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Ebony and Ivory July 28, 2008

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“Ebony and Ivory….. live together in perfect Harmony… side by side on my piano… keyboard… Lord oh why don’t we….. “

Good news’ always makes me sing, and just a couple of days ago, I heard one that’s worth singing for.

Just last July 11, couples Florence (mom from Ghana in western Africa) and Stephan (dad from Potsdam in Germany) gave birth to twin boys Ryan and Leo, both as cute but surprisingly with different skin colors.

“Ryan came first, and everything was as usual,” said the hospital’s doctor, Birgit Weber. “But when Leo was born, I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

Isn’t this cute? Twins with different skin color. It’s surprisingly cute.

Some say this is a medical miracle, but whatever it is, I guess it’s the worlds way of saying we can all be  together in love and peace…. even our  differences.

And talking bout love, I think it would be sweet to hook them up with Remee and Kian Hodgson (twin girls with different skin colors too) when they grow up.

Don’t you think?

3 Critical:

  1. So Cute – just look at them…. there like the best of both worlds right?
  2. A Message – I hope this somehow gives us the message that colors (or race) won’t, in any way, hinder us from looking good and happy together. If we only live together in peace.
  3. Sing With Me Now – “Ebony .. Ivory… Living in perfect Harmony… Ebony……. Ivory………”