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PicClick – Visual Shopping Engine November 30, 2008

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PicClick Snapshot

I found this site while I was looking for other shopping sites that sells a Nikon D40 D-SLR (to see which one has the lowest price) and it lead me to this great Visual Shopping site called PicClick.com.

You might say it’s just another shopping site, but if you look at all it’s features it rally is impressive and the concept it adapted is really brilliant. I’m talking about “Visual Shopping”.

We all know it’s better to shop when we get to see a picture the items (not just brand names and price), and this is where they capitalized. What PickClick actually does is present you relevant information about your searched item, plus it’s thumbnails… and they got all their information from both the largest shopping sites in the internet; eBay & Amazon .

Search and tabs menu - picClick.com

But that’s not it. If you look at the upper left corner of the site, you’ll see a very easy and complete search bar which allows you to input a desired minimum & maximum price budget for a product, and zip code for a more filtered results to help you find what you’re really looking for the easiest way possible.

It also provides tabs to make you choose which shopping site (eBay & Amazon) to base the searches on.

Thumbnails resize menu - picClick.com

On the upper right corner of the site, you also have thumbnail resize controls to enlarge the thumbnails to get larger (but not necessarily better) view of the products.

Now this is almost what a complete shopping site should be. “Almost” because it only cater two shopping sites as of the moment.

3 Critical:

  1. Very Helpful – now this is how shopping sites should be. Making shoppers have a better and easier experience while they shop online.
  2. So Simple – being simple is good, but I guess this site is just “so simple” in design that it doesn’t really have an appealing look. Light colors are better and attractive guys.
  3. Almost Charity – I’m not sure of their contract with eBay or Amazon with this one, but if their not getting any form of commission (like those with affiliates), then what they’re doing is almost like charity.


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