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The DOS Pillow February 28, 2009

Posted by C0Y in Computers, Funny.

code pillows

DOS pillow

When you live in the world of codes and are fascinated by the way a certain letters and numbers do wonders in a big black screen, then you’re definitely a “Computer Programmer”.

And what do computer programmers have in common? …. The lack of SLEEP (mostly because they don’t know where the syntax error is). And this lack of sleep is really a health threat even if they don’t believe it.

Good thing someone bothered to make the DOS Pillow (photo above)

Now every programmer ca sleep soundly in the presence of  the big black screen and the DOS prompt.

3 Critical:

  1. Perfect Idea – they may be capable of making computers think, but a pillow is not one they would bother. Making this a perfect idea.
  2. Where To Buy? – I’m sure it can;t be downloaded either, so I was really hoping someone would have any info.
  3. Define Sleep – do programmers define sleep as a 1-2 (if lucky) hours of constant closing of the eyes? That is a question.


1. berlin - February 28, 2009


2. grace - March 18, 2009

i want one!

C0Y - March 18, 2009

Hahaha… I want two!

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