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Who’s On The Covers December 1, 2008

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Roxanne McKee on Maxim

When your agent gets you to cover in some really hot magazines, then you’re either on your way to “more” fame, or bringing the old stuff for a great comeback. And this is the story of the two celebrities in the covers of two of the hottest magazines: Rolling Stone & Maxim.

Let’s start with Maxim. On the covers of the latest issue of of the big M, is the Hollyoaks star Roxanne McKee. This girl Roxanne is on her way to more fame I’m sure, and she has the looks, the body, the talent, and let’s not forget; her BA degree in Politics (this is true) to bring along to make it on the big big world of Celebrities. By the way, in FHM‘s the Sexiest Women in The World, she places #91 on 2006, #42 on 2007, and #97 in 2008.

Will Maxim make her a bigger star? We’ll see.

Now we go to the Rolling Stone and their latest cover girl (a returnee), Britney Spears. This girl really needs no introduction, and we all know what she’s been through the past few years, but now (thanks to the “womanizer”), she’s slowly combing back and get her name a great Image.  She never really needs more fame cause she’s been to the peak of her career once in her life, but I guess she’s slowly picking up the pieces of the puzzles of her good life and make it whole once again.

Britney Spears rolling Stones

There’s no doubt about the Rolling Stone, but will Britney really be back to where she once was?

The Covers  tell just one part of the story…. the others are left for us to see.

3 Critical:

  1. Good Choices – one big factor in our decision to buy magazines definitely are the covers. I gues they’ve done a pretty good job here.
  2. Nice Job – someday I would like to have that job. I mean choosing who’s going to be on the covers.
  3. Both Will Rise – this is just a prediction, but I really think both of the girls in the covers of these magazines will make it big on 2009. I know.


1. avyaya - December 1, 2008

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I bought it this year itself.

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