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What Really Happened – Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee , & the Crow November 12, 2008

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The Crow - Brandon Lee

In 1994, “The Crow” a feature film adaptation of the 1989 comic book (of the same name) by James O’Barr was released. The show stars Brandon Lee (Bruce Lee‘s son) as Eric Draven, a rock musician who comes back from the dead, with the help of a mysterious crow, to avenge his own murder and that of his fiancée.

But there’s a bigger story behind it. That of the death of the star (Brandon Lee) on the set while filming the last few days of the movie, due to a hit from a bullet thats supposed to be blank, but was accidentally loaded with something that’s not, or so the story goes. (you can read the whole story here).

But was it really an accident? Or was it something else. (like a curse)

Bruce Lee BRandon Lee

Bruce and Brandon Lee

We wouldn’t normally ask these questions if he (Brandon) wasn’t the son of the legendary martial-arts expert Bruce Lee, who also died with mysterious circumstances before completing his last movie, “Game of Death” (1978). So what really happened? Is it just a coincidence, or is it something else?

According to the biography of Bruce Lee, after awaking from his coma, Bruce predicted Brandon Lee‘s death even before Brandon became an actor. (Bruce Lee died while Brandon was still 8 yrs old.)

Brandon and Bruce Lee

Father and Son

When a father and a son, both of similar lives, die in similar ways it leaves a lot of mysteries and questions in our mind, and it all makes us wonder…. What really happened.

3 Critical:

  1. Negligence? – Linda Lee Cadwell (wife if Bruce) filled a negligence case against the whole production, but was it really just an accident? What do you think?
  2. Same Crow – did you know that “Magic“, the crow used in the movie was the same crow used in all 3 installments of the film.
  3. A Remake – I don’t know if you guys feel like I do, but I guess (since old movies are slowly brought back to screen again) making a remake of the film would be a great idea. Too bad Heath Leadger‘s not here anymore to play the role. He would have been perfect.


1. gracemags - November 12, 2008

yeah, heath would have nailed it!

hey, you got a great blog too. posts are very well written

2. everydayman - November 13, 2008

Thanks for that grace…. 🙂

3. Kryztoffur - June 4, 2009

Forget a remake. Maybe a remake of COA or Salvation but definately not the original. The fact that Brandon died while making the movie is what makes this movie important. I mean you couldn’t possibly remake Return of the Dragon in which Bruce Lee rips a chunk of chest hair off of Chuck Norris (a classic moment). But if a remake is to be made, hopefully they follow the story of the graphic novel more than the movie did (this way, the movie wouldn’t exactly take away from Brandon’s Spotlight where he portrayed the character perfectly). Where, in case you didn’t know, Eric and Shelly are basically on a trip and their car breaks down, T-Bird and his boys pull over and shoot him in the back of the head twice, and rape Shelly until her screams anger Funboy and he stomps her head in then T-Bird shoots her. Also the order of killings was done wrong. Top Dollar, the head guy in town, is the one of the first dead in the graphic novel and T-Bird is actually the last. Eric doesn’t really know Sarah either, he just met her waiting for her mom to finish messing with Funboy.

Anyways, I actually don’t think Heath Ledger would have been a good choice for Eric either. I don’t know anyone that could fill those shoes.

But on the point of his death, everyone knows that he was shot during the filming of the church scene which was his final encounter with Top Dollar. Everyone believes that the gun was loaded with a live round that magically appeared on set, but just like with Bruce, his death was just an accident, which proves the curse theory a little further. The round that he died from was actually a blank that fire out of the gun, that is the cause. Bruce died from overworking himself which he was constanly working out, even while writing his book on Jeet Kune Do, by using machines and devices that injured his body to the point of death.

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