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Looking At Shannon Lucio – The “Prison Break” Girl November 29, 2008

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Shannon Lucio

I’ve been watching Prison almost every time a new episode is released in the net and every week, Trishanne, Cole Pfeiffer‘s (T-Bag) secretary/FBI agent (ooops.. spoilers!!!) always keeps getting better and better each time I look at her.

If you’ve been bored of looking at Sarah Tancredi (Sarah Wayne Callies), or even Gretchen (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) for the past few seasons, then maybe Trishanne (Shannon Lucio) is a reason to watch the Prison Break again.

By the  way for those who are interested, Shannon Lucio is an American actress who got her early traces of fame when she played the role of Lindsay Gardner on the TV Drama “The O.C.“(Orange County). She later on became a  lead female cast on the CBS TV drama Moonlight (2007), but that was  before she was replaced by Sophia Myles some time in June of 2007.

Shannon Lucio's Letter w/ Dedication for me

click to enlarge and see her message for me. 🙂

It wasn’t really as bad as it seems, cause right after the replacement she became a member of Fox‘s hit TV action/drama Prison Break, and I guess every fan of the show noticed hot appealing she really is, specially in the past few episodes.

Too bad she died on the 12th episode though. (Oooooops!… Spoilers again)

3 Critical:

  1. Isn’t She Cute? – both as a secretary or with a gun, I mean. Just listen to her voice every time she answers the phone or shout with a gun.
  2. Too Bad – her role dying when we started to enjoy her presence in the show is just too bad for me. but maybe she’ll be in bigger movies. I know she will.
  3. More!!! – I definitely wanna see more Shannon Lucio in some other shows or films. Or maybe she’ll be back… cops got bulletproofs you know.


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