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Earth Hour – Vote Earth! March 28, 2009

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earth hour logo

Wherever you are in the world today (March 28, 2009) I highly encourage you to join this once in a year international event called the Earth Hour.

Joining is easy. All you have to do is to turn off non-essential lights and electrical appliances for one hour to raise awareness towards the need to take action on climate change. The event will start at 8:30PM local time, wherever you live on planet earth.

By the way, it is organised by the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature/World Wildlife Fund).

earth hour logo

Earth Hour” heavily focuses on our campaign against global warming, but this year they transformed the event to seem similar to an election where people of all ages, nationalities, race and background have the opportunity to use their light switch as their vote – Switching off your lights is a vote for Earth, or leaving them on is a vote for global warming.

WWF are urging the world to VOTE EARTH in hopes of reaching the target of 1 billion votes, which will be presented to world leaders at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009.

Now let’s unite and turn off those lights at 8:30 pm, whichever part in the world you live. let’s VOTE EARTH.

3 Critical:

  1. So Easy – joining and casting a vote is really that easy. And we can save mankind thisway.
  2. Let’s Vote Now! – for one hour, let us be one with the whole world. Let’s make it a better place.
  3. Cellphones? – somebody actually asked me this… but I guess cellphones are also included, but that will be up to you. You might have some important calls to make, so it’s something optional.

The ‘NEW’ Three Stooges March 27, 2009

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Remember Larry, Moe, and Curly most commonly known as a group called the Three Stooges ? Don’t worry – I’m not gonna talk about your age. But if you do then this good news is certainly for you.

MGM and the Farrelly Brothers are finally giving a go signal to their upcoming project “The Three Stooges,” a comedy that the filmmakers have been developing for years. And here’s the better news, the cast includes BIG names such as Sean Penn (set to play Larry), Jim Carrey (in negotiations to play Curly), and Benicio del Toro (rumored possibility for the brothers’ taciturn leader, Moe).

The studio is positive to start production in the fall for a 2010 release date target.

The film is not a biopic but a fictional treatment that maintains the Stooges’ gleeful slap schtick updated for a modern theme.

Included in the story line is an opening that shows the Stooges as kids (can you believe this?) in an orphanage.

3 Critical:

  1. Wow – now this is a good movie to bring back to life.
  2. The Cast – not everyone is a comedian in the chosen cast, but given their talent, the roles won’t be a big problem.
  3. Fans? – are their anyone besides me who are still fans of the show? Raise your hands please.

Canon Kiss X3 – Video Recording DSLR March 26, 2009

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Canon Kiss X3 500d - video recording DSLR

Aside from its handy quality, the only thing that is a clear advantage of having a normal point-and-shoot camera against a Digital SLR camera is it’s video recording feature. And let me just say that this is the only thing I can brag about my point-and-shoot camera against those with D-SLR’s (mostly because I don’t have a D-SLR yet).

But I guess the days are coming to an end because of the birth of Canon‘s  Kiss X3 a.k.a. the 500D. This new thing is a DSLR with full HD video recording capabilities.

The specs:

  • 15.1Mpix, ISO 3200 (with a 12800 Mode)
  • Digic IV
  • Full HD Video recording (1080p) at only 20fps
  • Record video on SDHC
  • 9 AF Point
  • HDMI Out
  • 3” LCD With LiveView

Canon Kiss X3 500d - video recording DSLR

The Canon Kiss X3 will be out in April 2009, and as far as I know, the retail price would be  $800.  And this is still an entry-level camera.

Now what do I have left to brag? Nothing, but mine is still better to me. Haha.

3 Critical:

  1. Bad News – it’s price is a bit high, but were talking about a Canon camera here.
  2. Good News – with it’s video recording feature, this camera is just about anything you need to bring.
  3. Weirdness – ok imagine yourself video-ing something with a D-SLR… isn’t it a bit weird? They might think your just making a joke or something.

