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Malena – Monica Bellucci July 25, 2008

Posted by C0Y in Movies.
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My Wednesday this week was just another movie day spent watching a movie that my friend mentioned to me days before. The movie was “Malena“, and don’t know why I missed this movie which was actually released 8 years ago.

The movie is about 3 things that actually don’t seem to be related. A world at war, a young man coming at his age, and a curse of beauty (or at least that’s how I would describe the film). It stars Monica Bellucci as Malena, a woman envied with her beauty, and Giuseppe Sulfaro as Renato Amoroso, a boy who seems to fall in love with Malena as he grows to his manhood, and a whole lot of interesting things happens between these two characters. I’m not gonna spoil it, and thisis not a review, so I suggest you watch this film.

But there are really more aspects in the film worth noticing, and I believe they call it cinematography, or in-film art. scenes were carefully picked up, the tone of the film is art itself, and you just can’t discount the fact that Monica Bellucci is in every sense the beauty and art in this movie.

If you’re the type who’s appreciative in every aspect of a movie (specially art), then I highly recommend you watch this film. You’ll fall in love with Malena for sure.

3 Critical:

  1. What to feel – this is something weird. After I watched the movie, I actually don’t have an idea what to feel. Tell me when you do.
  2. The Perfect Girl – Monica Bellucci is indeed the perfect girl for the role. The face, the body, the emotion. Her silence in this movie is unbelievable, but all the more it made her so beautiful.
  3. Must Watch – this may not apply to everyone, but if you appreciate more than just the story of the film, you will not regret watching this. It’s art, it poetry in motion, it’s simple, it’s beauty, and it’s weird. In a good way.