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“Revolutionary Road” – Leonardo di Caprio And Kate Winslet December 5, 2008

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revolutionary-road poster - leanordo dicaprio and kaet winslet

“Near…. far…. wherever you are…”

I guess (near or far) they knew they were going to be together in a movie one more time…. but definitely not a sequel of the Titanic (sorry fans).

Well, looks like were going to see Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet back in the big screen (together) in the upcoming movie “Revolutionary Road“. This time there won’t be any big boats, and there won’t be any ice bergs.

The movie is based on a novel by Richard Yates, and its a romantic drama about a young couple (Leo and Kate), both struggling with their personal lives while trying to raise their two children.

The movie tries to capture the story of two individuals trying to find the answers  to the queston: “How do you break free without breaking apart?”

Just like Titanic huh!

Maybe this (having a movie together) was what Rose meant when she said “never let go of your promise Jack…. never let go..”.

3 Critical:

  1. The ER’s – now that they’re togethER, and oldER, will this movie be bettER?
  2. Good Idea? – the idea of bringing them back together… will this work here?
  3. Titanic Fans – I bet the Titanic fans will be watching this… Do I hear Celine singing again???


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