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Cake Under Construction April 2, 2009

Posted by C0Y in Art & Literature, Funny, Photos.
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cake under construction - little people art

Now here they again…. the little people of the street art project. I guess I’ve seen far to many impressive “little people” art like these that it made me think about making a blog out it. And a video to promote it.

This time I guess they’re tasked to take down one piece of lovely cake which they seriously do as you can see.

Aren’t they cute?

3 Critical:

  1. Little Big Stars – they are so small that they became big stars in my blog now. How impressive.
  2. How Small? – I’m a bit curious myself, and I’ll devote one weekend to find out how small they really are. But if you can help, then that would be good.
  3. Sweet Work – who wouldn’t love working on a cake right?