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Celebrities And Tablecloths December 31, 2008

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Scarlett Johansson wearing tablecloth

Here’s an interesting fact just for you all: No matter how big the celebrities are, there will still be a time when they will dig into their old tablecloths to make some sort of gown to wear.

Unbelievable? Check these photos.

Yes that’s FHM’s hottest girl of 2008 Scarlett Johansson and “describe all you ant, she’s still famous” Paris Hilton, and they’re both wearing… yes you’ve guessed it… TABLECLOTH’s.


Now is this good or is this bad?

Whatever it is, they’ve already done it… and somehow, someone will be doing what they did. Poor tables.

3 Critical:

  1. Looks Bad – specially for someone we used to see wearing sexy “almost none” clothes.
  2. Why? – is it for fashion, criticism, or attention? Or just a paair of extra tablecloths.
  3. A Lot Actually – come to think of it, there actually are a lot of celebrities wearing tablecloth’s nowadays. Even guys. So sad.


1. stephanie numan - December 31, 2008

Love the look of this theme, canít wait to test it out when I get home tonight It looks very ďpersonalĒ and gives the feel it beingdone by hand rather than a computer.

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