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LED Hourglass Lantern by: Young Bok Kim December 13, 2008

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LED Hourglass by Young Bok Kim

No, this is not a chair this time. This is one of the less necessary but still interestingly creative and impressive LED Hourglass Lantern by Young Bok Kim.

This thing actually works like the normal hourglasses but instead of sand, it uses a LED. Smaller ones (like those used in bugle games) are not yet available though, but this one looks pretty goods in a dark room.

LED Hourglass by Young Bok Kim

By the way, you can adjust the duration of the flow of light by twisting the two halves like what you see on the photo above.

LED Hourglass by Young Bok Kim

Look how cool this looks. Well, if you want other gadgets as creative as these LED Hourglass Lamps, then you might wanna check Yanko Design. It’s where these things are created.

3 Critical:

  1. Rechargeable? – I don’t know if these things are battery powered, or if they are rechargeable. Does anyone know?
  2. Great Gift – there are those who love to be different, and to have something weird. This would be a great gift for them. I would be happy to have one.
  3. Alarm & Colors – this would have been better if it had an alarm system, or a digital counter will do, and perhaps more colors. Let just see how it does soon.


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