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Digital CowBoy W-31UA – The Book of The Future November 11, 2008

Posted by C0Y in Technology.
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Digital CowBoy W-31UA

If the term they used when referring to laptops these days is “Notebook”,  then one has got to wonder what they would would call “The Book” or a “Book”.

The answer is the Digital CowBoy W-31UA. This cowboy is a 3.5” HDD casing that looks more like a book, than a hard drive (and I mean this literally). This book (if you may) can be used for SATA I or II Hard Drive. it’s shaped like a book, its designed like a book, and it has LED’s that blink once in a while (located at the bottom), whenever files are transferred.

Digital CowBoy W-31UA - Books Digital CowBoy W-31UA - Books Digital CowBoy W-31UA - Books

looks like books

Digital CowBoy W-31UA - Books Digital CowBoy W-31UA - Books Digital CowBoy W-31UA - Books

more than just a book

This wonder book weighs 775g (without HDD) and it measures 200 x 159.5 x 40 mm. It’s also not that expensive at 4,890 Yen (around $49-$50).

Now we’ve got a book for our notebook.

3 Critical:

  1. Clever Idea – It’s simple. We are getting more and more clever ideas now, period.
  2. Looks Good – it basically looks good, but having more colors would be better. Now you can just place it on the side looking like a book while working as a hard drive.
  3. Better Book? – normal books only gives us something to read and learn… this one makes us read, write, and learn. Now which is better?


1. allan - November 12, 2008

sure looks like a book and is awesome

2. joanmarie - February 12, 2009

very awesome to be the partner of notebook. is this out already?

C0Y - February 12, 2009

It’s still is a concept the last time I checked it.

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