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Kobe’s “NEW” Low-Cut Shoes December 21, 2008

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Kobe Bryan low top shoes nike

Zoom Kobe IV LA Lakers – 11.6 ounces

If you’ve seen the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat game last Friday, then you’ve probably noticed something new on Kobe Bryant. He’s still making he same points, still playing the same game, but let’s just say he feels lighter.

We got his new shoes to thank for that.

Nike‘s new creation, and Kobe’s new signature shoes (or sneakers) weights just about 11.6 ounces (20 percent lighter than the average Nike basketball shoe), making it the lightest basketball shoe Nike has created, and Bryant is definitely convinced that the switch will make the most sense for his game.

Kobe Bryan low top shoes nike

The shoe is expected to hit U.S. stores

in February, with a $120 price tag.

It was actually Kobe’s idea, bringing a soccer-like shoes on the hardcourt, and with the help of Eric Avar (Nike’s performance footwear creative director), it was made possible with one goal: Create the lowest, lightest basketball shoe ever.

I think he’s planning on changing the way the people think about what a basketball shoe should be. That of course is referring to having low-cut’s and less ankle support.

In an interview, Bryant said: “I’m not worried about rolling an ankle. “If you come down on somebody’s foot,” he said, “you’re going to roll your ankle and there’s not a lot you can do about it.”

kobe bryant promoting new shoes

“It’s more about what I needed as an athlete, me, myself,” Bryant said. “When I play, how do I feel when I wear the shoe? When I wear high-tops, how did I feel? What would I like to see improve in the shoes? What would I like to see perform better? From that, in our meetings, I would just throw all this stuff to them and they would come back with the technology necessary.”

Now is this the answer to his Championship Dream? We’ll see.

By the way, you can see some of the available colors here.

3 Critical:

  1. Good Point – when asked about the effects of this creation, Kobe said it will make himself a better player… and those who would wear too, so it pretty much levels the field on a higher note.
  2. Reinvention – now this is reinvention at it’s finest. If it works for Kobe, then I can see a transition from high-cut’s to low-cuts already.
  3. With Less Comes More – with less weight, there probably would be more speed, more action, and more high flying dunks. Just what we needed.


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