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“Kissing The Ceiling” Photography by: Fred Muram November 15, 2008

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Fred Muram

Ask any expert and they would say that there are really a lot of kinds of photography, and some of it they don’t even know yet because it’s either that weird, non-sense, or are unbelievably possible…. I honestly agree with them.

Look what I have here. These are not photo edited, and these are not people hanging on the roof but people who are actually trying to kiss the roof in their own creative way. And frankly, I have to say this is by far the weirdest but creative form of photography I’ve seen so far.

I believe they call this the “Kissing The Ceiling” by: Fred Muram

Fred Muram Fred Muram Fred Muram Fred Muram

Fred Muram Fred Muram Fred Muram

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Fred Muram, by the way, is a creative photographer from Ottawa, Ontario, which heavily focuses his photography on situations involving oddity, daydreams, and absurdity.

Now this is creativity.

3 Critical:

  1. Good Photography – being weird with photography is really something that’s good, and thinking out of the usual really helps.
  2. What Inspiration? – just a little something I would love to ask Fred Muram if I could (I will). I really wonder what made him conceptualize something like this.
  3. Warning!!! – kids, or adults… please don’t try this at home without proper safety plans. Not all kisses are sweet… trust me.


1. grace - November 15, 2008

way lingaw na tao hahaha

2. avyaya - November 16, 2008

Nice updates man.

We really skipped all the part of staying in touch all this time.

hru doing buddy?? Have you not thought abt shifting to an own site buddy??

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