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Jennifers Body – Megan Fox July 27, 2008

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The next year (2009) will be packed with a lot of great movies, and just like the saying “With great powers comes great responsibilities”, having great bodies can make you have great movies, and kill a lot.

Now I’m not making sense here.

But anyway, sometime next year, the undeniably sexy Megan Fox will be gracing our screens entirely without robot transforming vehicles this time. In her up coming movie “Jennifers Body“, the fox will play the role of a newly possessed cheerleader eventually becoming a killer who does the trick by luring her male classmates with none other than her irresistible looks and sexy body first before having them placed to her advantage…. and this means someone’s gonna die.

With her camera shuttering looks, I don’t see any of this impossible, and if you find her  really really hot in the Transformers movie, this might just be the movie to break your cameras (or vision) too.

By the way, this is written by Diablo Cody (award winning writer of the movie Juno).
3 Critical:

  1. Megan Fox Cheerleader – if a girl like Hayden Panettiere could look stunning in a cheerleaders outfit, how much more could Megan Fox do.
  2. The Writers Name – I’m talking bout the name “Diablo”…. who would name their babies like that???  But honestly, it sounded cool.
  3. Jennifers Body – who would want to watch Jennifers Body? Just me and a couple million people (mostly males) I’m sure.