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Dig the Digg Shop November 14, 2008

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The New Digg  Store

I confess…. I am a digger and I Digg all day, like millions do.

But what makes Digg.com the best (if not) social networking site there is in the internet today?  Well, aside from being the biggest among the others, Digg is also filled with unpredictable surprises and interestingly useful (and sometimes useless) information that is shared by everyone, and once you’re inside digg, you are every part of it. The Total social networking site if you may.

So what’s the surprise this time?

Well, since digg is some kind of an icon nowadays, and everyone seems to want something that represents them being diggers, our favourite site now has it’s own Digg Shop where we can buy some items that represent our passion for digging.

Here  are some of the items available on the shop:

Digg Store - Laptop Messenger Bag Digg Store - Beanie Digg Store - Pilsner Glass Digg Store - Men's Cocoa Hoodie

(Digg Laptop Messenger Bag, Digg Beanie Cap, Digg Pilsner Glass, Digg Hoodie)

Digg Store - Wallet Bottle Opener Digg Store - Men's 1337 Diggs Tee Digg Store - Women's Cap Sleeve Digg Tee Digg Store - Women's Classic Digg Tee

(Digg Wallet Bottle Opener, 1337 Digg’s Shirt, Cap Sleeve Digg Tee, Classic Digg Tee)

Prices range from $5 – $185, and they give out Digg clingers for every order too. (clingers are something that clings…. hahah)

Now what are you waiting for… let’s dig the Digg Shop!!!!

3 Critical:

  1. Worth Digging – these items really are worth digging. They may be just simple, but it’s the Digg that matters.
  2. Be Proud – if your a digger, be proud and wear Digg everywhere.  You might get 1337 diggs for wearing it.
  3. I Hope…. – digg.com gives me any freebies for writing this post. I would appreciate it. 🙂 


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