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Karolina Kurkova Has A Secret Too November 21, 2008

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Victoria Secret Models

Victoria Secret Models

We all know that almost all of the Victoria Secret models are really hot these days on blogs and magazines, and that is no big secret either. But guess who has a secret….

Well if Victoria has one, then Karolina Kurkova has a secret too. Something she shouldn’t have revealed in the way she did… which is with her bikinis.

Well the photo above may seem just like most of the other photos that V Secret models usually have, meaning they are all hot photos, but if we take a really close look at it here’s (below) what you’ll see… or in this case what you wouldn’t see….. A belly button.

Look at this:

karolina kurkova without a belly button

Is it just another photo anomaly? Is there something there that needed to be taken out? Is this a stomach dimple?,  or Is this really  what her belly button looks like? (which I don’t mind really, as long as she has one).

I guess this is why they say that not all secrets need to be revealed.

3 Critical:

  1. Where Is It? – I swear to God it’s not here… so where is it?
  2. Not Miranda – good thing Miranda Kerr has one, it would have been heartbreaking for me.
  3. Photo Editor Fired – if this was in some ways edited, then I someone might just be seeking for another job right now.


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