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Pinoy Jeepney January 27, 2009

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CJ3B Jeep

capacity: 5-6 persons

This photo above is that of  an old jeep called the  CJ-3B which was built in the early 1950’s and 60’s. With flat front fenders and a higher hood profile this became a common jeep for civilians During World War 2.

The American soldiers  introduced the CJ3B to the Philippines  in the early 1960’s , and since then  it has been widely used…… in a different way.

And we now call it Jeepneys. (see photo below)

Pinoy jeepney2

capacity: 25-30 persons (wow!)

Somehow the Filipinos managed to make additions and upgrades to it.  A roof that reaches to the back end, sidewalls, and they pretty much managed to extend the body enough to accommodate a lot of people… inside, outside, and on top (see photo above).

Filipino ingenuity at it’s best.

3 Critical:

  1. No Exaggeration – let me point this out. I am not exaggerating on the number of capacity a Jeepney can accommodate.
  2. A Typical Jeepney – here’s another truth: a typical jeepney has a lot of  painted designs on the side. has stickers near the dash board saying things like “God Know Hudas Not Pay” or green jokes, on the passengers side has names of the drivers or owners family, and on the front (above the wind sheild) usually has a name of a saint or something catchy for a label.
  3. Only In The Philippines – though some countries have similar vehicles, the jeepney is still best seen and ridden only in the Philippines. 


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