Freida Pinto, Frienda Pinto, & More. March 20, 2009

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The multi-awarded movie “Slumdog Millionaire” may have almost everything this year, but if you ask me who the real winner is, I’d have to say it’s “Latika!” (slumdog boy voice).

No matter what everybody says, I’d still go for Freida Pinto as the HOTTEST girl in town today (sorry Megan Fox). Her beauty might be a little Emmanuelle Chriqui-ish but let’s just say she had a better timing in entering the world of celebrity.

Just to give you a clue on how HOT she is right now, I will show you 6 Magazines that made her the cover girl, and it all happened just days or weeks or month’s after the movie was first showed to the public. (note: these are not the only magazines with her on the cover… but it’s the best ones that I found.)

freida-pinto-maxim freida-pinto-cosmopolitan freida-pinto-vogue

freida-pinto-anokhi freida-pinto-vanities freida-pinto-audrey

See what I mean? Now let me just tell you this…. the thing that’s happening to her, the awards, the Bond-girl rumors, the magazine covers, and the Woody Allen film casting (not to mention the millions she’s earning)… this doesn’t happen to every 24 year old girl who’s a part of an award winning film.

This just simply means that she’s got what everybody thinks they’re looking for in a celebrity…. and I still don’t know what that is.


To tell you the truth, I don’t know half of what I’m saying here, and I just thought Freida Pinto‘s gotta be blogged about to day. It doesn’t matter what it’s about, as long as it’s about her. So if you’re a blogger, and you happen to read this one…. please blog about her too and see what the world thinks.

3 Critical:

  1. The Name – it’s gotta mean something right?..
  2. A Campaign – for those who happen to read this.. this is a campaign to bring more Freida Pinto into our movies.
  3. Left Smile – did yo notice anything about most of her photos? She seems to love that left side smile right huh! Well I love it too. 🙂

Manny Pacquiao’s KO – A Warning To Ricky Hatton March 18, 2009

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Manny Pacquiao in Serious mode

serious mode for pacman

If there’s anyone more focused and drop dead serious about the May 2 Manny Pacquiao vs. Ricky Hatton fight at the MGM in Las Vegas, it definitely is Manny “Pacman’ Pacquiao. I’ll show you why.

The following photos were taken during yesterday’s sparring session at the Wildcard Gym in Los Angeles. – Photo by Miguel Salazar / MP Promotions.

In this scene , you can see Manny Pacquiao‘s sparring partner Art Hovhannesyan (a pretty respectable boxer from Glendale, California), diving to the canvas after being hit by Pacquiao’s left cross. And let me just remind you, this happened with Art Hovhannesyan in full sparring gear. And did I mention it’s only the first day of Manny‘s training? Well I just did.

Pacquiao downs sparring partner

Pacquiao downs sparring partner

The next photo (below) shows you another left cross by Pacquiao, and by this time I’m pretty sure someone’s seeing stars already. If things continue to run this way, I bet Coach Freddy Roach will have a hard time looking for Sparring Partners.

I guess this clearly send a message to Ricky Hatton and his crew. And the message probably says: “Quit talking and start training, cause Pacquiao is coming… coming to give you one beating”

Pacquiao hits sparring partner with left blow

left hook hits sparring partners face

Now in the next photo, you will see Hovhannesyan’s trainer working on the cut on the upper eye-lid sustained during yesterday’s sparring session.

Let me just remind you that this happened even with full sparring gear, so mr. Hatton better make his face harder than those protective gears or practice not being hit which is highly doubtful if you ask me.

Left Eye Torn - Pacquiao's Sparring Partner

left eye-lid cut… bad sign for Hatton

Here’s what Manny has to say….

“I always like new challenges and this is why I am excited to fight Ricky Hatton,”“My trainer Freddie Roach will put together a new game plan which will be much different than the one we used against Oscar (de la Hoya). Hatton is a very strong puncher so I must deal with that in the ring. I promise I will be completely prepared and will do my best for all of my fans in the Philippines and around the world.”

