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Pocket Fisheye Camera April 6, 2009

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Ever since I got into liking photography that much, I’ve always wanted to try taking shots with a Fish Eye camera. But I don’t have a D-SLR camera, and if I did, I still don’t have the budget to buy one.

I guess I share this with many that’s why Demekin invented this Pocket Fisheye Camera. And guess what, it costs $38 only. Something I might be able to buy.


By the way, with 2″w, 2″d, approx 2″h, it is indeed the smallest functional camera around, and the first 110 camera with a fisheye lens.

Don’ worry, this also ges with a hole at the bottom for your tripod and has a  1/100 shutter speed; f/8.9 wide angle aperture; and 1:13.5 lens. And just to remind yo guys, “110” means it’s a film camera and not digital.

3 Critical:

  1. Better Photos – it’s almost always that  photos look better when taken with fisheye lenses.  This is a fact.
  2. How Small? – let’s just say it’s just a bot bigger than  the film it carries. That small.
  3. Digital Please – one day, someones gonna make a digital fisheye camera as small as this. But since it’s not yet here, we all just have to say please I guess.


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