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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Boracay April 4, 2009

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Brad Pitt  and Angelina Jolie in Boracay

Wait!… Is this just Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt I see in the photo, or is it Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Boracay, Philippines?

Ever since a US-registered private plane arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) last friday, non-stop rumors about Brangelina spending the holy week in Boracay has been widely spread in the internet and on the news in the country.

Rumors says that the couple will be gracing a soft opening of one of the ShangriLa Hotels and Resorts‘ four branches in the Philippine, however these rumors were denied by any of the branches stating that the couple is not among their guests.

bradpitt-angelinajolie-philippinesShangrila’s representative in Boracay also denied that a certain Joy Wassmer (the alias that Angelina Jolie usually uses), booked a room with them for the week.

However, a source from the resort confirmed that a representative of the couple booked a suite during the Lenten season.

3 Critical:

  1. Good One – if it’s a rumor, it’s a good one.. if not, it’s also one good news.
  2. Marketing Move?- is it just a rumor or something like a marketing effort to promote something. ? Good question.
  3. Joy Wassmer – now that we know her alias, we might be more active on hearing names this time. Who knows, we might just bum into Angelina one day.

Who’s On The Covers – Angelina Jolie December 23, 2008

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The Germans certainly know how to start of the year (even if it haven’t started yet) by choosing one, if not , the hottest mom there is in Hollywoood today, Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie will be gracing the covers of Germany’s Cosmopolitan magazine for January 2009, and this cover (above) really would give the Germans something to look forward to for the next year.

The magazine will be covering the story of how she finds time for her family, acting career and commitment as a UN ambassador. And Brad of course.

2009 would defintely be a good year for the Germans.

3 Critical:

  1. Somebody Else – I really thought it was somebody else when I saw this cover in the internet.
  2. Photoshoped? – do we really need to ask this? Or is there anyone that beautiful to be exempted from being edited?
  3. Still Is – whatever Angelina Jolie is years ago, is still the same. Sexy, hot, seductive, and sexy. (Did I say sexy again?)

Surgeries & Celebrities October 29, 2008

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When people get older, they usually look older too, and by older I mean less appealing than what we used to look like when we were still that fresh-faced young one. But in the world of celebrities, this thing is almost always never the case. And their secret (but everyone knows) is Facial Rejuvenation.

Facial Rejuvination by the way is the process of applying facial surgery to reverse aging, and the good things is as time goes by it also becomes less of a big deal (thanks to celebrities), so whether your a celebrity or just somebody with a wide budget and intention to defy age, then you can simply apply for one. And since it’s widely accepted by the public these days, all you have to do is  Schedule a Consultation, consider some options, pay the doctors, let them perform the surgery, and see the results.

Here are some of the celebrities who have defied their ages:

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen | Britney Spears

Paris Hilton | Angelina Jolie | Victoria Beckham

There are actually a lot of options when it comes to surgeries, and it is important to understand that, no matter how safe some may promise it to be, you’re still making a great risk so I guess it is only advisable to consult any Advanced Aesthetics Associates first before deciding.

Now here’s my question… Are you ready to look your best?  It’s all up to you.

3 Critical:

  1. Practical – some say it’s practical specially if your job is to look good all the time… but by that they mean setting the cost of it aside.
  2. Nothings Impossible – the advancement of health and technology really is giving a lot of truth to this phrase.
  3. A Risky Investment – with the amount of money to be spent on surgeries like these, it is enough to be considered an investment… and we all know investments can be risky so it is highly advisable to understand every aspect and possibilities before entering such activities.

Who is the Better Lara Croft? August 15, 2008

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The New Lara Croft

As constant as the sun shines every morning, there is always room for changes. And this is what Eidos (Game Publisher) did by bringing in a new face for the real-life iconic adventurer Lara Croft for Tomb Raider: Underworld. What Eidos had in mind was bringing a little touch of reality to the whole character making her more lithe, and flexibly graceful (like a gymnast) to match the personality of an adventuresome archeologist like the character really is.

And so there came Alison Carroll, a 23-year old an English Gymnast (flexible huh?) and model.

“Tomb Raider: Underworld depicts Lara as we have never seen her before with movements and skills reminiscent of a highly skilled gymnast. Sharing Lara’s strength and grace, Alison is an experienced competitive gymnast who has performed and competed across the globe. Her more than 12 years of gymnastics training align perfectly with the game’s enhanced movement set.” – Eidos

The “Old Lara Croft

Some might say nothing beats the half of Brangelina playing the role of Lara Croft, but hey, why not give it a try right?

3 Critical:

  1. Got More – between Angelina and Alison, I have to say Alison has more. (If you know what I mean)
  2. The Moves – a veteran gymnast to play he role would really make a lot of differences… trust me, a back flip is not the hardest thing for her to do.
  3. Old vs. New – Angelina (old) is got the sexy looks, is thinner, more famous, but older. Alison is new, full of talent, just the right body, got the looks, and is way younger. So what do you say?

Wanted (2008) – Trailer April 7, 2008

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Just when I taught I’ve seen all the impossibilities become a possibility in the movie screen, this new upcoming movie “Wanted” comes along. And trust me, it definitely is a kick as movie. And now I’m freeing all my space for a lot of good movies to download.

The movie tells the tale of one apathetic nobody’s transformation into an unparalleled enforcer of justice. It starts with Wesley Gibson (James Mcavoy), a 25 year old nobody who gets ignored by his own girlfriend, picked on by his boss, and basically has everything seem like a bad luck until he met Fox (Angelina Jolie), in not the best way possible, who recruited him in some a secret society of assassins where his (recently murdered) father was a member of, to somehow help them avenge his fathers death. While he prepares for revenge, a wise man in the name of Sloan (Morgan Freeman) teaches him what he never thought anyone (most specially himself) could do, as he slowly discovers the unbreakable code for which his father lived up until his death: to carry out the death orders given by fate itself.

As Wes slowly walks his father’s footsteps, he began to realize danger of the whole thing, but despite it all, he learned one important thing. He alone controls his destiny.

But I tell this, you better watch this video to really understand why (maybe) Angelina Jolie is not the hottest thing in this movie. Trust me, it’s worth watching.

3 Critical:
  1. HOT HOT HOT – bullet bending? HOT. Angelina Jolie? HOT. Bullet bending Angelina Jolie? HOT HOT HOT.
  2. Is This Possible? – basically we can do it in soccer, we can do it in baseball, we can do it in football, but can we really bend the direction of the bullet?
  3. Kick Ass Old Man!!! – now who ever said Morgan Freeman was a slow man? Bending bullets may be a part of his bucket list. Now you tell me who’s old.