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Pinoy Obama Pictures – “Leaked” December 17, 2008

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Obama Filipino Version  - Pinoy Obama

We Filipinos, or “Pinoys” for short, have always been known to be good at making our own version of things just to keep in phase with the ever changing advancement in different industries like technology, sports, and etc..

Technologically-wise, we may still be a bit behind compared to some Asian countries, but socially, we will always be in phase. Just like these photos.

Obama Filipino Version  - Pinoy Obama

Since Obama was a really hot person in the news these days, it didn’t take long for us Pinoys to make our own version of him. And yes, he got some votes and supporters too (as you can see in the photos).

Obama Filipino Version  - Pinoy Obama

Now w don’t get us wrong. We all do this just for fun just to get away with the daily stress and because were pretty good at it. Laughter is the best medicine after all.

3 Critical:

  1. Like A Clone – is it just me or does this guy look like a clone?
  2. He Can Pose – like Obama, this guy can pose too.
  3. The Jeans – unlike Obama though, this guy is more hip cause if you look closely… he’s wearing jeans and a suit. This is where he won the game.


1. allan - December 17, 2008

This one is great. hahaha

2. Rob - December 17, 2008

Sheeeet… I like it…

3. gill gomez - December 17, 2008

barack opo-na!! hilarious!

4. only in the philippines - January 5, 2009

ayos to tol! Can I republish the pics in my blog?


C0Y - January 6, 2009

sure pare. Spread the face,,…. 🙂

5. aldi - January 12, 2009

pinoy? seriously? he’s indonesian. http://www.hai-online.com/article.php?name=/barack-obama-berkunjung-ke-hai&channel=ur_turn%2Ffoto.

He’s a photographer from indonesian magazine, Hai.

C0Y - January 12, 2009

My apologies… it was just emailed to me and labeles as pinoy obama…. 🙂

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