Now I don’t know what you guys are thinking, but the way I see it… it’s going to be another win for THE BEST pound for pound boxer in the world today…. Manny”pacman” Pacquiao.

3 Critical:

  1. Certainty – everytime Manny puts on his serious face, specially on the first day f training, a win is always certain.
  2. Who’s Next? – will the question be “who’s next?” after this fight, or will it be a “what’s next?” this time. Please no politics.
  3. Better Train – unless Hatton plans on loosing this one, he better spend the last few days training and training some more. If he beat’s Pacquiao’s training, there just might be a chance he’ll beat him. MIGHT.

Lie To Me – The Truth Is Written All Over Our Face March 18, 2009

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lie to me on fox

I can’t live a day without downloading a movie or a tv-series. That is a fact. And everytime I have nothing more to download, I look for new series’ or complete season tv-shows on torrent sites just to get my day complete.

And where did this led me last week? Fox’s new Drama series “Lie To Me“.

Lie To Me is a compelling new drama from the producers of 24. It stars Tim Roth (yes, the one in “The Incredible Hulk“) as Dr. Lightman, the world’s leading deception expert who studies facial expressions and involuntary body language to discover not only if someone is lying, but why. When someone shrugs one shoulder, rotates a hand or raises the lower lip, Lightman knows he’s lying. – thanks to Fox.com

lie to me cast

And here are the casts:

Tim Roth Dr. Cal Lightman
Kelli Williams Dr. Gillian Foster
Monica Raymund Ria Torres
Brendan Hines Eli Loker

One great thing I love about the show, aside from it’s unique concept, is the way they present certain similarities in facial expressions with the shows characters, and real life ones (Clinton, Jessica Simpson, etc..) everytime there is a certain expression to take note.

By the way, the show is based on the real-life scientific discoveries of Dr. Paul Ekman.

3 Critical:

  1. The Concept – you might be bored of CSI-like shows, or the monyk. but this one’s really something else. Watching it is highly recommended.
  2. Tim Roth – is it just me or does this guy look like an Al Pacino combined with a little bit of Andy Garcia. Talent included.
  3. My Lens – my lens about the different expression will be complete soon. I’ll be placing the link here. Hope you’ll wait.

How Hot Is Slumdog Millionaire? March 16, 2009

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(trust me, I won’t be talking about the awards and box office sales on this one.)

Ok. So they’ve won almost all awards in this years numerous movie awards, and they’ve made such a fortune out of it, but my real question is? How hot is the movie Slumdog Millionaire?

Well if we talk about hot, we have to start with “Latika” herself Freida Pinto.

Well ever since this Mumbai-born professional model made her debut in the film “Slumdog Millionaire”, a lot of people have begun to notice everything about her (from the looks to the body that is) and just as expected, numerous offers are already ringing for this young talent. This includes a yet untitled Woody Allen movie where she is already casted along with the names of Anthony Hopkins, Antonio Banderas, and Naomi Watts. But that’s not it.

Well rumors say’s that the movie (specially Freida) had so much impact that she is even in discussion of being the next Bond Girl for yet another Daniel Craig 007 movie. Now isn’t that hot?

Nicole Scherzinger of The Pussycat Dolls

Slumdog Millionaire inspired sexy outfit

But that’s not it…. when a pussycat-doll-sexy girl like Nicole Scherzinger wears something inspired by a movie, you have to say that movie’s really something else.

Am I right?

3 Critical:

  1. Millionaire – like the title of their movies, I guess we can say they all are millionaires now.
  2. Freida Pinto – now she is one great girl for a lot of roles. Keep them coming please.
  3. The Next Bond? – does anyone know what the next bond movie will be? Please let me know.

