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Canon Kiss X3 – Video Recording DSLR March 26, 2009

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Canon Kiss X3 500d - video recording DSLR

Aside from its handy quality, the only thing that is a clear advantage of having a normal point-and-shoot camera against a Digital SLR camera is it’s video recording feature. And let me just say that this is the only thing I can brag about my point-and-shoot camera against those with D-SLR’s (mostly because I don’t have a D-SLR yet).

But I guess the days are coming to an end because of the birth of Canon‘s  Kiss X3 a.k.a. the 500D. This new thing is a DSLR with full HD video recording capabilities.

The specs:

  • 15.1Mpix, ISO 3200 (with a 12800 Mode)
  • Digic IV
  • Full HD Video recording (1080p) at only 20fps
  • Record video on SDHC
  • 9 AF Point
  • HDMI Out
  • 3” LCD With LiveView

Canon Kiss X3 500d - video recording DSLR

The Canon Kiss X3 will be out in April 2009, and as far as I know, the retail price would be  $800.  And this is still an entry-level camera.

Now what do I have left to brag? Nothing, but mine is still better to me. Haha.

3 Critical:

  1. Bad News – it’s price is a bit high, but were talking about a Canon camera here.
  2. Good News – with it’s video recording feature, this camera is just about anything you need to bring.
  3. Weirdness – ok imagine yourself video-ing something with a D-SLR… isn’t it a bit weird? They might think your just making a joke or something.


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