mean when they say they wanted to know the projected time.
  2. Lazy or Genius? – is this an act of laziness or geniusness? What do you say?
  3. In Your Face – if someone asks for the time annoyingly everyday you can give them a wall clock on the face. Just a suggestion.

The DOS Pillow February 28, 2009

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code pillows

DOS pillow

When you live in the world of codes and are fascinated by the way a certain letters and numbers do wonders in a big black screen, then you’re definitely a “Computer Programmer”.

And what do computer programmers have in common? …. The lack of SLEEP (mostly because they don’t know where the syntax error is). And this lack of sleep is really a health threat even if they don’t believe it.

Good thing someone bothered to make the DOS Pillow.  (photo above)

Now every programmer ca sleep soundly in the presence of  the big black screen and the DOS prompt.

3 Critical:

  1. Perfect Idea – they may be capable of making computers think, but a pillow is not one they would bother. Making this a perfect idea.
  2. Where To Buy? – I’m sure it can;t be downloaded either, so I was really hoping someone would have any info.
  3. Define Sleep – do programmers define sleep as a 1-2 (if lucky) hours of constant closing of the eyes? That is a question.

Hundred Cookies February 17, 2009

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cookie monster1

ahm… where do I start?

Ever wondered what a hundred cookies piles into one looks like?

This (below) might just give you an idea.

The Cookie Dream

Now, just look at that thing…. I guess that really how you eat an OREO cookie isn’t it?

I bet even the Cookie Monster doesn’t know where to start with this one.

3 Critical:

  1. Unbelievable! – this is no photo edit, and is really entirely possible…. but who has the time?
  2. Oooooooh – can’t wait to eat that thing.
  3. What Now? – I’m referring to the cookies without the fillings. What now?

Big Brother Skating (literally) February 7, 2009

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How To Skate Your Big Brother

Now this is how you make a skate board out of your big brother… or anyone else actually.

There are 3things that impressed me with this photo. One is their weird creativity having to think of such a thing to do during their free time on the road. Two would be how he (skater boy) convinced  skate boy that he was gonna be the skate in this scene, and Third would be that unbelievable flip they performed (just look closely and see what I mean).

Oh wait, this is only GIF and not a video…… that’s impressive right?

3 Critical:

  1. Wow!!! – world of weird indeed…
  2. Well Done – I guess you’ll agree with me on this one. This is one great gif worth your views.
  3. More? – i wonder if these boys have other creations besides this. That would be cool.

Pinoy Jeepney January 27, 2009

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CJ3B Jeep

capacity: 5-6 persons

This photo above is that of  an old jeep called the  CJ-3B which was built in the early 1950’s and 60’s. With flat front fenders and a higher hood profile this became a common jeep for civilians During World War 2.

The American soldiers  introduced the CJ3B to the Philippines  in the early 1960’s , and since then  it has been widely used…… in a different way.

And we now call it Jeepneys. (see photo below)

Pinoy jeepney2

capacity: 25-30 persons (wow!)

Somehow the Filipinos managed to make additions and upgrades to it.  A roof that reaches to the back end, sidewalls, and they pretty much managed to extend the body enough to accommodate a lot of people… inside, outside, and on top (see photo above).

Filipino ingenuity at it’s best.

3 Critical:

  1. No Exaggeration – let me point this out. I am not exaggerating on the number of capacity a Jeepney can accommodate.
  2. A Typical Jeepney – here’s another truth: a typical jeepney has a lot of  painted designs on the side. has stickers near the dash board saying things like “God Know Hudas Not Pay” or green jokes, on the passengers side has names of the drivers or owners family, and on the front (above the wind sheild) usually has a name of a saint or something catchy for a label.
  3. Only In The Philippines – though some countries have similar vehicles, the jeepney is still best seen and ridden only in the Philippines.