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Chess Ain’t Boring… Anymore. January 12, 2009

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Alexandra Kosteniuk - Russian model and grandmaster

Alexandra Kosteniuk (grandmaster/aspiring model)

Who ever told you that Chess is a boring game… is right. I myself would agree to that, but that was years and ages ago. And Garry Kasparov was still the name associated with the game.

But today, with a lot of evolution going through in different sports, we can clearly see some changes with game and the players as well. Take these two grandmasters – Alexandra Kosteniuk (on top) and Kateryna Lohno (below) – for instance. Now both of them have been world champions, and are really making waves in the sport like the ol’ grandmasters do… but they look way better playing the game…. and that I think is important. I bet they have fans now.

Kateryna Lahno - grandmaster

Kateryna Lohno (grandmaster/model material)

Honestly, if you ask me now, I would say Chess ain’t a boring game anymore. The game is still the same, the rules are still the same, it still is a thinking game, and it still is that boring if you think of it, but the players or the grandmasters … you can say they’re hot now. Good Thing.

3 Critical:

  1. Wow! – I never thought the game produces players this beautiful.
  2. Pretty Serious – I guess this are the perfect words to describe them.
  3. Not Bad – knowing hat these girls are not just looks, but brains as well. And I bet there are a lot more players looking this good out there.


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