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Inside The “Nokia Test Lab” November 22, 2008

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Nokia Test Lab

What you’re seeing is not an alien abduction of your latest Nokia Cellphone. This is actually a very sophisticated robotic machine that doesn’t really do anything besides poking our Nokia Phones to test their durabitlity.

We can call it the “Poking Machine” (for a lot of reasons).

The Poking Machine is actually just one of the advanced technology machines used to test the latest mobile phones for quality purposes. And here are the rest:

The Bending Machine, Scratch Test (with shard plastic pins), & The Crusher

Nokia Test Lab - Bending Nokia Test Lab - Scratch Test Nokia Test Lab - Crushed

(click to enlarge)

Phones under the Humidity Test

Nokia Test Lab - Humidity Test Nokia Test Lab - Humidity Test

(click to enlarge)

Various Liquid, Gel, & Creams Test and the Dust Test

Nokia Test Lab - With Liquids, Cream, & Gel Nokia Test Lab - Dust Test

(click to enlarge)

Now these are things our beloved phones get through with before they reach the stores for us to buy, so better love them and take good care of them. Or you can do your own tests at them. Haha.

3 Critical:

  1. The Test – now I know they don’t just talk about it’s quality… they test to prove it too.
  2. Poor Phones – after all they’ve been through, have the heart man (or woman).
  3. Other Companies – if Nokia does this, what do other companies put their mobile phones into test? 


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