Anna Torv is Olivia Dunham March 12, 2009

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Anna torv

I’ve been watching Fox‘s new Sci-Fi drama Fringe lately and everything about the show seems to interest me. But one character in particular really captured my (and my eyes) attention.

And that character is Olivia Dunham played by, yet another J.J. Abrams discoveries, Anna Torv.

Olivia Dunham is a driven and intelligent FBI Agent who is very open-minded and is willing to do anything for those she loves. Anything including placing herself in a tank half-filled with water that can make her get inside the consciousness of her presumably dead lover allowing her to access what ever memory her lover has. And just to point it out, this process is so risky that even Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble) doesn’t recommend it. But so far, she’s tried it 3 times already this season.

Anna torv

Well, the character and Anna Torv herself is not really the head turner type of girl, and I even doubted her appeal at first, but somehow (a couple of episodes later) I begin to see what J.J. Abrams saw in her.

Maybe it’s the way she moves, or the way she smiles, or even the way she plays a determined but confused character so well. But whatever it is, I guess it’s making me (and a lot of you) love her more.

anna torv

By the way, as the story unfolds in the show, I’m beginning to see a bit of romance between her character Olivia Dunham, and Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson – Dawsons Creek).

I’m inviting you all to watch “Fringe” and when you do, tell me what you think about her cause I just felt like blogging about her today.

3 Critical:

  1. Anna’s Beginnings – for those who are interested, Anna graduated in Australia’s National Institute of Dramatic Art in 2001 and has performed on stage with the Bell Shakespeare Company.
  2. J.J. Who? – J.J. Abrams is more known to be the man who discovered TV talents such as Keri Russell (Felicity), Jennifer Garner (Alias), and Evangeline Lilly (Lost).
  3. Fringe Means… – not really sure. Found definitions in the internet, but nothing really fits what the movie says it is.

Im Darth Man Mom…. March 11, 2009

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I'm Darth Man!

“Darth Man”

Some people say creativity, at the very least, can be seen in the first few years of a persons life. The stage called “childhood”. The time where playing seems to be the only thing worth thinking of and not bills, appointments, or any other things opposite to the word fun.

Maybe something like this photo above would help you guys understand what I mean.

I’m not sure though if this is a glimpse of someone’s creativity, or just a plain confusion caused by watching two movies consecutively….. overnight.

I bet he’s wondering what voice to his character should have… the robotic “I am your father Luke” or the broad voiced “I am Batman”.

3 Critical:

  1. Dad – is the person I bet is somewhat responsible for the mixed-up costume.
  2. Looks Good – I mean, it’s not that bad right?
  3. Darth Man! – so will Bruce Wayne ever be a Jedi?…

Girl Named Manila Santos March 9, 2009

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Manila Santos - La Salle Volleyball MVP

If the championship series between the green rivals Far Eastern University and the De LaSalle University’s was a story of one girls’ triumph and determination to win, it would be about the story of a girl named Manila “ila” Santos, team captain of the De LaSalle Archers womens volleyball team who ended up as the Champions in the 71st Womens Volleyball Championships just last night (Sunday, Philippines).

Ila Santos was on her final game as a collegiate player yesterday and she ended it the best way any team captain win a series…  winning the Finals MVP of the tournament with 16 points including three straight in a pivotal 5-1 finish to dethrone last year’s titlists, Lady Tamaraws.

Manila Santos - La Salle Volleyball MVP

But winning the MVP was not the only thing she was proud of that night. Giving the school it’s fifth title as the captain was something truly worth remembering as well.

The game scores: 25-19, 20-25, 25-21, 25-21, and all of this happened  on a jam packed  “The Arena “in San Juan.

3 Critical:

  1. The Name – Manila… I’ve always thought it was something special.. and I was right.
  2. Long Time – I loved her then when she was still no the captain, and I love her now. It’s been a long and what a way to end it.
  3. Pretty – is it just me or is does this girl look as good as she plays. She’s pretty!