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Scarlet Johansson’s “Used” Tissue on EBay December 20, 2008

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guess what I’m selling…

Hey, what’s with this news I’m hearing.

I guess “Spirits” star Scarlett Johanssonis really testing every fan out there to see how much they love their favorite celebrities. Even the ones on Ebay. Well, since celebrities have been selling all kinds of stuffs (from used dresses, items, etc..) online, ScarJo went a notch higher (or lower, not really sure) by putting up the tissue that she used to blow her nose (from the cold she got from another “Spirits” star Samuel L. Jackson) in auction on Ebay tomorrow, as announced by NBC last Wednesday.

But every bad this has a good side right, so here it is: It seems that the purpose of such actions is aimed at raising funds, where all proceeds will go to the food-gathering charity USA Harvest.

Now what can you say?

3 Critical:

  1. Think – the intention is actually good, but aren’t there any other ways of raising funds?
  2. How Much? – I wonder how much the final price of the item (or items) be.
  3. The Author – now who is the author of this whole idea? I think you deserve an award.