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The Boom Bench by: Michael Schoner November 26, 2008

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The Boom Bench

Boom Bench

Speakers, specifically Boom Boxes have already been placed in a lot of unusual places. Bathrooms, tables, beds, baggage compartments, roofs and who knows where else.

Well guess what, now they placed them in public benches for everyone to listen to.

Meet the “Boom Bench” by German designer Michael Schoner.

The Boom Bench is a human-bench-sized Docking Station capable of playing music by simply connecting your player to the amplifier (like a normal boom box) or via bluetooth (coooool…). Now you can play your favorite songs from your phone for everyone to enjoy.

Listening to the BoomBench

This bench can produce 95 dB of high quality sound, and that is pretty decent for an open environment, and it also has a Bass Shaker for those deep sounds with vibrations, giving you an enhanced physical sensation for pure listening pleasure.

Now this really gives a new meaning to the term “chillin out” with good music.

3 Critical:

  1. So Cool – music Lover or not, we all know this is way cool.
  2. More Pranks – because it is bluetooth capable, I’m guessing there will be more pranks in the parks with this kind of bench.
  3. Who Get’s To Choose – everything is so cool about  this invention except for one thing…. who get’s to choose the music???


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