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Shia LaBeouf – Just Another DUI July 31, 2008

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By saying DUI, I mean Drunk Under Influence (of whatever it is they’re drinking that night).

So what’s up with Hollywood stars and  DUI‘s? They seem to have been covering a lot of news lately, and just recently, award-winning actor Shia LaBeouf (Transformers) found himself having to be part of the whole Stars DUI thing.

I bet he’s (photo above) saying…. “Ehrrr…. sorry.”

While everyone was concerned about the 5.4 earthquake in LA, Shia was busy shaking things up with booze until he found himself involved in a car accident last Sunday morning. The police said It wasn’t his  fault coz the other driver presumably ran a red light. However, Shia was arrested on misdemeanor DUI charges, but he hasn’t been arraigned yet.

I guess he wasn’t driving this thing (above) otherwise it wouldn’t have happened….. Unless Bumblebee was drunk too.

3 Critical:

  1. No Stunts – this is what every celebrity has to bare in mind, unlike their movies, there are no stunts in the real streets. Be careful. If you’re drunk, better stay in your trunk.
  2. DUI’s – no stars are excused with this thing… why do they act like they are?
  3. Message to Shia – you’re on the best days of you’re career right now, don’t screw it all up… trust me.. you can easily be replaced.