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The Voice – Joanna Ampil February 26, 2009

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Joanna Ampil

If Angels are graced with true beauty and a peacefully graceful voice, then one might consider this girl an Angel on stage. And her names is Joanna Ampil.

Joanna is a Filipina musical theatre actress who began her acting career when she was chosen to play the role of  Kim in the London production of  Miss Saigon”.

She was invited by Sir Cameron Mackintosh to perform the same role in the Australian Premiere at the Capitol Theatre in Sydney which earned her an Australian “MO” award nomination for Best Musical Theatre Performer.


On 1996, she came back to London and was handpicked by Lord Andrew  LLoyd Webber to play the role of  Mary Magdalene in his new production of “Jesus Christ Superstar” at the Lyceum Theatre. Something no Filipina theatre singer (Including miss Lea Salonga) has experienced.

Other highlights include playing roles in: West Side Story (Maria), Les Miserables (Fantine), Hair (Sheila Franklin), and Rent (Mimi).

Aside from her theatre achievements, Joanna has also appeared in several concerts, radio and TV programs globally, helped in several charity projects, workshops, and documentaries.

A World Class Artist. A Proud Filipina. A helping heart.That’s  Joanna Ampil.

3 Critical:

  1. World Class – an artist of her talent and achievement really deserves to be called “world class”.
  2. Her Own – a lot of people may always compare her to yet another Filipina world Class artist Lea Salonga, but I honestly hinkg she is her own. Joanna is Joanna.
  3. Voice Range? – Soprano and Mezzo-Soprano


1. AA - March 18, 2009

“Something no Filipina theatre singer (Including miss Lea Salonga) has experienced.”

Yeah, BUT that’s just one compared to Lea’s many. Not to mention a Tony or Olivier or get to perform for Q. Elizabeth II and Diana.

Joana’s good but I hope she’ll do something that is “her own”. Singing song and playing roles quite in line with Lea Salonga, people won’t stop comparing her. Lea has already perfected and “owns” her craft so people will just compare Joana to her.

C0Y - March 18, 2009

Leah Salonga will always be The Leah Salonga, but Joanna is another person. I’m pretty sure he wants to be identified as herself and not “another Leah Salonga”.

I really have no intention of belittling miss Leah with this, I just wanted to point out that she has an award that Mis Leah didn’t have. I can’t and won’t say which one is better between them.

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