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The Girls of “Street Fighter: Legends of Chun Li” January 5, 2009

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Moon Blooodgod

Just one more month to go and were going to see one of the most awaited films this 2009. And I’m talking about none other than (another movie adaptation of the game) Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li.  But this time, the people won’t be waiting just to see another JCVD (Jean-Claude Van Damme) round house kick, but two beautiful and sexy girls namely Kristen Kreuk (played Lana Lang on Smallville) & Moon Bloodgod (Pathfinder, and will star on Terminator).

Don’t tell me this isn’t good enough reasons for you to watch.


Kristen Kreuk

Kristen Kreuk will be playing Chun Li, an undercover Interpol agent who joined a fighting tournament (Street Fighter) to make her way to way getting to M. Bison (the tournaments founder) to avenge the death of her family… and probably do a lot of kicking, while Moon Bloodgod plays Detective Maya Sunee, a new character added to the Street Fighter Universe, and is only seen in the movie (so don’t worry if you haven’t seen her in the game). By the way. Maya is a Bangkok Gangland Homicide who sexily drives a Ducati.

Now all we ahve to do is INSERT COIN and PRESS START.

3 Critical:

  1. Whoooh! – this ain’t a word, but I’ll say it anyway.
  2. Finally – the old adaptations of the games have been sub par on my opinion, and I’m really witing for a good Street Fighter movie to come. I guessthis will be the one.
  3. Moon Bloodgod – may just be another name, but it sounds more like a goddess to me. More movies please.


1. summer - April 29, 2009

HI Kristen Kreuk MY NAME IS SUMMER I AM 14 yers old and i think you are so pritty and i love you so much

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